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Scott baio dating list

Scott Weinger, John Brotherton, Ashley Liao and Adam Hagenbuch are credited after the opening credits and only for the episodes in which they appear. Scott Weinger is credited as a Special Guest Star in the sixth episode of season two but as starring in all of his other appearances. Jesse Katsopolis Jesse Katsopolis portrayed by John Stamos ; the character's last name in season one was Cochran, but was changed reportedly due to John Stamos wanting his character to better reflect his Greek heritage is Danny's brother-in-law, Pam's younger brother, husband of Rebecca Donaldson and father of twin sons Nicky and Alex. Born Hermes Katsopolis as revealed in the season five episode "The Legend of Ranger Joe" , he was named after his great-grandfather, who in turn is named after the Greek god of swiftness. However, he did not like his birth name, as other kids teased him for it; so when he was in kindergarten, he begged his parents to have his name changed to Jesse, thinking that one had to have a "cool name" to be in the in-crowd. As an adult, he was more confident with his true name, telling the girls about the Greek god of speed, and how his great-grandfather saved a village from a volcano, but still goes by Jesse. In contrast with Danny, Jesse is portrayed as being irresponsible most of the time, but occasionally serves as a responsible adult when a responsible adult is needed such as when he discovers Stephanie's classmate is a child abuse victim in the season 6 episode "Silence is Not Golden". Jesse is revealed as a high school dropout in season six's "Educating Jesse", though in an earlier plot in season four's "One Last Kiss" about a high school reunion, he mentions not wearing his cap to his graduation because he did not want to mess up his hair. Jesse's obsession with his hair becomes a major trait of his throughout the series, as well as his obsession with Elvis Presley. His obsession with the former is fully established in the season two premiere "Cutting it Close", which focuses on Jesse's tough time coping when Stephanie accidentally cuts off a hunk of his mullet , which leads to him getting into a motorcycle accident that lands him in a full arm cast; later episodes reveal that he has a special comb called Mr. Jesse first moves into the house with virtually no experience in taking care of young children or babies, but starts to learn the ropes along the way. He becomes closer to all of his nieces over the course of the series, especially Michelle, whom he affectionately nicknames "munchkin" and "shorty", among others. In the first season, Jesse works for his father Nick's exterminating business before leaving to pursue work in advertising, frequently working with Joey. Further along in the series, in season seven's "Smash Club: Although he was shown to be a sports fan as well as a good athlete in the earlier seasons, it is revealed in later seasons that Jesse hated all sports especially basketball, as revealed in "Air Jesse" from season eight and was not very athletic. Jesse's main passion is music, and struggles to "hit it big" with his band, Jesse and the Rippers in the earlier part of the series. However, his increasing responsibilities to his family, radio job, and as owner of a club, lead his band members to kick him out of the band in the season eight premiere "Comet's Excellent Adventure" ; in "Making Out is Hard to Do", he briefly decides to quit being a musician until he has a nightmare in which he appears on Downbeat a Behind the Music -style show-within-a-dream-sequence has him dream that his family hates him, Rebecca has divorced him and moved on with Joey and Jesse himself was a mechanic, as well as overweight and balding because of a scalp infection , with Kimmy Gibbler dressed in the attire of the Married In the season two finale, Jesse and Becky adopt a baby girl whom they name Pamela after his sister. Somewhere along the line Jesse became a stay at home dad. When Becky and Danny get fired from Wake Up USA, they try to get their old jobs back but the station only wanted her back to co-host an all women's talk show. Jesse, Becky and Pamela are all moving back to San Francisco, and he also bought back the Smash Club which is now a laundromat along with Joey. Danny Tanner Daniel Ernest "Danny" Tanner portrayed by Bob Saget , John Posey in the unaired pilot is left with three young daughters to raise after his wife, Pam, dies in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. At the beginning of the series, he works as a sportscaster for Channel 8 News. In the season two episode "Tanner vs. Gibbler", he is chosen by his station's general manager Mr. Strowbridge to be the co-host for the station's new morning talk show, Wake Up, San Francisco, alongside Rebecca Donaldson. In season one's "The Big Three-O," Danny's beloved car, "Bullet," is severely damaged after another driver rear-ends the vehicle, leading it roll out of park and become submerged in the San Francisco Bay as Jesse and Joey shop for new seat covers for the car to surprise Danny with as a present for his 30th birthday; Jesse and Joey end up bidding for a new car that is identical in appearance, unknowingly competing with Danny, who purchases the car and later named it "Walter" after he calls the car dealership that Jesse and Joey are and places a bid over the phone. Danny goes on his first date since his wife's death in the season one episode "Sea Cruise," as part of a fishing trip that was intended to only include himself, Jesse and Joey; he is seen going out on dates on select occasions throughout the series. While Rebecca goes on maternity leave in season five just before giving birth to his nephews Nicky and Alex, Danny ends up falling in love with her co-host replacement, Vicky Larson. The two of them begin dating in season five's "Easy Rider," becoming Danny's most serious relationship since he became a widower, and the two later become engaged in the season six finale "The House Meets the Mouse". However, their relationship turned into a long-distance situation as Vicky was assigned various reporting jobs away from San Francisco. In season seven's "The Perfect Couple," Vicky ended up getting her dream job of anchoring the network news in New York City, but a long-distance relationship did not work for either of them, so Danny decides to break up with her; this leads him to a mass feng shui habit in the following episode, "Is It True About Stephanie? Danny can often be found cleaning for cleaning's sake, sometimes even cleaning his cleaning products in a version of the original season three opening titles, seen during episodes in which Lori Loughlin does not appear as Rebecca Donaldson, Danny is even shown to be cleaning his floor vacuum with a handheld vacuum. He says the family motto is "clean is good, dirt is bad". Danny views spring cleaning as his equivalent to Christmas and home movies as his New Year's Eve as revealed in the season two episode "Goodbye, Mr. His quirkiness and generally "unhip dad" personality are also targets for humor. He is a skilled pool , dart player and guitarist as respectively revealed in season four's, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," and season eight's, "To Joey, with Love". Danny also has one brother and one sister, and his parents are divorced. Unlike his brother-in-law Jesse who is more into rock-and-roll , Danny has a taste for s Disco music; one of his favorite songs is " Play That Funky Music " by Wild Cherry. During the second season Danny goes through a little bit of a mid-life crisis since he just turned In season three Danny reveals that him and Teri got divorced. Danny and Becky asked for raises on their show but since they asked for too much they are fired and replaced by Mario Lopez. After feeling sorry for themselves they go back to Wake Up San Francisco to ask for their old jobs back but the station only wants Becky back. To cheer him up, the girls somehow tracked down Vicky and surprised him with her. He invites her to the 30th "Dadi-versary" party the girls threw for him, Jesse and Joey. Since Becky, Jesse and Joey are all moving back to San Francisco, Danny announces he's moving back too, and back into the house. Joey moved in with Danny shortly after the death of Danny's wife, Pam, to help raise D. Joey works as a stand-up comedian, whose act usually includes vocal imitations of cartoon characters such as Popeye , Bullwinkle J. Joey initially slept in the alcove of Danny's living room. However, after complaining of not being able to find privacy, Danny reconstructs his basement garage into a bedroom for him in the season one episode "Joey's Place" prior to the reveal, Joey contemplates moving out after the family's behavior makes him believe that Jesse and Danny can handle taking care of the girls and that he is not needed. Joey nearly quits comedy in the season one episode "But Seriously, Folks," after Phyllis Diller who was there as an audience member hogs his slot at a comedy club, deciding to change his name to Joe and become a serious businessman. He reverses his decision after D. Although there was some tension between Joey and Jesse when they first move in with the Tanners, they quickly become good friends to the point where Jesse asks Joey to be his best man at his wedding. Even so, Joey's perceived immaturity does irritate Jesse at times. Joey usually handles the day-to-day raising of the kids by doing chores like making meals, driving the kids to school appointments, and after school activities, taking care of Michelle as a baby, and helping the kids with their homework. Joey also buys D. It is in this episode that Joey reveals that he had wished to have siblings as he grew up as an only child even imaging that he was part of The Brady Bunch , and that being part of the Tanner family gave him the extended family he always wanted. Joey has held various jobs in addition to his work as a stand-up comic. Joey's most successful job was portraying "Ranger Joe," on an afternoon children's variety television show. He was given the job to replace retiring original host "Ranger Roy" in season five's "The Legend of Ranger Joe," only to be fired after triggering Roy's acute physical paranoia when hugging him as a thank you; after Danny informs Joey of this while telling him of his firing, Joey ends up saving Roy from a "hug-o-gram" that he had sent to gratitude for the job; he then gets rehired after Roy becomes impressed with Joey's hosting skills when he takes over for Roy on his last show. Ranger Joe's sidekick is his wise-cracking woodchuck marionette puppet "Mr. Joey quits his job in season six's "Radio Days," after he becomes disgruntled with his boss Mr. Strowbridge's wife as his co-host. Besides his impressions, much of Joey's humor comes from his depiction as a man child , particularly the fact that he still watches cartoons as an adult and has an extensive knowledge of animation. Joey has moved to Las Vegas in Fuller House, and is now married with four kids. His wife Ginger is a magician, and their kids, Phyllis, Lewis, Joan, and Jerry are very loud and obnoxious kids. Joey and his kids are moving back to San Francisco since his wife will be working as a magician on a cruise ship for six months. He also bought back the Smash Club with Jesse. Tanner Donna Jo Margaret "D. Over the course of the show's run, D. In the pilot episode "Our Very First Show," she ends up having to share her bedroom with Stephanie in order to allow Jesse to move into Stephanie's old bedroom; due to problems with privacy regarding Stephanie, in the season five episode "Take My Sister, Please," she sells Danny on an idea to switch rooms with Michelle, who in turn would move in with Stephanie only after convincing Michelle to move in with Stephanie, after she rejects the offer to move in with her older sister. Although she sometimes bickers with them, she cares for them deeply. She has her first serious relationship with Steve Hale who was first introduced in the season five episode "Sisters in Crime" , who later becomes a real fixture in her life and a regular character beginning in season six when their characters return from a summer abroad in Spain. Their relationship lasts until they break up in the season seven episode "Love on the Rocks," when they realize that the passion in their relationship is gone, but they agree to remain friends. Her best friend throughout the show was next-door neighbor Kimmy Gibbler, who was the complete opposite of D. In season eight, D. In Fuller House, D. When her boss retires he has his son, Matt Harmon and D. Matt and Steve fight for D. Realizing they have feelings for each other, Matt breaks up with his girlfriend, and starts dating D. On the way to Steve's wedding in Japan, D. Unbeknownst to her Steve was the one who heard her confession not Kimmy. Steve tells Kimmy what she said, and he was going to confront D. The next day before the wedding starts Kimmy tells D. At the alter Steve calls off the wedding, and D. Back home the two wait a month before they will start dating again. After her their third first date, Steve tells her that the Lakers want him to be the team's foot specialist. He chooses to stay with her but D. Her mother died when she was five years old. Her catchphrases during the early seasons of the series include "how rude! She eventually evolved into something of a tomboy in seasons four and five. Stephanie has a habit of spying on D. Her best friends in school are Gia Mahan and Mickey, whom she meets in season seven the former is the only one who appears through to season eight. Of the three sisters, Stephanie has dealt with the toughest issues, such as peer pressure into smoking in season seven's "Fast Friends" , "make-out" parties in season eight's "Making Out is Hard to Do" , joyriding in season eight's "Stephanie's Wild Ride" , and uncovering a classmate's child abuse in season six's "Silence is Not Golden" , as well as the death of her mother when she was only five. In her early years, she is very sentimental about Mr. Bear, a stuffed animal that her mother gave to her after Michelle was born this was the focal point of the season two episode "Goodbye Mr. She and Jesse are the most abrasive when it comes to how they feel about Kimmy Gibbler. In Fuller House, Stephanie volunteers to give up her life in London to move back into her childhood home to help take care of her sister's three kids. Kimmy volunteers to move in as well much to Stephanie's dismay but she soon puts her abrasive feelings aside, and becomes friends with her. Scott baio dating list

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  1. During his visit, he helped and gave advice to Stephanie Tanner, because she had to get reading glasses.

  2. He is shown to be a con artist; he cheats Joey out of his watch and money during a card game, and tells a fake story about a mudslide that devastated his village in order to pilfer the "donations" and leave, to which the family catches on. Danny views spring cleaning as his equivalent to Christmas and home movies as his New Year's Eve as revealed in the season two episode "Goodbye, Mr. Ivory soap, TV commercial:

  3. His love for his family is also shown by the fact that Irene bringing in Michelle curbed his anger. Joey usually handles the day-to-day raising of the kids by doing chores like making meals, driving the kids to school appointments, and after school activities, taking care of Michelle as a baby, and helping the kids with their homework.

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