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10 Outfits You Should NEVER Wear To School

Sexy girly outfits

Probably because her three sisters are very girly, in their own ways. In Anatolia Story , Yuri is more comfortable in clothing meant for younger boys and prefers working on her fighting skills rather than getting oil baths from her maids. She still has some pretty romantic views of love and marriage that she carried over from modern times, which she clings to and which she isn't shy about sharing with other female characters for instance, telling Princess Alexandra that she shouldn't be with any man she doesn't love. In Aruosumente , Lamia looks like a tomboy grown up, including the tomboyish twin braids, and is Rucetta's second-in-command, but when charged with taking care of Lante and Dante, she shows a motherly streak. Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan. She is one of the best soldiers in the history of mankind fighting titans, and is usually the one to save the boys. She is also insanely ripped and wears her hair short. However, it is stated by the mangaka that she feels insecure about her ripped build, and if Eren had not advised her to cut her hair short for safety reasons, she might have continued to wear her hair long. Her girly side also shows, when she is wearing her casual clothes, which mostly consist of a long skirt and a blouse. As a child she was also shown having long hair, wearing girly clothes and the color pink. The main character You Hazuki, at least initially. A dedicated Passionate Sports Girl with Boyish Short Hair , boisterous, rebellious, very much a Big Eater , has a fiery temper, and can stand up to a gang of delinquents. However when she's head over heels for a handsome boy, she goes into full Smitten Teenage Girl mode. She gradually loses this trait over time. Sakaki is a subversion. Her friends initially believe she's a delinquent , due to frequently showing up with her hands or face bandaged, creating the impression she often gets into fights. Plus, she's very tall and the best athlete at the school. So Chiyo and Kagura are surprised when they eventually learn Sakaki's the opposite of what they were expecting, and prefers cute things over being cool. Since she's a mercenary, her normal attire are men's clothes and armor and also Boyish Short Hair to match , but when the Hawks were promoted to nobility and were put in different environment, Casca is seen wearing much more fanciful and feminine clothing. When Guts was teasing her only after gawking at her very pleasing appearance , Casca truthfully said that she has no problem with wearing dresses, but it's just not practical for her to do so with her profession and living environment. Also Arrancars Loly and Menoly. Loly is girly by appearance while tomboyish looking Menoly can be passive and nonaggressive. In Bloom Into You , Koyomi is a girl who doesn't like "cute" things, which is why she doesn't wear the ribbon with her school uniform, and almost exclusively wears pants instead of skirts unless she's wearing the school uniform or feels the need to dress up she wears a dress while meeting her favorite author, but is a bit uncomfortable. That said, she enjoys collecting stuffed animals, although she says it's because they aren't "cute. That said, in the days before her battle, which coincides with the birth of her younger brother, she starts acting more girly , and her friend Komo the girly girl to Maki's tomboy takes her out to buy clothes and visit a hair salon. Maki confesses that there's a possible Freudian Excuse behind her tomboyishness- she loathes her neglectful and abusive biological mother, and doesn't want to turn out like her, so she's afraid of letting herself act femininely. She wears shorts under her skirt , and when allowed seems to prefer to do away with the skirt altogether. She's a bit violent and seems to enjoy a friendly fight. She's also a complete sucker for cute childish Gekota an in-universe frog mascot items, and she likes large stuffed animals. The character Tsugumi Higashijuujou from Cyber Team in Akihabara is by all accounts your typical rough and tumble female character who's heavily into sports, competition, and rough play, and is much louder than the other girls. She also comes from a heavily martial arts background, to which she is very adept and very proud of. However, she dreams with becoming an Idol Singer and has posters of a pop diva plastered all over her walls, and practically fangasmed at the idea of being on stage with the same pop diva as result of winning a contest, even going so far to have her imagination imagine a scenario where the pop diva loves the music SO much that she brings Tsugumi on as a duet partner for the shows. She also seems admittedly embarrassed to have anyone know about it. Kazuha Touyama from Detective Conan is a straight-forward Plucky Girl who practices Aikido and rarely wears skirts, on the other hand she always uses Hair Decorations , likes theatre and acting, and has a thing fo romantic stuff. However, her Digimon companion is pink, she has the crest of love and is definitely the Team Mom of the group. She gets a Girliness Upgrade in the next series, taking up flower arranging and growing up to become a fashion designer. In the reboot of Dirty Pair Kei is typically shown as a tomboy, to contrast with her extremely girly partner Yuri. However, in the first episode she stops to look at a cute little pink purse, and when her partner catches her looking at it, immediately puts it back with an embarrassed scowl. The main protagonist Arale Norimaki is mainly a super strong, destructive tomboy who loves poop, monsters, fighting games, messing around. But she's also a sweet, ditzy , Friend to All Living Things , likes to dress up animals and who doesn't mind girly things like flowers or jewels she generally just loves everyone and everyting. She is the inbetween in her group of friends, between tomboy Akane and girly Tsururin. Bulma does like dressing sexy and putting on lipstick, but she's mainly a tech geek. Sure she does martial arts, but she also enjoys being a housewife and she likes wearing makeup. While Videl wears Skirt over Slacks when fighting, she seems quite comfortable in mini skirts and dresses, especially after starting to date Gohan. There's her love of martial arts and boyish way of dressing, but when a certain GT arc involved another's planet's marriage rituals, she said she admired the dress. Android 18 enjoys fighting, but she also loves shopping and dressing nice. This trope is explicitly discussed and subverted in Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Chapter Yuu Kashima is an Ambiguously Bi Bifauxnen with a Gender-Blender Name , but after Mikoshiba discusses how common it is for tomboys in manga to secretly have feminine sides, he begins to wonder if Yuu has one as well. The next scene shows that Yuu has lost her feminine voice due to a cold, and is actively celebrating the loss by wearing a pair of pants to school. Winry Rockbell in Fullmetal Alchemist is a tomboy who isn't afraid to get her hands dirty and has a deep interest and skill in mechanics, though she also sometimes displays more feminine traits. In Gunslinger Girl , as each cyborg's handler selects their name and style of dress, their tomboyish side may be purely a facade. Rico not only has a Gender-Blender Name , but she also wears boyish clothing; however, when off-duty she's The Pollyanna and particularly enjoyed getting to wear a Pimped-Out Dress for a mission involving an opera house. Triela practically wears this trope on her sleeve with the combination of a 3 - piece suit and Girlish Pigtails. On a mission, business comes first , but off-duty, she collects teddy bears and serves as Team Mom toward Henrietta. The eponymous Reality Warper is one of the most athletic cast members and quite possibly the most adventurous. She's also very heavily into pursuing a romance with aliens, time travelers, sliders, ESPers, and the like the other party's gender be damned , is a Supreme Chef , and can be a decent Team Mom when given the chance. Itsuki Myoudouin from Heartcatch Pretty Cure is a Student Council President who is into martial arts and is a Bifauxnen because she's taken interest in martial arts in order to take the place of her sickly brother Satsuki as the Heir to the Dojo , repressing her feminine interests such as Squeeing over cute things, to the point that it becomes a point why she's turned into a Desertrian by Cobraja. She makes sporadic reappearances later, developing that it's okay to be a tomboyish martial artists and liking cute things and being into fashion, they're not mutually exclusive High School of the Dead: Despite her family's wealth and her upbringing, Saya isn't what you'd call ladylike. She tends to use strong language, is brutally honest , and prefers to be in the thick of things rather than left out on the sidelines, as it makes her feel useless, as she admitted in Chapter Which she later explained to Hirano in that same chapter as her reason for wanting to fight. At the same time, while she prefers to dress casually, she's just as comfortable in feminine wear, likes pink , and beginning in Chapter 18, wears a ribbon around her left ankle as a fashion accessory. Masaki from Ice Revolution is a Karate champion raised in a hyper-macho all male environment who switches to the equally demanding sport of figure skating because it allows her to use her athleticism to express beauty. The Last Witch , at least by s standards. She isn't afraid to jump into action, get her hands dirty, and perform physical feats that many people would have considered too boisterous for a girl during that time period, but still wears dresses, likes sweets particularly pies , and generally maintains a feminine appearance, Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail is a masculine Action Girl but she does enjoy feminine costumes ranging from fancy dresses to a bunny outfit. Kido of Kagerou Project. She's a boyish looking and cool acting "gang" leader who comes off as a bit scary and even refers to herself as "ore"- but she's actually surprisingly shy, easily frightened girl who not-so-secretly loves cute things and even keeps a frilly skirt hidden somewhere. In the end she turns out to be more of a Team Mom than the delinquent that she first looks. Ritsu Tainaka from K-On! Rin Hoshizora is the most athletic of the girls, excelling in a variety of sports such as hurdling and football and initially wanting to try out for the track team. That being said, she's very insecure about her femininity, no thanks to some nasty teasing every time she wore a skirt as a child. Unlike Rin, she doesn't have any sort of complex regarding her feminine qualities, as she's Aqours' costume designer and is comfortable with frilly dresses. Konata Izumi is a brash, gamer tomboy who is usually lazy like Ritsu, but likes dating sims and visual novels, and in addition, she acts girlish as a joke and works in a cosplay cafe. Kagami Hiiragi is a tough and intimidating tomboy who is bad with domestic work, but has some girlish quirks like a more shy and romantic side. Though she has boyish eating habits, she likes sweets and actually really cares about her weight. Lyrical Nanoha Vita was introduced in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's as an extremely angry, cynical, immortal little girl of a knight who fights with a big hammer. Oh, and one of her most treasured possessions is a bunny plushie that her master Hayate bought for her. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers gave us Subaru, a super strong martial artist Short Tank who works in the Emergency Services section of the Administration Bureau and who also absolutely Squees at the prospect of getting ice cream. Azuki is known for her immense strength , excelling in martial arts, and is recognized as an A rank Element user ; which makes her one of the strongest girls at Tenbi Academy, according to Chapter 10 of the manga. But, unbeknownst to her friends, she has a soft spot for stuffed animals and secretly enjoys working at the Macaroon maid cafe, where she uses a girlish flirt pose to greet customers, as shown in Chapter 5. Which is why she told Takeru that if he ever breathed a word about it, she'd kill him. Sakura is loud, abrasive, and generally tomboyish, but as shown in Part I, she's also a huge romantic who is very conscious about her social standing, leading to her trying to put on a more girly pretense in front of Sasuke , while her tomboyish side is kept as "Inner Sakura. In the anime, she also commented to herself that the prince was just her type. Temari is the most aggressive girl among the teenaged cast, but she does have some girly traits, such as wearing mini-dresses and mini-skirts and Kimonos and putting her hair up in Girlish Pigtails. Naruto's mother, Kushina, may have been a rough-housing terror in her youth, but Minato's favorite food was her cooking. The canon movie The Last: Naruto the Movie reveals that she also enjoyed knitting scarves. Interestingly, she shares these two traits with Naruto's future wife Hinata. In Ouran High School Host Club , Haruhi is a tomboy who dresses as she pleases and doesn't care if people mistake her for a boy. She's perfectly happy wearing the Ouran boy's uniform if that's what it takes to belong to the club. She's also blunt, pragmatic, and resolutely practical, and her clothing choices out of school reflect this feminine-but-practical aesthetic. On the girly side her hobbies include cooking and sewing and she doesn't mind dressing up in feminine clothes when the situation requires it. Alice from Pandora Hearts acts like this. She is tough and wild, eats meat and can beat up her manservant, Oz, because she is the chain B-rabbit, but despite her tomboyish demeanor, she does not mind wearing elaborate dresses much. Takeo Kumagami is bifauxnen and business-like in appearance and excels in Judo. In fact, she's so good at it, that no one in division 2 can beat her; including Otah, who's nearly twice her body weight. But she dresses femininely whenever she's off duty and is afraid of dark places, ghost , and especially rats. She's even prone to fainting when sufficiently frightened. Sexy girly outfits

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  1. Kido of Kagerou Project. If you like wearing soft, casual clothes, wear a stripes shirt with loose, linen, printed shorts. That said, she enjoys collecting stuffed animals, although she says it's because they aren't "cute.

  2. However, she's a quite bit more graceful than her girly counterpart Leaf, and she's fairly skilled at gymnastics and mentions having studied ballet under the Squirtle Scouts. However she's also thrilled to go dress shopping in Paris and enjoys ballroom dancing. Fan Disservice with a touch of Action Girl , but is very gossipy and surprisingly compassionate.

  3. She can also lay out full grown men across the floor in a fight with relatively little effort.

  4. She's also got quite a bit of interest in her tomboy rival, Asuka. House of Anubis has Patricia.

  5. Though this may be a result of the labyrinth brainwashing her into a flanderized version of herself, with an exaggerated sweet tooth. Snow White is a princess, and usually dresses as such, but do not underestimate her.

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