Reasons for early periods. Paying Off the Mortgage Early.

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My Period is Coming Every Two Weeks!

Reasons for early periods

Tweet Pin A missed period sucks. First, many of us start to get anxious that we might be pregnant. Next, we have no way of predicting when it might decide to arrive, leaving us vulnerable to bleeding all over the place at a moment's notice. And then there is the other looming question: What made us miss it in the first place? For people with periods, paying close attention to our cycles helps us stay in tune with what our body is trying to communicate. A missed period can be a signal that something else is going on with our body that we need to look into. It can be worth doing a mental self-check about any changes you've experienced lately and talking to a doctor about. A normal period versus an irregular period "The monthly menstrual cycle typically occurs every 28 days, is controlled by various hormones and is a key function of the female body," says Dr. The egg is only available to be fertilized for 24 hours before it disintegrates. Once you have ovulated, your period will occur, which is typically 14 days later. Some people who menstruate routinely have heavier periods losing up to 12 teaspoons of blood each month while others may experience a period that's almost non-existent losing as little as four teaspoons of blood. The Most Common Vaginal Infection Isn't What You Think If you've been menstruating for a while, your body will get into a period flow, which is why an irregular period is usually defined as any type of bleeding that's abnormal when compared to your last few menstrual cycles. It can include everything from a late period to early bleeding, and scant bleeding to extremely heaving bleeding. Two periods in one month, or a period every two weeks, are thought to be caused by an imbalance in estrogen and progesterone and may require a trip to the doctor since this can induce anemia. And if you're not prone to PMS , you can also consider a period irregular if you experience heavy cramping and bloating or headaches. The many causes of irregular periods Every person who menstruates will experience an irregular period from time-to-time, and though, in most cases, they aren't dangerous, it's important to figure out what's causing the irregularity. Here are a few common reasons you may be experiencing an abnormal flow. Getty Images Stress is the most common cause of irregular periods. Cortisol, the stress hormone, has a direct impact on how much estrogen and progesterone, two sex hormones, gets produced by the body. If you have too much cortisol in your bloodstream, the time and flow of your cycle could change. In case you need an anatomy refresher, the hypothalamus is adjacent to areas in the brain that influence emotion; neurotransmitters form these centers can shut down the signals to the hypothalamus and therefore stop the outgoing signals from the hypothalamus. Reasons for early periods

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  1. Reviewed and revised by: Normal vaginal bleeding is also called menorrhea. If necessary, doctors will order hormone blood tests progesterone level , daily home body temperature testing, or rarely, a sampling of the lining of the uterus endometrial biopsy to determine whether or not a woman is ovulating normally.

  2. When estrogen levels are low, changes in mineral, glucose, and fat metabolism accompany amenorrhea.

  3. What is the pattern of the abnormal vaginal bleeding? Improve Your Diet Eating a variety of nutrient-dense foods is key to keeping your hormones in check. Persisting pelvic pain should be evaluated by a physician.

  4. When to see your doctor If a woman is concerned about missed periods, it can be helpful to keep a written record of her periods, including the start and end dates, and a list of any other associated symptoms. The duration, interval, and amount of vaginal bleeding may suggest what type of abnormality is responsible for the bleeding.

  5. A low-calorie, low-fat diet can also result in nutrient deficiencies and lowered body-fat percentages that may contribute to irregular periods and bone loss.

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