Slang words from the 60s. British slang.

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1960s Slang

Slang words from the 60s

This is a famous Northern California surf spot. Step Into Liquid This is what happens when you go walking in puddles. It's also the the name of a surf video by surf vid guru Dana Brown. Check it out at our video store: Stick Surfer slang for a surfboard. Stringer This is the bit of wood that runs up through the length of your surfboard. It's there if you have a fibreglass one and not one that you have fashioned out of an old ironing board! More info is available on the surfboard information page. Sucking Dry Where breaking waves cause all the water to be drawn off the sea bed, leaving it exposed. These guys are incredibly high profile and lobby endlessly to ensure all water users are surfing in clean water. Check them out at www. Everyone should become a member. Surfers Ear Surfers ear, or auditory exostosis, is an abnormal bone growth within the ear canal. Cold water surfers are particularly susceptible and should look at some form of prevention such as ear plugs. Surfers Eye Surfers eye is the slang term for Pterygiums, a medical issue which manifests itself as a clear, white, or pinkish membrane that grows over the inside corner of one or both eyes. Surfers Knots Soft-tissue swellings on the dorsum of the foot and just below the knee, as a result of kneeling for long periods of time on the surfboard while waiting for a wave. Swallow Tail You'll really have to go and read up on the surfboard tail shapes section. I can't be explaining everything over again. Swell Swell or groundswell refers to solid, real waves. As apposed to rubbish wind chop Why not read more on how waves are made. Switch Stance Riding the surfboard standing the other way round, i. Hang11 Tail This is the bit of the surfboard at the opposite end to the nose. Read more about surfboard tail shapes. For more info on the other bits of the surfboard, have a look at the surfboard section. Tailslide The tailslide is a move where the tail of the board slides across the lip of the wave. Thundoars Island slang for voice of thundering waters meaning large waves. Tow In Catching big waves with the aid of a Jet ski. Thruster Popular name for a tri-fin shortboard. Traction Pad A traction pad is a permanent replacement for surf wax, stuck directly to the surfboard. It is normally seen placed just in front of the leash plug, providing grip for back foot. Full length grip is available, but is not seen so often. You might find it referred to as deck grip, traction, or a riser pad. Trim Keeping the surfboard in a straight line at the optimum angle and cruising down the line. Tube The tube is public transportation in London. Oh, you mean Tube! The tube is where the wave is hollow where it's breaking. For some surfers it's the be all of surfing. It's sometimes called a barrel, keg, or pit. Tubular Describes hollow, barreling waves. Turtle Roll This is a technique for getting a longboard out though a breaking wave. As apposed to duck diving for a shortboarder. See our how to turtle roll article for more info. Twin Fin A surfboard with two fins. Ulluwatu Ulluwatu is one of a large number of quality Indonesian surf breaks. Underwater You are not seriously looking for an explanation of this are you? Vanuatu Vanuatu is a smallish island in the Pacific, complete with numerous great waves. If you are planning a tropical surfing trip, you could do worse! Wahine A female surfer. Wax It smells nice, gets stuck in your chest hair not you ladies! Also, surf wax can be used as to repair almost anything — leaky roof, rusty zip Washing Machine Getting spun around and around underwater by a wave. Wetsuit It's made of neoprene, keeps out the cold, and makes you look like a seal. Check out the wetsuit section for more information. Whitewater The broken, turbulent part of a wave. Wipe-out Falling off your board is referred to as a wipe-out. Other terms are donut, mullering, eating it, taking a pounding, or pretty much anything else you would like. Worked To "get worked" is to wipe out and get thrown about while being held under by the wave. Tow in surfing is the latest type of extreme surfing. Xtrak Xtrak is one of the leading manufacturers of surfboard traction pads. We've finally got a proper "X!! Now we are really struggling! Yew Shout out out when very excited. When a big wave is spotted or someone got a gnarly wave Z Thanks to those who have sent us "Z" letters. We were struggling for a while but now the section is looking pretty rosy. Zimzala A person with a free mind. Who doesn't have a care in the world. Usually a surfer, or a person who goes to the beach a lot. Zipperless This is often considered the "holy grail" of wetsuits, as zippers, no matter how tightly made, will always let water through. Invented in '89 by Body Glove, the first zipperless wetsuits were actually way too stiff for surfers to use. In '93, the Japanese came out with another model that was still too stiff, but by '95, most wetsuit companies offered a high end zipperless suit. Sex Wax Zogs is a popular brand of surf wax found wherever there are surfers. Get some surf wax here. Zonal This weather pattern term means that all of the storm activity in one particular region is moving in a consistent west-to-east pattern along the same latitude. While this can happen anywhere in the world, it's usually associated with the Southern Ocean around Antarctica and is caused by large ridges of high pressure in the mid-latitudes, "pancaking" the active storm track into the upper latitudes. Since most of the swell energy in these storms will only travel the direction the fetch is pointed, it means that all of the swell is also going west-to-east. It's good for an area in its path like Chile, but bad for the rest of us. Weather charts play an important part in predicting surf. That's it for the surfing talk page. Slang words from the 60s

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  1. The shorter the muffler the louder the sound. Skay Watch out, chips If a car is heading for you, and you haven't noticed, you friend will shout "Skay! A real Afrikaner might reply to a "Howzit", with this bewildering response:

  2. Wrapped in a corn sheath and buried underground for months, the Malawi Cob brings an interesting dimension to the array of smoking possibilities in South Africa. Aggro Aggressive Someone who brings bad karma into the water. The tube is where the wave is hollow where it's breaking.

  3. Slang Glossary policy discussion underway[ edit ] Slang glossaries violate the following policy: In other words, being able to remember what you did the night before. Diss — To show a lack of respect for something or someone.

  4. Rat Not to be confused with the furry creature with buck teeth, although youngsters who surf, many of them beginners, look similar and are viewed in the same way, if not worse. Dodgy, dodge Suspicious "That oke is lank dodgy" That guy is very suspicious. And when they do, they change it Kuif Kak 'Kuk' Afrikaans expletive - Shit This is used in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways, in exactly the same way as the word "shit".

  5. It's someone who is crazy, or whacky, or weird, maybe someone a few beers short of a sixpack.

  6. Sometimes money seems as necessary to life as food, so these synonyms seem pretty natural to us.

  7. Also a girl who was a sure thing, sexually. Hose Laugh "He was hosing himself when he fell in the pool. The backstop prevents the marijuana from burning down to the gerrick rolled up paper bent into circle to prevent the dope from falling out Baff Fart "Sis John!

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