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For example, a developer can create custom code to check a segment for proper use of trademarks and add this extension to the Alchemy Validate Expert. Alternatively, a developer may want to enumerate the content of a Project TTK within Microsoft Excel so that a linguist can annotate translations. For example, the event IValidation:: OnProcess is called each time a segment is passed to the Alchemy Validate Expert. A developer can replace this function with their own code which can be tailored to validate segments precisely to their requirements. With the addition of more software formats, development teams know they have internationalization and translation covered on any development platform. Optimization doesn't stop there with a new Leverage Expert engine providing faster performance and improved fuzzy match results. Analysis Expert also made faster with customizable bands to suit your organization's needs. Adding on to the support for documentation files Catalyst version In this release, we have focused on all the feedback from our users and incorporated many enhancements sought after. New File Support FrameMaker: Translated MIF files can be further edited in Adobe FrameMaker for any post-translation layout modification that may be required. Used widely in the web environment for its scalability, include this format to your localization projects and use the Visual View mode to review in your translations in context. Text based files enhancements Parse memos and max length: Using regular expressions and groups, you can now identify localizable segments to have either ID, Max Length and Memo. Encoding selection on file extraction: A text based file can be inserted in Catalyst regardless of its encoding. However, depending on the language you are translating into, the encoding may not be suitable. Work in split view mode to select individual segments for translation and instantly view it in context in the Visual View pane. This increases the quality of translations as the active segment is highlighted and reflects any change made in the translation toolbar. Faster performance New Leverage Expert engine and improved Fuzzy match results: This brings not only faster performance but better matching results for fuzzy matches. Faster string list display: A complete overhaul of the string list in the workspace window has been implemented bringing lighting fast speed to selecting resources in the Navigator window and displaying all the localizable strings within. As with the Leverage Expert, the Analysis Expert has been optimized for improved performance in calculating the leverage expectations from your available Translation Memory sources. This is reflected in much faster analysis. And to further enhance this invaluable tool, the Fuzzy band brackets are now configurable so you can evaluate word counts on your projects using only the Fuzzy bands agreed at your organisation or with your vendors. More themes and colors customizations will be available in the future. For more info and price plans, contact sales alchemysoftware. This functionality, together with the new Segment History pane and the new Segment History filters in the string list, will allow determining what segments were modified by a certain user, or in a certain time frame, or when is the last date any segment was modified, etc. The new Segment History pane also allows comparing the several versions of a segment translation and re-applying an older version. Find and replace The enhanced Find and Replace now allows searching for text in inline tags, keywords, context links, etc In other words, you'll have maximum flexibility in locating and modifying text even in the largest projects. Furthermore, two results windows are now available, allowing the user to move between each set of results without overwriting either. New Features Customizable string list filters: Filtering the string list to display only strings with specific statuses, locks, memos and other metadata is vital to efficiently manage your work whether you are a translator, reviewer or localization engineer. Together with a comprehensive list of built-in filters, it is now possible to create several custom filters including any possible segment statuses and metadata, for maximum flexibility. You may even share your favorite filters with colleagues by exporting your user settings. In some cases, locks have been removed by translators to translate strings which shouldn't have been. This often results in bugs in the localised version of the project. And this can even be password protected! Similarly, you may prevent the use of Machine Translation sources in the project if you do not accept the quality it offers. This is important considering a user can leverage translations from Machine Translation and mark all the strings with the For Review status, overwriting the MT translated status. Add highlighted zone for Context links: The context link is a great means of attaching visual context information by hosting a screenshot or document online, or alternatively give the reference files along with the TTK. A feature widely appreciated by all our users. Context is also provided for both source and target text, so the user can manually fix or adjust the automatically generated list of terms. Java Script Object Notation is a software resource format containing name-value pairs, sometimes in a hierachical format. The best way to achieve a right-first-time translation is to have as much information about a segment as possible at translation time. In the case of a Ribbon UI, this requires seeing the segment in full context. New Documentation Support Microsoft Word: Just like software files, Microsoft Word documents can now be simply dropped onto the Catalyst environment to start translating. Alternatively, include them in your scripts and automatically create translation kits with your doc x files. The Portable Document Format PDF is a widely used format for presenting documents in a way that is independent of hardware and software. Its global adoption means it must often be localized for new markets. The translated output is a doc file which can then be converted to PDF if needed. IDML is the format supported in Catalyst. Pseudo Translate Expert The Pseudo Translate Expert in Catalyst has aided countless development teams to better internationalization processes. It is a very flexible engine that covers language definition, text expansion, substitution, replacement as well as pre- and post-segment characters. Though extremely thorough, there was one enhancement that was frequently requested - users wanted more control over the level of text expansion. Not only that, but this latest edition also facilitates text reduction too. The Developer Pro edition boasts the new feature that exports Catalyst source and target segments as well as additional information such as locks, memos, context-links and translation states to xliff. The modified xliff document can then be re-imported back into the Catalyst project meaning the translation of Catalyst projects can now happen in Catalyst or any xliff editor. This is important in an agile process where linguistic review may not happen at every cycle. Our linguists requested more information about the source of translation memory hit. New information such as where the TM hit came from and it's translation status are displayed prominently in the Reference tab of the Translator Toolbar. It is sometimes desirable to apply a penalty to segments coming from a particular TM. This could be if trying to distinguish between multiple TM sources, or if a particular TM is deemed to be of poorer quality. Catalyst is known for being easy to use. The features are presented in logical groups and are easier to access. With access to the Experts via the ribbon, more space is devoted to the Translator Toolbar with larger areas for key aspects such as source, target and TM areas. Memos and segment properties are more logically presented and permanently visible. The new document formats supported in this edition of Catalyst required a change to how terms are identified. Term Harvest needed to become much more intelligent and much more language aware. It is now a full natural language processor that identifies terms in your content comparing usage statistics in your content with general usage. It scores and ranks the most likely terms. It comes with a new editing environment for honing the term list and facilitates this process to be done over a number of sessions by saving the list to continue at a later stage. Alchemy CATALYST provides a truly visual environment for the localization and engineering of digital content and all desktop, internet and mobile applications. New Experts Terminology Harvest Expert: Use for pre-flight with source only content or for generating approved terminology post-translation. Efficiently manage large projects by dividing segments equally between team members - with no loss of context! Optimize for duplicates to ensure repeated segments are translated only once. Merge sub-projects back into master project. The Update Expert ensures your parallel development and localization paths remain in synch. Available through the user interface, or via automation, this Expert instantly incorporates updates from your development cycle into your localization projects. New customizable tests revolutionize Software Localization validation. Multilingual processing and visual display as standard for Android activity screens. MS Visual Studio The application reads your standard and. New Features Automated Segment Locking: The latest release gives this feature wings. In addition to sub-segments, users can now lock entire segments by ID or by content patterns using regular expressions. Engineer your projects once only and store the locking information in a separate file for use across all projects and by anyone on your team. Assuming users have selected to allow MT on their projects, the new 'MT' status distinguishes between human and machine translated content. Search by ID, search memo content, Find and Replace by regular expression, search only last results. Build and Share with your industry colleagues! External context information, such as images are now stored on a segment by segment basis. These links can be local file paths or online URLs. They can be set in the Properties area of the Translator Toolbar or in batch by inserting xliff files containing x-references. Perfectmatch com cost

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  1. Build and Share with your industry colleagues! Use this dating service with caution. Text based files enhancements Parse memos and max length:

  2. Some of their features include online chatting, Bible commentary and they have excellent search capabilities. Faster string list display:

  3. NET technologies within a single, highly visual environment. Right now, there are more than , seniors on this web community who are looking for friendship, companionship, and yes, even love. It was announced in February that Match.

  4. It comes with a new editing environment for honing the term list and facilitates this process to be done over a number of sessions by saving the list to continue at a later stage. Simple to configure, yet powerful to use!

  5. Edit or delete it, then start writing! This is where we blend our creativity and technical skills to transform your car stereo into a mobile masterpiece of color and contour. All service work is guaranteed.

  6. Sleek back-up cameras are seamlessly integrated in rear bumpers or grilles. Text based files enhancements Parse memos and max length:

  7. For more info and price plans, contact sales alchemysoftware. Optimization doesn't stop there with a new Leverage Expert engine providing faster performance and improved fuzzy match results.

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