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Snl wild and crazy guys costume

Just to twist the knife further, the winner didn't even enter the contest and is genuinely confused about winning. The first time he appears, Tony and Clint get so annoyed by him they destroy Comic-Con ; the second and last time, he annoys Cass, who proceeds to send him straight to Hell The guy then gets sent to an insane asylum. Ironically, he actually complimented Cass' "costume". Films — Animation In Shrek the Third , Shrek has to infiltrate Worcestershire high school to find Fiona's cousin Arthur Pendragon, and gets mistaken for a mascot at an assembly he claims he was working on it all night. This gets spun into a Chekhov's Gun later on as Prince Charming invades Far Far Away and stages a play on the death of Shrek - and Shrek infiltrates it by passing as one of the leads. In Megamind , the eponymous villain is about to blow up the Metro-Man museum in the middle of the night when he runs into snarky curator Bernard, who initially mistakes him for a guy in a cheap costume didn't help Megamind was still in his pajamas , and gets dehydrated and impersonated for his troubles. After switching places with an Elvis impersonator, the impersonator died and no one would believe that he was the real Elvis. Or he's just crazy. Casper 's Haunted Christmas: Casper's uncles get mistaken for actors auditioning for the roles of ghosts In Dave , a comedian who resembles the President and the real First Lady are caught in public. Dave passes them off as a husband-and-wife impersonation act; naturally, he is great in his role, but "she needs a lot of work. Stan Lee 's cameo in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer consists of this, trying to get into Reed and Sue's wedding. This of course was a Shout-Out to the wedding in the comics where Stan Lee and Jack Kirby both try to get into the wedding. The ending of the French movie Grosse Fatigue , whose main plot revolved around impersonation. Confidential , Ed Exley and Jack Vincennes are investigating an escort service that provides prostitutes who look like celebrities. They meet Johnny Stompanato in a bar, accompanied by a woman. Exley, attempting to out-badass Vincennes, tells the woman that "A hooker who's cut to look like Lana Turner is still a hooker. Though a few years later than the film is set; the Rule of Funny means it still works. When Don Juan returns from supposedly being dead in The Private Life of Don Juan , he looks up Antonita, the last pretty lady he kissed before his "death". Antonita insists that the real Don Juan was taller and had blue eyes. In Superhero Movie , there's a sequence where The Dragonfly ends up at a convention where people are all wearing costumes. He meets a random fan, who explains how the convention works, then says "by the way, your costume SUCKS! This happened because someone looked at the sword traditionally said to have been his though it almost certainly wasn't - it's from the wrong period which is 66" long, compared it with the average knight's sword which is anything from 30" to 45", and concluded that you'd have to be at least 6' 8" to wield it. This is nonsense; the 'Wallace Sword' is a typical two-hand late medieval sword, widely used in 15th-century armies, which didn't include whole regiments of giants. While some people are impressed by their resemblance the "real" ex-presidents, one man says that one of them has too big a nose to be convincing. In Spider-Man 2 during an Uncomfortable Elevator Moment a man comments "Cool Spidey outfit", though Spider-Man himself notes that it's "itchy" and "rides up in the crotch a little bit". Justified , because why would the real Spider-Man need to use an elevator when he can crawl up buildings? In the Extended Cut, an alternate version of this scene is used where the man thinks Peter's the real deal and tries to suggest merchandising deals. There is a Soviet movie called Springtime where an actress is taken for a role of the scientist Nikitina in a movie. She asks the real Nikitina to take her place while she's away on some urgent business in secret. What does the producer say? And so it continues. Well, Nikitina does give some suggestions of her own about how to make the movie. Inverted in Miracle on 34th Street: Shellhammer makes a point of complimenting him on his "striking costume". The film used actual historical footage of the real McCarthy. In Back to School , the protagonist, a multimillionaire, hires Kurt Vonnegut to ghostwrite a paper on the works of Kurt Vonnegut for him. The professor who assigned the paper gives him an F, saying both that she knows it was plagiarized and that whoever wrote it "doesn't know the first thing about Kurt Vonnegut. His deception works on one woman after another, until the final segment of the film In How High , street pimp Baby Powder and his assistant crash Harvard's costume party looking for his women the two main characters had hired them to spice things up , but Powder doesn't get quite the reaction he wanted: You got the voice down, but those outfits no good! What's wrong with my shit? If you pimp, you broke pimp! Vantage Point has President Ashton being placed in a bunker and replaced by a body double—both are played by the same actor. Hilarious in that the body double looks totally fake thanks to his mannerisms and overzealous acting, which the real President comments on. A similar gag is played in ''The Emperor's New Clothes. Napoleon complains that the man doesn't look anything like him. Both men are played by Ian Holm. The original version of To Be or Not to Be has an interesting inversion — the actor Bronski, cast as Hitler in a play just before the invasion of Poland, is told by the play's director that he cannot play a convincing Hitler. To prove it, he points to a portrait of Hitler on the set. He points out all the Hilter-like features of the painting contrasting them with Bronski's demeanor and looks, before Bronski points out that the portrait ''is'' actually himself dressed as Hitler. At that point, the director responds "well, then the portrait's wrong too. Max Shreck asks, "And Bruce, why are you dressed up as Batman? Shortly afterwards, it happens to George Harrison, as he's brought before a fashion designer who says that "The phonies are easier to handle. She then tells the President that he has a nice ass and hangs up. When he calls again and proves his identity, she is suitably mortified; "Y'know what, forget it, I'm moving to Canada! The Thermians generally do a terrible job of impersonating humans, with unnaturally pale skin, silver jumpsuits, and extreme Cloud Cuckoolander tendencies. But since they're hanging around a sci-fi convention, they blend in perfectly. A bitchy reporter who runs into Three Finger at the beginning of Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines assumes he's just an obnoxious teenager wearing a crappy costume for the upcoming Mountain Man Festival. The incredibly jaded townspeople are not impressed, saying they get bothered by Hercules impostors five times a week. While Iolaus is offended, Hercules shrugs and tries to finish his drink. Some men say they've had enough of the impostors and attack them. In the ensuing Bar Brawl , Hercules and Iolaus prove to the stunned townspeople that they are the real deal with Hercules' Super Strength and their incredible fighting skills. In The Fifth Element , Korben Dallas' mother mistakes the President for a friend of Korben's hired to imitate him when the President answers her phone call. Literature In Corpies , Titan at one point gets told that his costume isn't very convincing, and that the real titan was taller. Arthur doesn't recognize him, and thinks The King's performance is mediocre. In Isaac Asimov 's The Immortal Bard, one person invents a way of bringing famous people from the past to the present , and tries it out with William Shakespeare , who enrolls in the inventor's friend's college course in Shakespeare, and flunks. King Azoun IV on his teleporting tour. In The Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allan Poe , the guests at the Masquerade Ball are shocked by the tastelessness one fellow displays by dressing as the incarnation of plague. Then someone rips his mask off and finds there's nothing underneath. In Terry Pratchett 's Moving Pictures , the wizards decide to disguise themselves as wizards when they don't want to be seen attending a movie - they twist bits of wire into their beards to make them look like badly-made false beards, for instance. However, the trope is then played straight when they later need to be taken seriously and no-one believes they're real wizards. Also in Discworld , the Sweet Polly Oliver platoon-members in Monstrous Regiment were denied permission to pass themselves off as women to infiltrate an enemy base by their clueless officer, who didn't think they could pull off this deception as well as himself. When they tried it anyway and got captured, the enemy officers likewise thought their costumes were laughably bad When Death is summoned in one book, he was at a costume party, and says he was enjoying himself, but things might go downhill at midnight because "that's when they think I'll be taking my mask off. Maurice Baring a friend of G. Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc loved this trope; his anthology Orpheus in Mayfair features it at least twice. One isn't quite this trope but it's definitely in the ballpark, the eponymous story: He's desperate, and then Orpheus appears, and offers to cover for him. In another, a woman sells her soul to the devil to have Shakespeare attend one of her parties. He shows up, but, Shakespeare having been almost boringly normal, he just makes small talk with the guests, and nobody even realizes who he is. Often happens to the heroine of the French Fantomette series, to the point that she doesn't worry much if her friends are involved in one of her adventures since they just never suspect she's the real thing. On the other hand, one of her friends is sometimes mistaken for her. At one point in My Side of the Mountain , after he's been living in the woods for a while, Sam makes a foray into town, wearing one of his deerskin suits. In Brecht's short story "The Monster," a destitute old man has a striking resemblance to the lead actor in a film about a notorious anti-Semite because he is said notorious anti-Semite , so they let him play himself in a scene or two. They find his acting wooden and not dramatically sadistic enough. He's just happy the script calls for him to eat an apple. In the first Star Wars Legacy of the Force novel, Luke and Mara sneak into the capital city of Corellia disguised, not as themselves, but as actors with a Han and Leia to complete the troupe. They pass, but the guard says that no one would believe in a Luke Skywalker that short, despite Luke's whining insistence that he can "do backflips just like him. Mara is not amused. Tarzan experiences this at the end of Tarzan and the Lion Man, after being cast as the stupid white hunter and killing a trained Hollywood lion. Told that he's "not the type", he goes back to Africa. In The Outlaw Demon Wails , Rachel inadvertently lines up for a costume contest and is told she was close, but "Rachel Morgan's hair isn't that frizzy. She is passed over for being way too-over-the-top for the role! Commander Dacron was told his costume needed work. Snl wild and crazy guys costume

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  2. Howell tells her, "You know if you tried that, they'd say you weren't right for the part. Googie Rene's Partially Damaged Halloween Costume Discount Basement, whose costumes are so stained and torn you need props to hide the imperfections and both costumes and props have suspicious odors. Grayson Moorhead Securities — A lampoon of brokerage companies projecting a tradition of competence and trustworthiness, where the founding principles include making a list of clients, investing in white-owned businesses, and keeping the list in a safe place.

  3. Don Pardo is the voiceover announcer for a spot decrying high production costs for elaborate oil-company commercials and offering this as an excuse for high energy prices. A picture of Michael Vick is on the package.

  4. Well, Nikitina does give some suggestions of her own about how to make the movie. And while she did use a piece of cloth to disguise herself, the man in the ticket booth fails to realize who she is even after she balks at having to pay "to get into [her] own home", and amusingly thinks she's pretending to be herself "You do play the part, don't you?

  5. She asks the real Nikitina to take her place while she's away on some urgent business in secret.

  6. Jack assumed she was a drag queen Cher-alike and gave tips on how to do a better impersonation. Casper 's Haunted Christmas: Humorously, after Fran leaves them, Steve talks to Eydie about how Fran is correct about one of her pointers.

  7. In another episode, Lucy spots Charles Boyer in a Paris cafe, but Ricky convinces him to tell her that he's just a look-a-like.

  8. Invoked in Welsh singer Charlotte Church's short-lived and awful TV show included one sequence in which she went undercover as a Charlotte Church lookalike. Pepper's "Be a Pepper" ad campaign where small-town residents celebrate the sudden realization that they're homosexual. She finally slaps him in the face and yells "Snap out of it!

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