Short hairstyles for heart shaped faces. 30 Best Short Hairstyles for Round Faces.

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How to immediately know if your face is heart shaped or not

Short hairstyles for heart shaped faces

Use a sea salt spray on damp strands and scrunch with your fingers. Allow hair to air dry or diffuse slightly so hair dries rough and not smooth. Best Face Shape and Hair Type: All face shapes can wear this textured bob. Thin hair with wavy hair types is best. Layer the sea spray by using it right out of the shower, and then again when hair is dry. Lift hair up to spray the strands underneath as well. Daring Bangs This short pixie has tons of volume and thick blunt bangs, making it a fabulous choice for thin haired ladies. The edges are cut bluntly, but the layers help add texture and keep the look soft. Blow dry bangs forward so they lay flat. Blow dry the sides towards the face so they frame it nicely. Blow dry hair on top of the head back for ultimate volume. Follow up with a flat hair when hair is completely dry if needed. Try Soy Touchable Weightless Hairspray. This style would be great for oval shaped faces because of the awesome blunt cut bangs. Straight to wavy hair that can be blown out easily would be great for girls with thin to medium amounts of hair. Short hairstyles require less time styling day to day, but more trips to the salon month to month. Keep up with your hair appointments to keep your cut in shape. Pump it Up One of the great things about having thin hair is that you can easily get away with more gravity-defying hairstyles. This wild pixie cut is styled up to the sky for a totally rocking result. Apply your favorite mousse to damp strands from roots to tips. Flip your head upside down and blow hair dry. Run a pomade up and through to defy gravity, then spray with a hairspray for hold. Square, round or heart shaped faces would look fabulous with this hairstyle. Thin amounts of hair, fine to medium texture with straight or wavy strands, is best. Let her know you want your hair to look as full as possible without any straggly looking ends. Elegant Side Swept Bangs This trendy above the shoulder hairstyle has a fun retro feel to it. Hair is parted to the side slightly and has gorgeous swoopy bangs. Hair is feathered back away from the face and curled throughout. Part hair to the side and detangle hair when dry. Use a one and a quarter inch-sized curling iron to feather hair back and away from the face. Use the same iron to flip the bangs back and add curl to the entire head of hair. Try Prive Flash Brilliance. This is a great option for ladies with thin hair because the cut is kept blunt with minimal layering. The curls add volume to the shape, making the hairstyle look thicker and fuller than it actually is. Thinner shaped faces would look great with this hairstyle. Never use heavy oils or gels on thin, fine hair. They will weigh hair down and may cause a greasy result. Soft Curls This style has fun bouncy waves that help soften and frame the face. Hair is cut right to the neck and slowly blends up into volume enhancing layers. Hair is kept longer around the face for framing and bangs would look great, too! Diffuse naturally curly hair if your hair is naturally wavy, if not, move on to the next steps. Grab your hot tools and start curling hair with a 1-inch or larger curling iron. Spray with hairspray before and after each piece to really keep the curl tight. When you are finished curling, spray your entire head of curls again with hairspray and scrunch up with your fingers to add texture. If you want a looser curl, use a larger sized iron and run your fingers through after you curl. This light hold hairspray adds manageable hold and instant shine, while taming frizz and fly aways and creating a flexible hold for curls, waves and straight hair. Square and heart shaped faces would look amazing with this pretty hairstyle! Get some bangs if you have a longer shaped face. Thin to medium thickness hair strands with natural wave or curl is ideal, although straight hair is doable. If your hair is naturally curly, embrace it! Curls are actually a blessing for thin haired girls because your hair will look thicker than it actually is. Chocolate Chop This gorgeous chocolate colored hairstyle is a severe a-line haircut with silky smooth side bangs. The layers are longer to keep fullness, and also add just the right amount of volume giving tons of va va voom style to this look! Part towel dried strands to the side and comb through. Use a round brush and a blow dryer to remove moisture from strands. Really bevel hair under with the round brush to create volume and shape. When hair is completely dry, use a large curling iron on the ends of hair to add that fun, whimsical wave effect. Flat iron the bangs to the side if needed. This alcohol-free product is non-greasy great for thin, fine hair and great at eliminating frizz. Round or heart shaped faces would look great with this a-line hairstyle. Thin to thick haired ladies can rock this adorable hairstyle! Avoid using hot tools on your hair too often or you may dry out your strands. Try giving them a break on the weekends as a rule. Neck Length Wavy Bob This bob is cut right at the jawline and has tons of fun whimsical texture. The layers are soft and the waves keep the overall feel soft as well. Thin hair looks fuller when shorter and the layers help add the illusion of weight on the sides. Part strands to the side and blow hair dry. Use a paddle brush to remove moisture to get a sleek result. Use a one-inch curling iron to curl ends of hair. Run your fingers through your curls to break them up and get that fun tousled result. Suave Professionals Vibrant Shine Spray. Spritz this on strands before using a curling iron for shiny strands that will be protected from heat but never weighed down. Square and heart shaped faces would be ideal for this whimsical hairstyle. Thin hair that has natural wave or loose natural curls are great candidates. If hair strands are straight naturally, then just grab your curling iron and curl! Curls are a great idea for day two hair. Fly Girl Here is another fabulous gravity defying hairstyle! Give your thin hair wings with this swept up look. Hair is cut right to the nape and gradually gets longer as it moves up and to the front of the face. Hair is blown out to perfection, then held in place with some sweet styling products. Start with damp hair and run a hair foam or mousse through strands for hold. Blow dry hair up and back for as much volume as you can. Flip your head down if you want to create even more volume. Use a small round brush for the top of your hair so the ends are rounded and finished. Run a pomade through strands to really make it stand up and then spray to hold. It is an alcohol-free mousse that creates super texture, volume and lasting hold for fine to medium textured hair. Round or heart shaped faces are ideal for this short hairstyle. Thin to thick amounts of hair can achieve this style. Leave some bangs forward if you want to help balance out a longer face shape or forehead. Bold Bangs This hairstyle is cut right at the shoulders and all of the lines are very blunt. Blunt lines help keep thin hair looking as thick as possible. The straight across bangs also give the illusion of thicker hair. When hair is still a little damp, apply your favorite smoothing products and blow hair dry with a paddle brush. When hair is totally dry, go in with a flat iron to smooth out strands even more. Follow up with your favorite layer-defining product. Prive Grooming Cream is awesome at showing off subtle layers in hair. Thin to medium amounts of hair that is naturally straight work best for this sleek look. Invest in a good flat iron. Short hairstyles for heart shaped faces

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  1. If you want a looser curl, use a larger sized iron and run your fingers through after you curl.

  2. Now several decades ago but voluminous curls are alive and kicking particularly at special events. The front bangs with trimmed edges completely cover the forehead.

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