Road distance from mumbai to pune. Bird watching at Bhigwan – famous for flamingos.

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Mumbai To Lonavala via pune-mumbai express highway visit

Road distance from mumbai to pune

Bhigwan is at one end of the huge Yashwant Sagar reservoir, forming the backwaters of the Ujain dam. One of the main attractions during the migratory season is the arrival of the pink greater flamingos. During the months of early jan — late feb, this place is thronged by bird lovers from all over Maharashtra. To reach Bhigwan, take the Solapur road and drive for around 95 kms from Hadapsar or use the map below to reach Bhigwan route from Magarapatta city. The reservoir is dozens of kms long. Maybe, there are more and better locations downstream?? To reach the two places, do not follow the map as the roads can be misleading and the water levels depicted on the map could be very different than the current situation. If the monsoon was heavy, roads could disappear or for a bad monsoon, you would see uncharted roads appear out of the water! I went to Diksal last year Jan and to Kumbhargaon this year Feb Once you reach Bhigwan, you have turn left to go to Diksal. This is the spot where many birds gather and also the place to rent a boat to go into the waterways. Plan your trip such that you are there before 7 Am. Even though it is winter, by the time it is 10 AM, it gets scorching hot and frustration starts creeping in if you have to wait in patience for the birds. We started from Pune at 5 AM and hence, when we got into the boat, it was around 6. The chilly breeze with the rising sun made it a wonderful boating experience too. If you are having a point and shoot camera or planning to take photo with a mobile, be ready for a big-time inferiority complex if you are prone to it! When i was browsing around for photos from Bhigwan, i found a set which had amazing photos. Many cars cost less! Anyway, whatever be the equipment, the photography is fun and it requires patience. When patience runs out and when birds dont come within the zoom range, guys my friends who came along started using me as a prop along with the birds. The boating part from Kumbhargaon was fun. We were approaching a group of flamingos on the other side of the bridge and suddenly all of them took off. We watched them for a couple of minutes and once they settled down on the other side of the lake, we both the boats turned around and the chase continued. Boating costs Rupees per person. The flamingos were very wary of approaching boats. But, probably they knew to differentiate between the locals and the ooh-aah noisy tourists with bazookas. As you can see from the second photo below, we had to be at quite distance to avoid disturbing them, but good enough to the naked eye to catch the details. The other boat had a guy with walking stick lens and a bazooka tripod. They tried to get closer and closer and at one point, the entire flock just flew off. It made a good sight, from our boat! If you happen to catch a flock of flamingos landing, it is poetry in motion. The boatman also throws dead fish in the water to attract gulls. I also tried my hand at rowing, but gave up after the boatman gave a slight hint that my car parked at the distance seemed to mysteriously keep shrinking by the minute. One advantage of going in early was that the light was just awesome if you managed to get your subjects in the right position. The way i classify birds are as follows: Big bird, small bird, colourful bird and very colourful bird. Of course, this is apart from the crow and the pigeon. We saw lot of birds during our two trips and i put a collage of them below with letters against them. If you are one of the elite knowledgeable birder kind, please do name them in the comments section. The ones that i know. Contact Sandeep Nagare , a kumbhargaon resident. We found him and his brother to be extremely helpful and cooperative. Road distance from mumbai to pune

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  1. Express photo by Vignesh Krishnamoorthy Source: In past, people travelling from Pune used to face lot of traffic due to the fact that they had to pass from below the flyover.

  2. Protestors have stopped a train on Up local line towards Churchgate at Goregaon from about This is an important road due to its location in main market area of Pune. Route to Madhe Ghat from Pune Magarpatta:

  3. Lanes connecting North Main Road and South Main Road are housed with luxurious properties of some of the most renowned business tycoons , military officials , politicians and landlords.

  4. Ambedkar Statue chowk and ends at Chaphekar chowk in Chinchwad. This is a perennial waterfall but it is amazingly delightful in the monsoon season. Notice the people at the bottom on the last photo below.

  5. Around 30 companies of the State Reserved Police Force has been deployed across the state today. Living in the Stars!! Vaishali is possibly the most popular place on FC Road apart from Fergusson College itself and one of the most famous landmarks of Pune.

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