Sexy cinnamon. Cinnamon Roasted Cashews Recipe.

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Sexy cinnamon

Smells a bit like resin. Can be slightly spiced. Apple Blossom- Soft petals. Mix of floral and fruit. Like a Peach but less juicy. Apricot Blossom- Soft floral. Similar to Orange Blossom. Can smell like salt water. B Balsamic- Resin like. Can be slightly smoky or leathery. Bergamot- Citrusy but aromatic. Scent found in Earl Grey tea. Blackberry- Like Black Currant. Black Currant- Ripe dark berries. Slightly smoky, almost burnt smell. Can be slightly spicy. Can be slightly minty. Can be candy-like or rich and dark. Chypre- Citrus combined with Oakmoss. Can be either sensuous or comforting and Home-like. Smells slightly like Coumarin. But sometimes smells like hay or cut grass. Can be slightly animalic. Like Pine or Fir. Smells like a combination of dry wood and salt-water. Can smell like dill-pickles. Can be slightly spicy like lily. G Guaiac Wood- Woody and sweet. Galbanum- A bitter green note. Grass- Fresh and a slight sweet smell. Smells like fresh-cut grass. Perhaps a little watery like dew on the grass. But can also be dry grass which smells more dusty and woody. Green Tea- A light fresh and grassy smell. Green with a hint of white flowers. Like grass and stems. Smells a bit like tar. Can be a bit toasted. Hay- Dry, dusty, grass-like. Slightly sweet like almonds. Hinoki Wood- Like Cypress. Like Orange Blossoms and Honey. Hyacinth- Deep intoxicating floral. Smells like decaying flowers. May be slightly off-putting for some people. Makes florals smell sweet. Immortelle- Unique mix of herbal and gourmand notes. Slight curry and fenugreek note. Can be resinous or balsam. J Jasmine- White floral. Slightly green and stem-like. Can be slightly animalic, smelling like warm flesh. L Labdanum- Smooth leather. Lavender- A combination of floral and herbal. Lilac- Smells of spring. Slightly like Honey or bee pollen. Can smell a bit stem-like also. Similar to Jasmine and Lily-of-the-valley. Can smell a bit stem-like. Slightly like a turkish delight. M Magnolia- Slightly lemony. Mandarin- Deep warm orange scent. Can be slightly oriental. Mango- Smooth tropical fruit. Smells slightly like Dirt. A mediterranean feel to it. N Narcissus Daffodil - Sunny floral. Neroli- Similar to Orange-Blossom. Hint of Oranges and Honey. Almond and Hazelnut base. O Oak Moss- Sharp. Smelling like a forest floor. Slight floral decay smell. Can be used to smell tropical. Scents with incense, spices, and resins. Oud Agarwood - Woody. Can sometimes smell a bit like bug-repellent. Ozone- Combination of airy lightness and aqua notes. Can be slightly balsamic. Thought to be for Hippies but is actually quite classic. Like apple but not as tart. Peony- Sweet, Fresh, Dainty, Pretty. Petit Grain- Bitter orange. Pink Pepper- Peppery but sharper. Not as deep as black pepper. Slight red berry smell. Smells like Red Berries. Smells slightly like chocolate. Combination of a Pear and Apple. Spearmint- Minty but slightly more herbal. A hint of sweetness. Star Anise- Licorice smelling. Syringa- Smells like Orange Blossom and Jasmine. T Tamarind- Exotic and bittersweet. Tangerine- Orange-like but sweeter. Might smell leathery or oaky mixed with tart and sour notes. Sometimes with hints of rose. Regal smelling white flower. Can be slightly sour. Sexy cinnamon

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  1. Can sometimes smell a bit like bug-repellent. Can be slightly spicy. Like apple but not as tart.

  2. You have some with chocolate, caramel, and my favorite, almond. Can be resinous or balsam. Smells like Red Berries.

  3. Can smell like salt water. Can sometimes smell a bit like bug-repellent. Regal smelling white flower.

  4. Galbanum- A bitter green note. Okay, so what is my obsession with puff pastry really?

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