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Analysts Rip CBS For Failing To Address Questions About Safety, Succession In her new incarnation, Diane Lockhart—liberal stalwart, law partner, and general bad-ass woman—navigated the challenges of a Trump administration, financial ruin, sexy liaisons, and even micro-dosing herself with drugs for some light relief. Now, as Season 3 approaches, Baranski discusses the brilliance of writers Robert and Michelle King , the importance of putting sexy older female characters front and center, how she would never willingly opt out of the show, and what it was really like hanging out with Meryl Streep and Cher on the set of the new Mamma Mia film. So Diane micro-dosing drugs was a bit of a surprise this past season. Was that really fun to play? I think the main theme of this season for Diane was that she was under the influence of a world gone mad. Micro-dosing was simply a way of coping. What about this in my purse? She was always the most graceful. The most diplomatic person in the room. So, I love that they took the character in this of a turn. I did question how the audience would react to my having a kind of reckless one-night stand with a bartender. I totally understood her behavior throughout. I think the Kings and I are very in touch with who this lady is. And I just love that the Kings really just went head-on into it, and allowed it to really influence the thinking of the leading lady. The show lets us laugh at the current political situation. But, it is a world turned so almost farcical that your response is either to shut down or to find it wildly, fantastically amusing. The Kings always love that I have a very gutsy laugh, and in the first season there was an episode that ended with my laughing, and it just extended into the credits. To a kind of existential effect. Diane is neither one thing or another. Diane I think was way ahead of her time. But, rather gracefully and subtly ahead of her time. Diane could really be played by any woman over They never made an issue of my age. They never played into a certain pathos with regards to my being at a certain point in my life. When I lost all my money. It was clear that that was a harrowing moment for a person of any age, but particularly someone who is ready to retire. And, yet she bounced back. She clawed her way back without her being embittered and she still showed up in those necklaces in the office. She still put herself together. They live in so much shit and they still survive. On film or in the theater or in the movies. We make them victims of junk. Actually, I just had this conversation with Sharon Stone last week. We have so much to give. Was there a collaborative aspect to making sure she was sexy? The only way to change perspectives is by putting it out there and telling those stories, right? I always said that television of all the mediums has the power to lead the culture forward. Television because people watch it and then they follow a character, they follow a show, they follow a storyline. Look at who I am. And Robert as well. I, Christine, have a great rapport with men. I think Diane can work all day with a guy and at the end of the day she can sit down and have a Bourbon whisky straight up. And at our best, men and women have a really wonderful dance together. I love that Diane has had really great relationships with male colleagues. And she never apologizes for her power. Diane has now got her money back now. She could retire to France as she previously planned. Do you see her doing that? Well, if I did that I would take myself out of the show number one. How was the experience of making Mamma Mia! But I never thought [of this] in my wildest dreams as a pre-teenager watching Sonny and Cher. I was in a suburb of Buffalo—skinny me; a foolish American girl in an all-girls Catholic High School. Is there anything left on your list? I miss the use of languages, because, I think language is sadly leaving our culture in favor of abbreviated forms of communication and fast communication. But, I think, language is so worth keeping alive. And I would love to do some really literate script or classical play and flex those muscles again. Sexy fight girl

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  1. Diane is neither one thing or another. And at our best, men and women have a really wonderful dance together.

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