Shaving gel vs shaving foam. How To Properly Wet Shave Your Face With Any Type Of Razor: A Full Guide For Men.

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Do you really need shave gel?

Shaving gel vs shaving foam

By preparing your skin, the objective is to soften the stubble as well as opening the pores. This will make the work easier for the razor to cut through your hairs. You can achieve this one of the following ways: More convenient since most people combine shaving and showering second soak: Submerging your face in a sink full of hot water is the quickest yet least sufficient method Hot Towel: The most traditional method is to apply a damp hot towel to the face, which softens the whiskers If you neglect to do this, shaving is a much more difficult process and can cause irritation. The razor will struggle to cut through the hairs as easily and the skin can be left feeling sore. For added protection, you can apply a pre-shave cream. Making a razor shave ready depends on your choice of blade. If you opt for a safety razor, you only need to ensure that the razor blade is clean and sharp. Choosing the right one for your skin type can be challenging so check our detailed razor blade guide to learn more. However, straight razors require more planning and preparation. Make sure that the cutting edge will easily slice hairs with sharpness tests. Nevertheless, a straight razor almost always needs stropping before every shave. You can learn all about testing, stropping, and honing straight razors with our dedicated straight razor sharpening guide. Lathering Your Soap One of the most important and easy to master fundamentals to a smooth shave is learning to properly lather shaving soap. Poorly lathered shaving soap can be too frothy, runny or even too thick. Meanwhile, the latter makes it impossible to trim the hairs. Dive into our lathering guide to learn how to prepare soaps, creams or even gels and foam! Firstly, take great care with the angle you shave with. Start by shaving with the grain and never against it. Learn yours by growing your beard out for a few days to see the direction it grows. Plan your strokes before you shave by looking at your face. This way, you will remove hair higher up before the lather sinks off your face with gravity. Always apply very little if any pressure at all when you shave. As we will discuss in the next step, the goal should be beard reduction and not beard removal in the first pass. This results in extreme irritation and inflammation, which can be sore for a few days. Simply lather up and get ready to go a second time. At this point, you could consider going across or against the grain. Against the grain can be quite aggressive with some razors and on sensitive skin. Therefore, a suitable compromise for many people is to shave diagonally across it. This will allow you to benefit from a close shave whilst reducing irritation. However, by no means feel that you must finish in your second pass. Repeat the process as many times as necessary while applying the lightest pressure possible. As gruesome as it sounds, start by blasting your skin with cold water. Whilst hot water sounds more comforting, its relief is short-lived. However, cold water closes the pores and capillaries, which reduces bleeding and irritation. Once thoroughly rinsed, use a combination of moisturising creams, balms and even alum for your post-shave regimen. There are several varieties of treatments for a soft and hydrated face, which you can learn about in our dedicated post-shave guide. Having learned the basics of wet shaving, you can now explore all our related topics and specialise your knowledge. Simply head back to our main shaving menu to discover all the topics we cover. His passion for wine and cheese is only equal to his interests in personal grooming, fragrances and vintage clothing. See his full profile here , and read latest articles. Shaving gel vs shaving foam

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  1. Here are some of the benefits of using an epilator instead of a regular razor: The razor will struggle to cut through the hairs as easily and the skin can be left feeling sore.

  2. For added protection, you can apply a pre-shave cream. Choosing the right one for your skin type can be challenging so check our detailed razor blade guide to learn more. We want to deliver the absolute best information to you.

  3. Barbasol is one of those cheap and plentiful products that is sometimes horrifyingly expensive on Amazon.

  4. It just led to more irritation. Have you found that one razor that works best with your skin type compared to another? Each one slightly better than the one before.

  5. As we will discuss in the next step, the goal should be beard reduction and not beard removal in the first pass. What razor are you using right now that is giving you the best shave? Once thoroughly rinsed, use a combination of moisturising creams, balms and even alum for your post-shave regimen.

  6. If you really want a canned product, but want more protection than old-school foam offers, this is probably your best buy.

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