Seniors have sex. Sexed-up seniors do it more than you'd think.

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Sex & The Seniors

Seniors have sex

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. McDaniel Sex, sex and more sex. Lately it seems wherever I go speaking event, supermarket, funeral etc. I get asked questions about seniors having sex. As unfamiliar parents meet each other and search for something of common interest to talk about the question of "what do you do for a living" frequently comes up. In my case a detailed and accurate answer would be: But, saying all of that sounds pompous and simply takes too long. So normally I just say "I'm in the eldercare space". Usually, the conversation goes one of two ways after that. Either, the person immediately tells me about their personal eldercare challenges-which is a fairly common response since 1 in 3 U. This time, I received a response that fit squarely into the first category. The gentleman immediately started telling me about how his favorite 86 year old uncle Dominic was the main topic of conversation at "damn near every holiday family gathering" because he contracted an STD while living in an Alabama nursing home. The guy became so animated while recounting various family member's perspectives that it became difficult to determine when he was angry and when he was amused. My two favorite theories and there were many others were: His colorfully detailed, profanity laced retelling of all the theories were so funny I could barely bring myself to tell him that they were all likely wrong or at least not fully informed. Eventually, my professionalism overwhelmed my desire to keep laughing and I explained the realities of seniors and STDs. STD transmission among the elderly is unfortunately a common and growing problem. For example, between and , chlamydia infections among Americans 65 and over increased by 31 percent, and syphilis by 52 percent. Most caregivers are surprised because they never imaged sexually transmitted diseases to be one of the many issues they could encounter when caring for an elderly loved one. After hearing the bad news the caregiver's first question is usually "how did this happen"? The high-level answer is older men take potent little pills to help with erectile dysfunction coupled with pun intended post-menopausal older women, with no pregnancy concerns, using progesterone and estrogen creams that help arouse them and makes sex more enjoyable for them. This combination of factors adds up to a whole lot of unprotected sex. In fact, what goes on in nursing homes, assisted living facilities or other large residential congregations of elderly people is a lot closer to what goes on in spring break hotels than most people would ever imagine. With lots of sex comes the possibilities of lots of STDs. The reality is your college-aged daughter on spring break and your grandmother in the nursing home should each be equally worried about catching chlamydia from the guy or the grandfather next door. Seniors across the board are contracting STDs at an alarming rate and the STDs cover the same spectrum as younger people. Professionals within the eldercare industry are now more frequently and openly discussing the problem and the reasons for it. While the numbers are commonly accepted, the exact reasons for the high infection rates are open to discussion. Personally, like most things involving humans and sex, I think the truth is multifaceted. Overall, seniors' lack of recognition that a problem exist gives rise really bad pun intended to situations that allow diseases to be contracted or shared. A more detailed examination runs the gamut from the simple to the complex: Individually or in combination, the reasons above can lead to the spread of STDs amongst seniors. In the short term, what's more important than why STDs are spreading is what needs to be done to slow or stop the progression. Here are a few quick thoughts: As interesting as the conversation was at the PTA event, from experience the "you must use condoms" conversation with Uncle Dominic is going to be that and then some. Whomever, engages him will have to first get over their embarrassment and then help him get over his. No matter the difficulties, the caregiver must have the conversation. This discussion is arguably even more important for seniors than it is for kids given the elderly's weakened immune systems and the possibility of STDs complicating other previously existing medical conditions. Better Uncle Dominic hears the cold realities of sex in the new millennium then he fall victim to his lack of knowledge and a grandma with a cute smile. Seniors have sex

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  1. These men with low testosterone experienced improved sexual function and even saw slight improvement in their ability to walk and their sense of vitality.

  2. Overall, seniors' lack of recognition that a problem exist gives rise really bad pun intended to situations that allow diseases to be contracted or shared. No matter the difficulties, the caregiver must have the conversation.

  3. His colorfully detailed, profanity laced retelling of all the theories were so funny I could barely bring myself to tell him that they were all likely wrong or at least not fully informed.

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