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Try to make these 5 easy picnic food ideas 😏👌

Romantic picnic ideas

Romantic surprises are a lot of fun to organize for your sweetheart. Use the romantic ideas below as inspiration for your own creativity. Making love last a lifetime is worth the little bit of effort and ingenuity it takes to thrill your beloved with some of these romantic surprises. Hide little romantic love notes everywhere. In pockets, in wallets, in purses and in the glove box; in the fridge, under the keyboard, in the dryer and in the toolbox; in a book, in the newspaper, in a magazine and in the phone directory. Hunt around your home to discover unique hiding places. Some of your love notes might not be found for months! Arrive home with their favorite take-out food. Write a romantic love letter. Send it to them the old fashioned way, snail-mail! A romantic idea that's been around for centuries! They will appreciate the time you took and the love pouring from the page. For a romantic idea with a bit of drama, try a little role-playing. Do this away from one another. Arrange to rendezvous in a public place like a bar, restaurant or museum at a certain time. Pick a place where no one knows you or is unlikely to recognize you. At the meeting time, find eachother. You can keep the characters around as long as they are useful. This one is a lot of fun! Do something unexpected for your partner just to make them happy. Fix something broken or spiff up the house. Sometimes a romantic idea doesn't seem so romantic until you see the love and appreciation in your partner's eyes. Serenade your love with a song. If singing is not your best thing then bring a DVD player along and lip-synch. Have dinner in some unexpected place like on the roof or in the barn or in the attic. Commission a romantic portrait drawn from a photograph of the two of you. This makes a wonderful personalized keepsake, , a very romantic idea. Some artists will even draw you in the setting of your choice or show you doing something fun or romantic. An easy romantic idea: Deliver a nice cuppa tea or coffee to your sleepy sweetheart before they get out of bed in the morning. Hide romantic coupons in unexpected places. Slit open food packages or boxes, slip inside and tape or reseal. The same can be done with any kind of packaging; toothpaste boxes, soap boxes or laundry detergent. Steam open a piece of mail that you know they will open and insert the coupon. Fill a room with helium balloons. Present them with a needle. Here is a sneaky and romantic idea. Blindfold your beloved and take them on a drive. See if they can guess where you are before you let them remove the blindfold. Have a friend set up a romantic picnic in advance, with all the trimmings. Have a limousine pick up your sweetheart at work and whisk them away for a fancy lunch and for an even sexier romantic idea, plan on making love too! Buy tickets to an event that your partner really wants to see or do. Keep your romantic surprise a secret until the day of the event. If it takes place after dinner, then you can eat dinner beforehand at a restaurant and have the waiter give them the tickets when they give them the check. Pay attention to what your partner marks or circles in a mail order catalogue. They will probably even show you what it is that they like. Here is the romantic idea: Sneak away from a party or family gathering and make out or even make love. You get the romantic idea! A summertime or warm climate romantic idea. Play a game of Hide and Seek with your sweetheart. Find a hiding place that is very private. Wait for your lover to find you. Most people will love this romantic idea. When they arrive up at work, they will be sent home. A small teddy bear. For a relatively inexpensive and sweet romantic surprise idea: Show up at home with a fancy coffee drink or a decadent sweet. This romantic idea takes a little bit of planning but is well worth it. Take your sweetheart out to dinner to a restaurant where they have never been. Plan everything in advance so that your table is ready when you arrive, the food and drinks are ordered; no waiting. You have prearranged everything. When the wine is served, they will bring a bouquet of flowers for your beloved. When your sweetheart is trying on an outfit, pay for it before they leave the dressing room. Be waiting in the bathtub when your beloved comes home from work. Offer them a glass of wine and suggest that they join you. This is one of my personal favorite romantic ideas! Go to more Romantic Bath Ideas. Take your partner on a short walk. The romantic idea is to have everything set up for you while you are out. Have a friend deliver and set the table with a gourmet meal. For the romance readers, here is a romantic idea just for you! Order a personalized romance novel written using your names and details. Here's a romantic surprise idea that will help banish the winter weather blues. On a miserable winter day,go to the beach at HOME! Decorate a place basements and attics are great for this with lounge chairs, beach towels and maybe even real sand. Buy coconuts, pineapples and mangos. Make some of those tropical rum drinks with the little umbrellas. Put on some Hawaiian hula music or reggae. Turn up the heat! Put a blanket down on your lawn. Pretend you are on a deserted island with your mate. Bake a treat like cookies, brownies or browse our free romantic recipes for other romantic ideas you can eat. Have them delivered to your sweetheart at work. Alternatively you can fill the trunk with helium balloons. When they open it, the balloons will come streaming out. Turn your home into a five star restaurant complete with menu, wine list, fresh flowers, candle light and romantic music. Have a delicious meal prepared and give them extra special table service. Here is an idea that I originally used with my children one Easter morning. It is excellent as a romantic surprise idea too. Make a String Maze for your mate to find a small gift or token you have made or bought for them. You will need a ball of yarn or string. If the gift is small enough, start by winding the end of the string or yarn around it. Starting at the gift, unwind it all over your house and yard, weather permitting over and under and all around Sh-h-h-h-h! They must follow the string winding it up as they go until they get to the end and the gift. Go on a helicopter tour of your area with your sweetheart. If the pilot is willing, visit your neighborhood and other romantic landmarks of your relationship. If you can get them from home and all the way to the helicopter blindfolded, then so much the better! Here's a particularly decadent romantic surprise idea that you and your beloved will always cherish the memory of. Romantic picnic ideas

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  1. If singing is not your best thing then bring a DVD player along and lip-synch. Make a String Maze for your mate to find a small gift or token you have made or bought for them. Some of the accommodations overlook the inn pool.

  2. Be creative and arrange a surprise romantic picnic breakfast, lunch, or dinner with your sweetheart!

  3. No matter the age, getting romantic birthday surprises will turn an ordinary birthday into an extraordinary experience. Here are some tips and suggestions to help you spice up the romance in your love life through text messages.

  4. Wear your favorite outfit, buy new lingerie, and slip on your hottest heels for a sensual dining experience. Because seriously, what is sexier than feeding each other grapes while hanging out, outside. There are miles of excellent trails for hiking and mountain biking around the lodge in the summer, and snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in the winter.

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