Relaxed to natural hair transition styles. Do’s and Don’ts of Transitioning to Natural Hair.

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MUST HAVE Products for Transitioning Hair

Relaxed to natural hair transition styles

I picked up some very important tips and tricks along the way that I want to share with you. When beginning your long hair journey, remember these step-by-step instructions. Some of these steps may seem strange at first, but they will be beneficial in the long run. Whether your hair is natural or relaxed if you have split raggedy ends, you need to give your hair a nice trim before you start out. If it is uneven and ragged or some strands are longer than others just cut it. Split ends can never be repaired, they just keep on splitting up to the hair root. Just cut them off. Hair grows an average six inches per year, you will get back some of it this year if you treat your hair right. Extend your relaxing session. If you used to relax your hair every ten weeks, extend it to twelve. You will have to learn how to embrace your two textures by using moisture and inventive hair styles. The important thing to note is that the longer your natural hair growth is the better it is for processing without overlapping the processing of your new growth and your previously relaxed hair. Not back to your natural hair if that is not something that you want to do but back to natural products. This might prove to be the best thing that you ever do for your hair. Petroleum, mineral oil and similar products do not promote hair growth. Natural products like carrot, molasses, eggs and natural oils can be better alternatives than the stuff that you get in bottles. Dump fine tooth combs and hard brushes. Chuck them in the trash, anything that can snag your ends will do your hair little good. Use only those products that are proven to work for you. If they make your hair silkier and softer, why switch or experiment? Chuck the rest that are cluttering your cupboard, remember less is more. Deep condition hair with heat every week. This used to be somewhat of a bother for me but it works. Find a good deep conditioner with protein and moisture balance and do it every week. You will see the difference after three or so weeks. Stop shampooing your hair with commercial shampoos. Lather rinse repeat cannot be your mantra for black hair. Not all shampoos are created equal, some of them contain harmful chemicals and toxins that will strip hair and cause excess dryness. The ones that sud the most are the worst. Use regular conditioner to wash your hair instead, find a sulphate free shampoo or make your own hair products. I am serious, do not be so stressed out, it will make your hair fall out stress hair loss. I had a friend who used to follow every hair tip I told her but her hair would still not budge. Then she got rid of her headache-inducing man and her hair began to grow like a weed. Try to eat those foods which will enhance hair growth and retention. Some of them are foods which contain protein and iron, along with a well balanced diet, you are on the right track. Do not take so-called hair supplements from just any company. If you eat right and exercise you do not need to take supplements at all. Drink plenty of water it is like tonic to your hair, it is great to moisturize the hair from within. Employ all of these ten steps and you will have your waist length hair. It is up to you to retain this hair growth through healthy hair practices. Relaxed to natural hair transition styles

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  1. Always use hair-cutting scissors. This site, Natural Hair Rules has tons of natural hairstyle tutorials.

  2. This hair must always be protected from severe heat with hats, scarfs, an umbrellas. By the time you big chop, you will have mastered these styles. Stop shampooing your hair with commercial shampoos.

  3. Wrap with satin scarf. Whether your is natural or relaxed, deep conditioning is very important in hair care. Since so many people are going natural now, you can bet more and more companies will start creating products targeted toward transitioning to natural hair.

  4. Whether your hair is natural or relaxed if you have split raggedy ends, you need to give your hair a nice trim before you start out.

  5. You will not see dramatic change overnight. As you get into your 3rd or 4th month of the transition, your new growth will begin to make detangling more difficult.

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