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Sexy girl merry christmas

All right, this story is not real. My e-Mail addresses are at: You can also get me at mean. Again, remove the parenthesis. All alone like that. I love chatting about celebs, story ideas or chatting in general and I like making new friends! That fucking did it! I was going to hand my notice in the first thing on December twenty sixth and I was going to get the hell out of the retail business! The doors were shut and much merriment was already occurring on the streets of my home town. However, I was pretty much set in my role as the Grinch of our store. A snowball hit the back of my neck and I shook it off as I stuffed my hands into my pockets and started to make my way back to my apartment. I still had all of my presents to wrap and most of my cards to write for my family. One more stop on my way over into the convenience store and I would be on vacation for one whole week while my brand new assistant manager held the store off. Of course, I had precisely nothing to do with my week off other than be a Grinch and probably make my way home after dealing with my family. First, I had a date with a six pack and the latest issue of Sports Illustrated to see what new hot women were out there. I put my hand out and saw that there was a soft flake cascading down from the heavens towards the ground. That was all that I needed. Looking around, I spotted the occasional family or small child getting excited about the falling powder. Narrowly avoiding some open air snowball conflict, I ducked into an open and remarkably empty parking lot for my local convenience store and made my way over to the front door. The lure of the heating inside of the store was just too great for me to avoid. Putting my hand against the cold steel of the door, I pushed my way inside of the store and the warm blast of heating was enough for me to almost be grateful I was inside. However, the smell of out of date hotdogs and burgers were enough for me to get brought back into the room. Looking around, I nodded at the baked clerk behind the desk as I walked over to the alcohol. Grabbing a six pack of Coors and then walking down towards the magazine rack, I picked up a GQ and a Sports Illustrated as a special Christmas treat to myself. Checking out the selection of candy bars, I found nothing that seemed to grab my attention so I made my way straight over to the desk. Laying down all of the items down on the counter, I ignored the look from the attendant as he bagged the items for me. Ringing them up, I passed over a tatty twenty dollar bill before getting my change and stuffing it into the pocket of my jacket. Tucking my hand under the bottom of my bag, I walked out of the store and ignored the biting cold of the area. Looking to the right, I stepped out into the cold and started to walk towards my home. The snow was falling a little faster this time and I was almost certain that it would start to settle now. Reaching my door, I pushed my hand into my jacket pocket and blindly searched for my keys. Grabbing my work set and slipping them over my thumb, I lifted my apartment keys out with me right index finger and then into the palm of my hand. I slipped the key into the lock and managed to twist it before stuffing my work keys back into my pocket and crossing the threshold into the door. Laying the brown paper bag down on the floor inside of my apartment, I then lifted the keys out of the lock and closing it behind me. Flicking the lights on, I slid the bolt across my door locking it in place. Not that I was expecting too many visitors at this time of night. Flipping the nearest light on, I walked into the front room of my apartment and ignored the looming pile of presents still in the clear plastic bin bag I had used from work. Kicking a roll of wrapping paper away from my feet, I sat back on my leather couch and smiled softly. My eyes studying the faux fireplace I had hanging off of my wall. It was an electrical heating unit that looked rather homely and gave the centre of my apartment the appearance of a front room in a family home. Grabbing the remote control for it, I lifted it up and pointed it at it, flicking the fireplace on. The orange flames started to illuminate the room and flicker to life like it was a real fire. Orange washed over the apartment, the light bathing my leather couch and the recliner chair to the right of it in the same light. Closing my eyes and letting my head fall back and rest against the top of the couch, the heat started to tickle my body and washing away the prospect of a Christmas by myself. My eyes opened and I pushed myself up to my feet. Walking back to the entrance to my apartment, my snow boots collided with the laminated flooring as I crossed over to the coat hook hanging off of my wall. Unzipping, I shrugged the coat off and hung it up before reaching down and picking up my shopping from earlier. Placing them down on the couch, I took a seat next to them and lifted one of the magazines out along with one of the chilled beers. Placing the lid of the beer against the palm of my left hand, I firmly twisted the bottle and removed the lid with ease. Throwing the metal lid onto the coffee table, I lifted the bottle to my lips and swallowed a mouthful of the beer. Putting the beer down to my side, I tried to relax in my room. I could see more and more snow dropping down from the heavens and colliding with the ground. The weather in Ohio always seemed to keep the snow overnight and then some. Stepping up off of the couch, I kept my beer in hand and walked over to the window. What I saw damn near made my eyes go wide. Outside, down town Ohio looked like a winter wonderland. Almost four inches of snow had fallen and the view from my apartment made it look like I was on the set of some sort of Christmas movie. A lone pair of headlights was visible in the distance but that looked liked that was it for civilisation. Smiling as I realised I could have the whole apartment complex to myself and I could do exactly whatever I wanted by myself. Turning my back to the window, I walked back to the couch and picked up one of the Sports Illustrated to take a look through. On the front cover was Kate Upton, a name both my dick and my search history was very familiar with. As I was thumbing through the magazine there was a knock at my door. Raising an eyebrow, I looked over the back of my couch and then at the door. I waited for a brief moment before there was another knock that made me stand up straight. Placing the beer on the table next to the door, I took a grip of the handle and opened it up. The deathly chill in the air making me shiver in place as I looked out to whoever was at my door. The person had their back turned to me and they were dressed in a big, thick black coat that ran down to just above their knees. The person was wearing a set of red stockings and some boots that ran up to her knees. Just seeing the exposed skin made my loins start to burn. However, the owner of the legs certainly did make me start to get very hot under the collar. She smiled and quickly waved at me before stepping a little closer to me and standing on the absolute door step. Can I come in please? The hand that had unlocked the door extended and I let her walk into my own private residence. Kate fucking Upton was now in my apartment? I could just see the blog post to my local celebrity forum appearing in my mind. Closing the door behind her, I walked back into the front room where Kate had taken a few steps in and had extended her hands towards the heater, getting some obviously much needed warmth to her extremities. She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled, a loose strand of blonde hair falling in front of her face for a few moments before she brushed it away. Still cold out there huh? She lifted her head up and looked around before smiling fondly at me. Kate Upton was in my front room and actively engaging me in conversation. Taking it and shaking it with a big smile on my face, I nodded my head. I need to get a hold of a mechanic. I saw one a couple of blocks away, just need to call one of them to get a ride out of here. Lifting it off of the receiver, I passed it to Kate who focused on the keypad and dialled in the number she had obviously noted down earlier. Made me wonder if she had expected something to go wrong or not. Kate started to move around the inside of the small kitchen while she spoke to the mechanic. As her eyes drifted over to the mountain of gifts, her eyes moved back to me and a smile crept onto her face. She finished up the phone call and put it back onto the charger. Walking over to the presents, she looked them over and then looked at me. She placed it bag in the bag and walked into the main front room, loitering in front of the heater. Her hands came down to the front of her coat and fiddled with the front buckle, she then let it fall loose and she pushed her arms back so that she could wriggle out of her coat. She was wearing a ruby red dress with white fluffy trim. Three white fluffy balls were pinned onto the chest, one below each other like they were buttons. Around the waist was a black belt that had a golden buckle at the front, just above her belly button. At the front of the outfit, near where to her cleavage was, was a piece of holly that drew attention to her chest. Her hands came down and put rested them down on her ass, she bit her bottom lip and then shook her head, another laugh escaping her lips. She flattened out the outfits and then looked around for the wrapping paper. Put back a little bit, I was temporarily dumbfounded before I nodded my head, clicking my fingers to illustrate that I knew where it was. Walking into my kitchen, I found a roll of tape and three separate rolls of wrapping paper. Sexy girl merry christmas

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  1. I was getting ready to cum and the big-breasted model seemed to know what was going to happen.

  2. Sitting on the couch with Kate now on top of me, her hands moved onto my shoulders to take a new position. Still hard as a rock, I looked over at my couch and nodded my head at it.

  3. Stepping up off of the couch, I kept my beer in hand and walked over to the window. Placing them down on the couch, I took a seat next to them and lifted one of the magazines out along with one of the chilled beers.

  4. I squeezed her big breast and sucked on the other one as Kate made sounds of approval. She unravelled the first roll of wrapping paper and placed the onesies in the middle of the paper. Inside, there was a small selection of writing.

  5. Slezak gave it an "A" and described it as a "jazzy, uptempo take on the seasonal classic with gorgeous harmonies and retro dancing", and said it rivaled their Christmas duet from , "Baby, It's Cold Outside".

  6. Licking her lips, Kate then gripped me by the back of my neck and pulled me into a deep, passionate kiss.

  7. Tucking my hand under the bottom of my bag, I walked out of the store and ignored the biting cold of the area.

  8. Shoving myself back inside her, I then let go of her legs and took a hold of her thighs, her ankles wrapped around my back and we performed a roll so I moved onto my ass. The only song that was not included on the album is "My Favorite Things" from the musical The Sound of Music , which was released as a single—as were all the other songs from the episode—and features Michele, Riley, Colfer and Criss.

  9. So, I opened the door and found that no one was there. Why do you care? It gets me so wet!

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