Scorpio female characteristics. The Good and Not-so-good Aspects of a Scorpio Woman's Personality.

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SCORPIO WOMAN: Understanding Scorpio Women! ✔

Scorpio female characteristics

Back to all Zodiac Signs Scorpio Woman The key to understanding the oh so complex nature of a Scorpio Woman is to know that two planetary influences rule this mysterious soul. The dualistic influence that sometimes work in tandem and sometimes oppose one another. Want to know how this woman still is so unpredictable and mysterious? She is ruled by both Mars and Pluto simultaneously! Mars is a planet so named after the god of war in the Roman pantheon, and these attributes to the fiery aspects of the Scorpio Woman. The planet also makes the woman ambitious, and one more than capable of determining her own destiny. She is highly reliant on the self which pleases her greatly because she does not want anyone to hold rule over her in any way. She will have innate psychic abilities at her fingertips and pour forth an air of magic. She is in tune with universal energies, the cosmos, and she may even pursue spiritual pursuits that further enhance the connection. He ability to remain silent gives her the edge over others because it leaves her with the element of surprise. A Scorpio Woman may experience the occasional state of confusion or the inability to concentrate. She attributes the issue to brain fog. But, see will see it as part of her regular health regime to enjoy the passions of another on a near regular basis. In fact, the women under this sign are more sexually active than women under any other sign: Passion runs through their veins and their fiery nature makes them a fierce lover. If she is in love she can be gentle, compassionate and tender, but if she simply fancies you she has no problem having a casual encounter or two just to relieve a bit of sexual tension and some stress. She will demand taking the lead in the bedroom and she may have a bit more kink than the average person can handle. The Scorpio Woman Her Traits, Personality, Characteristics The Scorpio woman is an exotic temptress, but her personality goes well beyond her physical attractiveness and sexual attractions. She is all woman, all serious, and you must be prepared to take her that way. You will find she has an amazing intellect, a sharp wit, and more than a keen understanding of the world around her. If she approves of you, then you can partake of her world, but you will be expected to tread lightly and not to overstep your boundaries. She will present her wants and needs in obvious black and white terms. You will find she is amazingly insightful, and she has no trouble seeing through most people. She relies heavily on her intuition. She is driven, ambitious and goal-oriented, and has little trouble accomplishing whatever she sets out to do. She can prove a bit on the stubborn side, and sometimes. Because she has little fear, she can get caught up in things that might not otherwise be to her best benefit. She is not very trusting, so you will have to earn both her loyalty and trust before she even thinks about sharing her innermost feelings with you. The Scorpio Woman has an exceptional taste for the luxurious, rich, posh, comfortable, and her home is her temple or sacred space, which will also clearly reflect her fiery personality. As if she has the goddesses of love and war as her patron goddesses, there are items in the home that signify both her compassionate and warrior-like nature. You might expect to see animal prints, rugs, skins, and pelts. The colors of the designs in her home will feature a theme of black and white as this relates to how she likes to express herself: In black and white terms absent of any ambiguities. Every level of red will appear somewhere in the home. Red is often in the bedroom where the heat can really rise if you end up being the right partner for her. She may complement red with other fiery colors as well, with a nice mix of orange, yellow, royal blue, and fiery green. In the kitchen, you can expect to find every modern doodad, gadget, appliance, and tool imaginable; she likes the modern designs and conveniences technology affords her. Her abode is likely to be a small private home where she can enjoy her temple space in peace without the intrusion of the world outside. Issues with hormone imbalances are also likely. To the Scorpio Woman you will find sex important, not just because of the endorphins, dopamine rush, and feel good scale, but because it relieves stress. Of course, for your lady friend, you will find that a good old fashion romp in the hay on a regular basis is equivalent to a cardio workout. Scorpio Women do not let their emotions show well so they can fall prey to emotional overload. She can also be extremely tough on her own body as she demands excellence in every physical performance she engages in, particularly when she pushes herself during workouts or at work. She enjoys a variety of exercise too, including gymnastics, dance, hiking, running, jogging, and cycling, so you might find her running a marathon or two. Bear in mind that over the years the bone and joints may suffer from overuse and rough handling. Thus, the greatest career positions for the Scorpio Woman include jobs where she can fulfill tasks as a self-driven force. A career as an embalmer, mortician, coroner, or private investigative services are just some jobs she can excel in all while enjoying the silence she craves while she works. She enjoys being in her own head as it allows her to enter a meditative state as she loses herself in the work she completes. If she works with people she needs to be in some lead role or she needs to feel as if she is in a positon of control. She will make a fantastic Sex Therapist or counselor and she is brilliant enough to succeed as a doctor. This being the case, one would be hard pressed to try to beat her in any suit or case in a court of law if she takes up the job of attorney or prosecutor. The Scorpio Woman has considerable writing skills, so she would make a fantastic journalist, writer, author particularly in the horror genre , or she would even make for a great tutor since it would put her in authority where she could share her vast knowledge with another. She is also into esoteric studies and the metaphysical; so, do not be surprised if you find the Scorpio woman working as a psychic, Tarot reader, or even as a professional astrologer. Zodiac Compatibility Best Match for the Scorpio Woman Friends and Family If you want to be friends with a female who is ruled by the sign of Scorpio, you must be genuine, truthful, and always on the up and up. If you fit the bill, you have a loyal, committed and dedicated friend for a lifetime. She will be there whenever you need a helping hand and will come to your defense like a warrior might. However, if you want her advice, make sure you want the real answers to what you are asking her; she holds nothing back and will say the truth even if it might hurt you. She does not beat around the bush, play games, or dance around what needs to be heard. The Scorpio Woman will feel as if she is telling you for your own good and will expect you to accept the advice she doles out gracefully whether you like it or not. Never lie to a Scorpio Woman or that is the end of the relationship. She is a grudge holder and she will not forgive such a transgression. She had just as soon cut you out of her life and leave you on an abrupt note than look at you again if you have been disloyal, cheated, lied, or hurt her. In terms of a family, she is fiercely loyal. She will let out a vengeance yet unseen by the likes of man if anyone dare harm someone who is blood related. She is proud of her heritage, close to her siblings, and she may rebel against her parents in the earliest years of her life. But she keeps the upmost respect for her family elders. Romance For the Scorpio Woman who is looking for balance in the emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial aspects, there is no partner better than a comfort-loving, compassionate, sexy Taurus. Of course, every next-to-perfect relationship is not without potential issues. With these two sun signs, jealousy, stubbornness, and fiery temperaments warn of disagreements of epic proportion… but… both the Scorpio Woman and her Taurus companion will certainly more than appreciate the makeup sex following their time together on the relationship battlefield. The Cancer partner is an ideal match for the demanding Scorpio Woman as a love affair between the two is genuine, deep, and sweet. If there are any disagreements between this pair, the jets are cooled very fast, and the Scorpio Woman serves as a major motivator for the moody Cancer partner. A Capricorn has just the right amount of interest, spice, personality, and aloofness to mirror the desires and attributes of the Scorpio Woman. This natural go-with-the-flow action is an ideal setting for friendship, love, and marriage. Aquarius and Scorpio are not a good mix, each being far too independent to come together as a couple effectively. Too many chiefs here make it impossible for the relationship to run smoothly. The Pisces partner will also find troubles with a Scorpio pairing. Possessiveness and jealousy run rampant between the two, given little time for love and affection to present itself for very long. An Aries partner is just not a great match for the Scorpio Woman. Both people fall under the under the rule of Mars and demand to be in the lead. While the sex in the bedroom can prove unforgettable, the relationship has little to no chance of surviving. The Scorpio Woman matched up with a Gemini partner is a relationship that really promises little success. If you are a Leo and you are even thinking about striking up a match with a fiery Scorpio, you will be bringing two beings with fiery natures together. This match equals lust, passion, and desire; but there are too many clashing personality traits for it to equal love. Opposite of the Leo Scorpio combo is the Leo Virgo pairing which puts a couple together in the day-to-day scenarios. Put a Scorpio Woman with another Scorpio partner together and you have just ignited a ball of fire that threatens to form another Sun in this Universe. They will be attracted to each other based on sheer commonalities that will also threaten to tear the relationship asunder. Oh, but oh my… the bedroom antics, reminiscent of Fifty Shades of Grey, and Fifty Shades Darker, will prove nothing short of legendary! Libras are social, and Scorpios just do not like sharing, so jealousy is a monster than can pay a visit or two to this pairing from time to time. The Scorpio woman will get angry and the Libra partner, super sensitive to emotions, will take all that venomous fury to heart. If the couple can overcome jealousy and learn how to communicate effectively without triggering emotional injuries, the passion can run deep, and the commitment can prove lasting. Sagittarius and Scorpio have similar problems—the Scorpio Woman demands completely loyalty and attention and the Sagittarius wants to run free among friends. No amount of fun or laughter can bring these two together in a harmonious way. How to Attract a Scorpio Woman TheScorpio Woman loves putting on an air of mystery and she is equally attracted to such energies. If you keep some secrets about yourself and you leave her wanting to know more when she meets you, you will pique her interests for sure. If you gain her attentions, you will do best if you remain loyal, honest, true, forthright, and authentic. Do not pretend to be someone you are not as she will catch on and be quite angry at the attempt to deceive her. She will cut you off in a heartbeat and move onto the next individual she feels worthy of her attention. Let her have her space, mind your boundaries, and remember that she oversees herself and the direction of the relationship. So, if there is a competitive element involved in the pastime in question, the female ruled by this fiery, forceful Sun Sign is all in—consider sports of every possible kind — potential interest for your Scorpio lady friend. Scorpio female characteristics

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  1. Back to all Zodiac Signs Scorpio Woman The key to understanding the oh so complex nature of a Scorpio Woman is to know that two planetary influences rule this mysterious soul. It is because of this strength and courage that she is very much capable to look after herself. As if she has the goddesses of love and war as her patron goddesses, there are items in the home that signify both her compassionate and warrior-like nature.

  2. She does things that she thinks is right, instead of blindly listening to others. They are unique and hypnotizing.

  3. It is due to this nature that a Scorpio lady tends to make very good judgments about various issues or people. If there are any disagreements between this pair, the jets are cooled very fast, and the Scorpio Woman serves as a major motivator for the moody Cancer partner.

  4. When it comes to love, she loves a real man or an alpha male. In terms of a family, she is fiercely loyal.

  5. You have some big investments in mind, but still need to check the waters and see if your options are valid and A Capricorn has just the right amount of interest, spice, personality, and aloofness to mirror the desires and attributes of the Scorpio Woman.

  6. Their ability to focus with determination makes them very capable managers. A Scorpio mom is a protective creature, strong and quiet, who usually has a powerful psychic link with her beloved children. Don't expect a sexual encounter with the Scorpio woman on the first date.

  7. The glasses let her cast her deep wise eyes in the shadows. Her magnetic smile, hypnotizing eyes, and seductive manner draw men to her. Scorpio Career and Money Scorpios are fantastic in management, solving and creating.

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