Relationships are hard quotes. 10 Motivational Quotes and Tips for Hard Times.

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Hard Relationship Quotes

Relationships are hard quotes

We meet people and socialize online, but these connections tend to lack a necessary dose of human intimacy. We work beside people in crowed office buildings, but our communication is work-oriented and not relationship-oriented. We may be lucky enough to have friends and family in our lives, but when we are distracted by social media and busy with work, those relationships take a hit. So what does it take to create and nurture an authentic relationship? One of the biggest mistakes we make in our relationships is denying the truth. We deny the truth about how condescending we are. We deny the truth about how unavailable we are. We deny the truth about how little effort we put into our most important relationships. And so it goes. But the good news is, we can change. All of us can. Right here, right now, we can start by admitting that… Our relationships are filled with unnecessary judgments. Open your mind and heart. The world is changed by your example, not by your judgments. Be a good neighbor. We look down on people when we disagree with them. Take a deep breath. Magnify their strengths, not their weaknesses. This is how to make a real and lasting difference in your relationships. Every smile or sign of strength hides an inner struggle every bit as complex and extraordinary as your own. We carelessly gossip about our relationships. Give people a piece of your heart rather than a piece of your mind. And listen carefully to how a person speaks about other people to you — this is precisely how they will speak about you to other people. Never be too busy to make time for the folks who matter most. Truly, the best gift you can give someone today is the purity of your undivided attention. Just be present with them, and pay attention to the little things. Read Hands Free Life. We try to hide our flaws, even from those closest to us. Remember, you attract other people to you by the qualities you show them, but you keep them around based on the qualities you truly possess. Good relationships require sacrifice and compromise. They are amazing, but rarely easy. By contrast, finding the willingness to view the challenges as opportunities to learn will give you the mindset you need to nurture your relationship to new heights. This means listening to them wholeheartedly and letting them know by your complete presence that they are seen, heard, and valued. We resist change within our relationships. Growth and change are a part of life and you must embrace it. Even when you are concerned that a relationship may dissolve if things change, you must embrace the fact that your paths may diverge for all the right reasons. Our failed relationships are far more important than we realize. Every relationship builds upon the lessons of those before it. We take too many things too personally. The way others treat you is their issue, how you respond is yours. Rarely do other people do things because of you — they do things because of them. We like to get even with those who have wronged us. Act out of love. Do something that will enable you to create a more fulfilling reality. Let go of the resentment, learn from the incident, and move forward with your life and hopefully you can move forward with your relationship too. We are unknowingly in deep emotional relationships with anyone we hate. So let today be the day you stop letting the ghosts of yesterday haunt you. Let today be the day you stop poisoning yourself with hatred. Forget about getting even with those who have hurt you, and instead get even with those who have helped. We are rarely as kind to others as we could be. So when people are rude, be your best — be kinder than necessary. What goes around comes around. No one has ever made themselves strong by showing how small someone else is. Remember this, and communicate accordingly. We place too much blame on our relationships. Closing Thoughts I want to close this post by reminding you that you need to create enough space and time to nurture the relationship you have with yourself too. So go ahead and find a quiet space. Cherish your personal time. Take long walks and drives by yourself. Watch sunsets and sunrises silently in peace. Teach yourself something new. Sing along to your favorite songs. Your turn… Which of the points mentioned above do you sometimes struggle with? How have you coped? What other relationship truths have you learned and accepted that have helped your relationships thrive? Leave a reply below and share your thoughts and insights. Sign-up here to be notified when tickets go on sale, and you will also be automatically qualified for a discounted VIP ticket while they last. Relationships are hard quotes

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  2. Never be too busy to make time for the folks who matter most. Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage.

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