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Orgon orgon dating method

What is the difference between all these Scalar Energy Pendant? It can get confusing with all these different scalar energy pendants deciding which one suits you and what the pendant actually does. While we have worked to design the best overall pendant with could with the Iyashi Pendant it is important to understand the differences in technology and the other merits these other pendants hold. Infusion Technology Vs Fusion Technology These two technologies get mixed up a lot but they are very different. An Infusion Technology is a method of infusing subtle energy patterns into a finished pendant or crystal. This is done on a vibrational frequency level. You will not find this type of technology in any generic scalar pendants. Like Iyashi other major companies have developed their own infusion technology but not all of them have. Fusion Technology refers to when the pendant is made from a mold through heating the crystals or other minerals to a liquid and cooling them, this process usually actives the negative ionic output in the pendant. This is a similar process that happens with the Iyashi Pendant, Fusion Excel pendant and similar looking knockoffs. Crystal pendants like the tachyon pendants, Eamega pendants and Orgonite do not go through this process. You will notice that the Iyashi Pendant is the only pendant that carries both these properties of having a subtle energy infusion BFIT and goes through a fusion process creating a negative ionic pendant. Traditionally companies with subtle energy infusion technology used only crystals and in contrast the pendants like the Fusion Excel Quantum Pendant were only based on negative ions. Through the combination of Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology and powerful negative ions Iyashi Pedants provides the best combination of healing technologies to impact your well-being. Iyashi Pendants are designed for everyone with multiple different types to choose from. They can help strengthen your bio field and protect from EMFs simultaneously while giving you all the other benefits expected from a scalar energy pendant. Fusion Excel Quantum Science Pendant: While this pendant just provides negative ions it does do a good job. Beware of fakes as the internet is riddled with poor quality imitations from China. These are all knock offs of the Fusion Excel Pendants which are made in China. Some have good negative ionic outputs some have very poor negative ionic outputs. Overall they are made from lower quality materials but are usually quite cheap and found on ebay and amazon and some other smaller retailers. While these pendants do carry their own unique infusion technology they do not have any negative ions. From the tests we have done their infusion has a very small spectrum of infused frequencies which resonate with some people but not all. There are many Tachyon products they are all infused with the same Tachyon Energy. This is a unique subtle energy infusion they use on mainly crystal based products. From our tests the infusion is a unique energy pattern that is strong. Some people resonate with this vibrational frequency while others do not. This type of pendant is based on principles of orgon energy which essentially harmonizes negative energy into positive energy. These pendants are made with crystals, resin and metal shavings. The effectiveness is largely based on how powerful the crystal you use and the correct ratio mix of the other 2 components. You could actually use material from our Iyashi Pendants or other products in place of the crystal and create a very powerful Orgonite pendant. Certain geometric shapes do impact energy and sometimes can smooth it out harmonizing it, which is very popular with pyramids etc. What is an SE pendant? Below are real testimonials from real people that include Doctors, health professionals and many others. A five stitch cut and a fracture. During this whole time I was pain free. I mean ZERO pain. I was wearing my iyashi pendant. No swelling and no black and blue eyes. I feel the Dr. I am not Superman, but , I felt that way with the strength and courage I had on Saturday. Oh, I didn't mention I have Panic Disorder. I was so calm. Thanks for this wonderful pendant. Thanks, Bob Salyi Thank you very much for replying so quickly, my head ache is gone now, left the pendant on through the night and actually feel pretty awesome today. Very happy I found your website, it's good to know there are people out there trying to help the rest of us repair ourselves in such a unique way. Keep up the good work. D by David Michael I love my green adventurine pendant by Bibby Y I love my pendant, it works great for clearing negative energies, and now I am moving into my new home next week thanks to the help of this wonderful pendant, and I am kind of new to this type of technology, but I think it is awesome, keep it up guys. She was disappointed in the dates she met. At 66 she thought she was not pretty enough to attract the right man. It was a delight to see that her self-confidence in her desirability turn positive. She has now been seeing one of those dates for the last 6 months and she tells us that she has never had a relationship that was so romantic and thoughtful. Last week he told her that she was the prettiest lady at the Opera. I feel encased in a positive energy field. The first time I wore I was dreading this meeting this very confrontational person. The meeting went great and the person actually apologized to me! After a while I felt the pendant was not working like it did in the beginning but when I followed the instructions on grounding, it was as good as new. Since wearing the pendant for months now I noticed that my life is getting easier and my relationship have improved. By Bodo Thank you so much! It was helping me sleep about an extra hour everyday and I've missed that the last few days I have one that's pretty indestructible The Iyashi Crystal Scalar Energy Pendants do not generate negative ions but each different crystal has a unique vibrational frequency. Do I need to ground the Iyashi Pendants? The Iyashi Crystal scalar energy pendants do need to be cleansed periodically, the instructions for this are found under are Guides and Manuals section. What makes the Iyashi Pendant different than the Iyashi wand? The Iyashi Pendants are designed to be used passively for general benefits where the Iyashi Wand is designed to be actively used to target specific areas with more energy. How long will the Iyashi pendant take to work? If your energy is really blocked it may take a while to work. Patience is required to give the pendant enough time to break up enough of the blockages for you to feel better. No, the pendant is not faulty. Every pendant is tested and certified to work before it leaves our testing facility. As the pendants are more passive we recommend you wear them for at least a week to see the changes in your life. This is similar to going into a hot bath where the water feels very hot when first going in but after a while feels like a normal temperature. How long will my Iyashi Pendant last? Your Iyashi pendant should last a life time as long as you properly care for it. This includes cleansing the crystal pendants regularly and damaging it by dropping it etc. Can I give my Iyashi Pendant to anyone to use. We recommend only you use your Iyashi Pendant. If you do, make sure to cleanse the crystal afterwards. Orgon orgon dating method

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