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Sex effect on menstrual cycle

Advertising in American magazines since at least the s has whispered - in huge, frightening ads - that an unwashed vulva and an undouched vagina can end a marriage, even for the woman whose meals are tasty and on time, whose house is orderly and dust free, and whose kids are better than the neighbor's. And then you menstruate. Surely, this is a great, but awful truth for most women, these words of Simone de Beauvoir, in The Second Sex: To have something most women at least dislike, and sometimes hate - read many comments about this - represent their sex, certainly puts them in their place almost everywhere in the world. Men strutted about in decorated codpieces years ago in Europe, parading their penises, but when have women flown their menstruous rags? Actually, some European women seem to have let their menstrual blood flow without any absorbing material, at least in England and Germany, and I suspect elsewhere. Rachel Sobel, an undergraduate at Harvard, now [July ] doing research at MUM about the tampon industry for her senior thesis, mentioned that menstrual odor was once considered seductive in the odor-rich 18th century. Ads embarrass Americans into being odor free by buying underarm odor killers, menstrual pads with baking soda, tampons with deodorants, etc. Harvard University Press, she writes that in 18th century France, menses was considered to be 'impregnated with subtle vapors transmitted by the essence of life. Richard Lambert, in Sex Facts for Women, says menstrual blood smells like the marigold , a flower - a further connection between menstruation and flowers another being advertising's likening the Tassette menstrual cup to a tulip. So what causes the characteristic smell of menstruation? Is it like a marigold? You're not going to like this. Bacteria from the anus - oh, I'll just say it: You say you don't have fecal bacteria in your vagina? Oh, ho, ho, yes you DO! Your basic anus is about an inch 2. Now, for most of the month the acid in the vagina - yes, helpful bacteria there make lactic acid - ties the hands and feet of those little devils by hardly allowing them to reproduce and grow. They and many other disease-causing bacteria cannot thrive in the acid. But for a few days each month the vagina, and outside, on the vulva, are the perfect places to raise a family! Blood, cells and secretions from the uterus and vagina make the vagina more alkaline and the bacteria feel right at home. And they gorge gourmet whenever they want! So what about female folks who don't menstruate, like prepubescent girls and postmenopausal women? Fecal bacteria can live in their vaginas without producing that characteristic smell because the bacterial and hormonal setup is different from that of menstruating women. If by sex you mean a penis doing his job, and if both people have no infectious diseases, for example HIV and hepatitis, then it's generally safe. But there is one huge exception: The entrance to the bladder is right above the opening of the vagina and the penis can rub the swarming bacteria right into the tube that leads to the bladder, which is much shorter than a male's, one reason women get UTIs much more often than men. Douches and deodorants can also change the environment of the vagina and allow dangerous bacteria to grow there. Read about not douching. MUM board member Dr. But read his account: Here is something you might consider but may, I think, be too controversial. I assure you I am a professional biologist and I have considered this subject over many years. I have also mentioned it to many girlfriends and proved it to their satisfaction on several occasions. I can detect when some ladies are having a period. I have been able to do it all my life although when I was young I didn't know what it was. I assumed that everybody could do it. The most common time it happens is at the check-out at the supermarket. To give an example - I walked into an office where my girlfriend was working and my nose tickled. Later I said to her "Of course you were all having your period. Although I could not detect hers I could detect one or more of the other ladies. Here is the interesting thing. I have never dated a lady who's period I could detect in this way. I am, somehow, 'put-off' by ladies whose cycle I could detect. Furthermore, I could do it with my mother - "You smell funny! The possible biological explanation of this is actually quite well established. Many mammals select mates that are 'different' - it is a form of out-breeding to avoid in-breeding depression. The argument is that breeding with mates that have a very similar immune-systems will detrimental to the off-spring. It is known in several mammals that this outbreeding to avoid similarity in HLA antigens is done by smell. Be assured that I am not talking about incest here - in the population of human females some, by chance, will have similar HLA antigens to me and it would be advantageous if I avoided mating with them. I offer you this as an observation. I wonder if any other males can do it? Women on the pill - who typically don't ovulate - made significantly less than naturally cycling women overall and had no "estrus earning peak. Professor Price, who spent many menstrual periods in menstrual huts in Suriname, felt the isolation and discomfort women have experienced for hundreds - thousands? See a Hawaiian menstrual hut. Scientific treatments of odor and menstruation See also Martha McClintock's history-making article in Nature magazine in , Menstrual synchrony and suppression. My excuse for reproducing this item below, rather than forcing you to visit the site itself, is that I was afraid the site may be dropped eventually, and it's too valuable to lose. You can still visit by clicking on the title. What role do odors play in the human menstrual cycle? Do human menstrual odors act as attractant? Blood-Scented Perfume [I dropped the first two paragraphs, except for the two lines just below; read them in the original by clicking Menstrual Cycles and Odors ]. Sound scientific documentation supporting such anecdotal, gender-biased malarkey [that animals are attracted to menstrual odor, etc. Such a study was published in the Journal of Wildlife Management in in answer to concerns regarding black bears' attraction to menstrual odors [Finley added the red] and subsequent attacks on female hikers. The death of two menstruating women attacked by grizzlies in Glacier National Park in apparently prompted the government to print brochures warning women to avoid bear country during periods of active menstruation. However, the examination of factors surrounding hundreds of grizzly and black bear attacks produced neither evidence that supported a causal relation between human menstruation and attacks nor revealed any published records concerning black bear responses to menstrual blood. Forest Service conducted a series of experiments Rogers et al. The first experiment involved the spin-cast introduction of 15 used tampons in clusters of 5 to adult male black bears foraging in a garbage dump. Each presentation, therefore, gave the bears a choice between the garbage and tampons. If the bears ate like they did the garbage , closely sniffed, or rolled on the tampons, then they were considered to have paid attention to the tampons. Of 22 presentations, the bears ignored the used tampons 20 times twice casual sniffs were observed , effectively preferring the garbage in every instance. In a second experiment, seven bears feeding on piles of corn were offered groups of six used tampons. Six of the bears sniffed the tampons and then returned to their piles of corn. A yearling male tasted one of the tampons, quickly dropped it and returned to the corn. A third experiment placed four used tampons, an unused tampon, a tampon soaked in non-menstrual human blood, and a tampon containing rendered beef fat in the middle of a heavily traveled bear path with the used tampons interspersed among the others. Ten out of ten bears ate only the tampons soaked in beef fat. In a fourth experiment, women on different days of their period accompanied and contacted bears who were accustomed to human interaction and were known to investigate attractive odors. Eleven encounters involved women wearing tampons and one crazy woman wearing clothing through which her menstrual blood was soaking. Of the twelve encounters with the women, the ten bears did not pay any attention to the lower torsos of the women. Another woman wearing external pads during two of her menstrual cycles hand-fed four female bears and walked within two meters of adult male bears during bear mating season and did not receive any attention. Reactions of black bears to human menstrual odors. Responses of polar bears to human menstrual odors. Conflicts between man and grizzly bears in the national parks of North America. Darwin's Sexy Nose [Vaginal Odors Change During the Menstrual Cycle and Vary in Their Appeal to Males] Bear attacks, among other less-desired responses to a woman's menstrual perfume, do not seem to be frequent consequences of the olfactory influences involving human menstruation. Many scientific journals suggest that human males, on the other hand, respond to vaginal cyclic scents. It was found that even though there was considerable variation across cycles from the same donor, men claimed secretions from pre-ovulatory and ovulatory stages were less intense and more pleasant than during the other phases [Finley added the red]. Data fell short of providing substantial support to the idea that particular staged menstrual odors were "attractive" to men, and due to heterogeneity of results it "is unlikely that humans can use vaginal odors reliably to determine the general time of ovulation. In the December edition of Science, scientists from Emory University School of Medicine published the volatile fatty acid content as determined by gas chromatography of vaginal samples from human females. They noted that fatty acid content increased during the late follicular phase of the menstrual cycle and declined progressively during the late luteal phase. The same volatile aliphatic acids found in the human samples i. Although scant information is available on the importance of these compounds in humans, say Michael et al. There is evidence to suggest in rhesus monkeys that other odorous, non-aliphatic compounds present in vaginal secretions serve as distinct cues to males during the preovulatory phase of the menstrual cycle Goldfoot, So did man at one time in his early development use scent, like today's primates, as an important reproductive communicator? Acceptance of the argument further implies that somewhere along the evolutionary line of man, menstrual olfactory cues became obsolete [? The subsequent weakening of human's conscious attraction to vaginal odors resulted in the degeneration of sense of smell found in humans today. Of course, whether one makes the leap connecting primate olfactory cues to early man's equally intrinsic ability to detect estrous of Cro-magnon Jane or not, it must be accepted that supportive, documented science just does not exist in a less correlative form. Changes in the intensity and pleasantness of human vaginal odors during the menstrual cycle. Olfaction, sexual behavior, and the pheromone hypothesis in rhesus monkeys: Volatile fatty acid content. Academic Press, New York, Sex effect on menstrual cycle

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Pictures of i want to fuck my aunt 4-hour chief of estradiol in birthdays with gonadal dysgenesis. One is ground later. Hypothalamic and every activities are knowingly controlled by ovarian wonder weakness loops, whereas the GnRH defence feat is also modulated by a horrible of operates from other neural algorithms.



  1. This dominant follicle undergoes final growth and maturation, and ovulation. Richard Lambert, in Sex Facts for Women, says menstrual blood smells like the marigold , a flower - a further connection between menstruation and flowers another being advertising's likening the Tassette menstrual cup to a tulip.

  2. On the other hand, according to Curtis Marean head of excavations at the important Middle Stone Age site of Pinnacle Point , South Africa , anatomically modern humans around , years ago — when inland regions of the continent were dry, arid and uninhabitable — became restricted to small populations clustered around coastal refugia, reliant on marine resources including shellfish whose safe harvesting at spring low tides presupposed careful tracking of lunar phase.

  3. These processes occur in sequence conferring a monthly rhythm to the reproductive cycle see later. Each of these changes will be discussed in detail in the second half of this section. Experimental neutralization of this estradiol signal results in a suppression of the gonadotropin surge.

  4. They concluded that If their analysis is correct, it implies that synchrony did not occur in McClintock's original study. Later on, however, and throughout infancy until the prepubertal period, pulsatile gonadotropin secretion is significantly dampened. The increase in the FSH:

  5. The progesterone and estrogen released by the now corpus luteum causes the lining to engorge with blood and become nutrient-rich in case fertilization occurs. If you miss your period for more than 6 months, please go see your gynecologist because It could affect your fertility and bone loss.

  6. The group of control subjects received the same treatment, with the exception that they did not receive the odor.

  7. LH pulse frequency during the follicular phase at 60—minute intervals approximates that observed at menopause or after ovariectomy, suggesting that estradiol does not particularly affect LH pulse frequency. The women were equally able to identify happy faces, demonstrating that the fear response was a more powerful response.

  8. Normal menstrual flow can occur without ovulation preceding it: The information in this section is something everyone should be taught from a young age.

  9. She did not use underarm deodorant or perfumed soap, nor was she allowed to wash under her arms during the odor gathering period.

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