Quadrajet carburetor hookup. TPI Injector Swap.

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Identifying Quadrajet vacuum ports

Quadrajet carburetor hookup

Search and explore Boatinfo requires FlashPlayer 9 or newer to display this document! Refer to top of page 1A These "Safety Alerts" alone cannot eliminate the hazards that they signal. Strict compliance to these special instructions when performing the service, plus "common sense" operation, are major accident prevention measures. It is assumed that these personnel are familiar with the servicing procedures of these products, or like or similar products manufactured and marketed by Mercury Marine. That they have been trained in the recommended servicing procedures of these products which includes the use of mechanics common hand tools and the special Mercury Marine or recommended tools from other suppliers. We have not undertaken any such wide evaluat on. All information, illustrations and specifications contained in this manual are based on the latest product information available at time of publication. When performing any work where electrical terminals could possibly be grounded or touched by the mechanic, the battery cables should be disconnected at the battery. Any time the intake or exhaust openings are exposed during service they should be covered to protect against accidental entrance of foreign material which could enter the cylinders and cause extensive internal damage when the engine is started. It is important to note that, during any maintenance procedure, replacement fasteners must have the same measurements and strength as those removed, whether metric or customary. Numbers on the heads of the metric bolts and on surfaces of metric nuts indicate their strength. Customary bolts use radial lines for this purpose, while most customary nuts do not have strength markings. Mismatched or incorrect fasteners can result in damage or malfunction, or possibly personal injury. Therefore, fasteners removed should be saved for re-use in thesame locations whenever possible. Where the fasteners are not satisfactory for re-use, care should be taken to select a replacement that matches the original. Coast Guard Rules and Regulations to minimize risks of fire or explosion. Use of replacement electrical, ignition or fuel system components, which do not comply to these rules and regulations, could result in a fire or explosion hazard and should be avoided. When servicing the electrical, ignition and fuel systems, it is extremely important that all components are properly installed and tightened. If not, any electrical or ignition component opening would permit sparks to ignite fuel vapors from fuel system leaks, if they existed. Unlike automotive engines, marine engines are subjected to extended periods of heavy load and wide-openthrottle operation, therefore, require heavy-duty components. Special marine engine parts have design and manufacturing specifications which are required to provide long life and dependable performance. Marine engine parts also must be able to resist the corrosive action of salt or brackish water that will rust or corrode standard automotive parts within a short period of time. Use of parts other than recommended service replacement parts will void the warranty on those parts which are damaged as a result of the use of other than recommended parts. It provides specific information including procedures for disassembly, assembly, inspection and adjustment, to enable dealers and service mechanics to keep the MerCruiser in top operating condition. The procedures are supplemented with photos and illustrations. Before attempting particular repairs, it is suggested that the repair procedure first be read thru completely to gain a total picture of the repair method, cautions and warnings. Each PART 2 has a title page. An index for the particular PART is printed on 3 the back of the title page. Part Number for the plug is given in the Description Column. For part shown on exploded parts view. This is the most important column because it gives: Notice how the Description of Part, for Ref. Description of Part for Ref. If 2 Cylinder Blocks were listed, both cylinder blocks would come with the indented parts. In some cases, an indented part will have another part indented under it. The second indented part will come with the first indented part. If serial number information is listed, check product serial number to ensure that correct part is ordered. Many times special information will be shown after description such as; LH. Filter Up, Filter Down. This will help in selecting the correct part. Quantity that has to be ordered. Additional information, part numbers for gasket sets. Starboard side is right side; port side is left side. In this service manual, all directional references are given as they appear when viewing boat from stern, looking toward bow, except on V-Drive inboard engines. To clarify, engine rotation is determined by observing flywheel rotation from the rear transmission or stern drive end of the engine looking forward water pump end. Do not rely on propeller rotation in determining engine rotation. Opposite Rotation Figure 1. Proper break-in is essential to obtain-mal reading occurs, stop engine immediately and determine ing minimum oil consumption, maximum engine cause. It is normal for oil consumption to be somewhat The first 20 hours of operation is the engine new or rebuilt high during the break-in period. During this period, it is extremely important 8. At end of hour break-in period, drain break-in oil from that the engine is operated, as outlined in the following infor-crankcase and replace oil filter. Fill crankcase with correct mation. DO NOT operate at any one constant speed for extended break-in period is complete, follow this procedure. Start engine and run at idle RPM until normal operating of operation. During the next 10 hours, occasional opera-temperature is reached. Run boat up on plane. AVOID full throttle acceleration from stopped position. DO NOT operate at full throttle until engine reaches normal operating temperature. If an abnor-more than 2 minutes. In addition, the older in-line model stern drive units are equipped with universal joint coupli ng end yoke A1. Figure 1 This yoke is shorter than voke A1 Figure 2 used on the new model stern drive units, and therefore, will not fully engage the engine coupler splines. MCM R Figure 5. MCM Figure 9. MCM Turbo Figure Repair and specifications for engine is the same as MIE For transmission and tailstock repair, and specifications for engine is the same as MIE Repair Warner transmission for TR package added to engine. For best speedand minimum spray the corner between the bottom and the transom should be sharp. The bottom is referred to as having a "hook" if it is concave in the fore-and-aft direction Figure 2. A "hook" causes more lift on the bottom near the transom and forces the bow to drop. This increases wetted surface and reduces boat speed, but it helps planing and reduces any porpoising rythmical bouncing tendency. A slight hook" is often built in by the manufacturer. A "hook" can also be caused by not trailering or storing the boat with support directly under the transom. A "rocker" is the reverse of a "hook" Figure 3. The bottom is convex or bulged in the fore-and-aft direction. It can cause the boat to porpoise. Any "hook", "rocker or surface roughness on the bottom. Fouling adds up to drag, which reduces boat performance. In fresh water, fouling results from dirt, vegetable matter, algae or slime, chemicals, minerals and other pollutants. In salt water, barnacles, mossand other marine growth often produce dramatic buildup of material quickly. So it's important to keep the hull as clean as possible in all water conditions to maximize boat performance. Special hull treatments, such as antifouling paint, will reduce the rate of bottom fouling. However, due to the fact that drive units outboard or stern drive are made primarily of aluminum, be sure to select an antifouling paint having a copper- free. The BIS Tri-Butyl-Tin Adipate TBTA base paint will not set up a galvanic corrosion "cell" as it is completely compatible with aluminum and avoids any electrolysis problems connected with many other paints. Applied according to instruction, it is also very effective. But on the negative side of this approach is the problem that, as weight is moved aft, some boats will begin an unacceptable porpoise. Secondly, as weight is moved aft, getting on plane becomes more difficult. Finally, the ride in choppy water becomes more uncomfortable as the weight goes aft. With these factors in mind, each boater should seek out what weight locations best suit his needs. Weight and passenger loading placed well forward increases the "wetted area" of the boat bottom and, in some cases, virtually destroys the good performance and handling characteristics of the boat. Operation in this configuration can produce an extremely wet ride, from wind-blown spray,and could even be unsafe in certain weather conditions or where bow- steering may occur. W eight distribution is not confined strictly to fore and aft locations, but also applies to lateral weight distribution. Uneven weight concentration to port or starboard of the longitudinal centerline can produce a severe listing attitude that can adversely affect the boat's performance, handling ability and riding comfort. In extreme rough water conditions, the safety of the boat and passengers may be in jeopardy. W hen a boat has lost performance, the bilge should be checked for water. Water weighs approximately 8 lbs. Because hulls are constructed with stringers and cross members, each separate area can hold water. Most boat manufactures have drain holes to drain out the water. Quadrajet carburetor hookup

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  1. You always want to go a bit rich, as excessively lean mixtures will cause damage to your engine, create pollution, and give you bad gas mileage and performance. Original enine, transmission and final drive.

  2. In order to get good readings, you will need to drive at a constant speed of mph, accelerate lightly, and accelerate heavily.

  3. After engine has cooled down, turn cap Vs-turn to allow any pressure to escape slowly, then, push down and turn cap all-the-way ofl. Use only Holley parts! Fluid level may be somewhat over full mark, as some of the fluid from transmission fluid cooler and hoses may have drained back into transmission.

  4. Many upgrades include Ragusa step and battery trays, Alcoa 16" wheels, all LED lighting inside and out but for headlights. I also don't like to second guess someone else's work. In some cases, a gear-ratio change to stern drive unit to more reduction is possible and very beneficial.

  5. Tires are great, 3 have never seen the road. If you're wondering about how a sensor can read oxygen content in rich mixtures where there is no extra oxygen, the sensor begins to act as a temperature sensor above mv. Engine and transmission are strong trans overhauled at 62,

  6. W eight distribution is not confined strictly to fore and aft locations, but also applies to lateral weight distribution. They also come with or without a cup. There are several ways to fix this problem:

  7. Location is in Upper Michigan, Baraga County. If they are sooty, you may need to lean out the main jets.

  8. Maintained regularly, always covered. Correct propeller must be used to obtain maximum engine performance and efficiency. If your carburetor has the small metering plate inside the secondary bowl, you can change to a secondary metering block, with screw-in jets, using a secondary metering block conversion kit, which does not come with provision for a secondary power valve.

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