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Organic dates buy online australia

I filmed the below video at Woolworths over the last 2 days 22 and 23 June. In my last article on this topic I pointed out that both Allowrie Honey, which is owned by Capilano Honey, and Aldi Honey have the same certification number, , which shows Capilano produce it for Aldi as well. We now know that all 3 have the Cert. I wrote the below email to Woolworths asking them questions about the testing and quality of the Macro brand foods and they have so far refused to reply. It also says on the bottle that is packed in Australia from local and imported products. Can you please advise what percentage is Australian Honey and what percentage is overseas honey? Can you please supply the evidence that the honey is organic? How do you know the imported honey is organic? Does Capilano Honey produce the Macro brand honey for Woolworths? If Woolworths are aware of the lawsuits are Woolworths aware that Capilano Honey have failed for over 2 years to file and serve in court relevant documents proving their honey is safe even though they have a legal obligation to do so to prove their claim? Woolworths also sell under the Macro brand Organic Virgin Coconut Oil which has an Australian Certified Organic stamp and certificate no on it and says on the bottle it is a product of Sri Lanka. What evidence does Woolworths have that the Virgin Coconut Oil is organic? Woolworths also sell under the Macro brand Organic Virgin Coconut Oil which has an Australian Certified Organic stamp and certificate no on it and says on the bottle it is a product of the Philippines. Woolworths also sell under the Macro brand Organic Tri Colour Quinoa high protein seeds which has an Australian Certified Organic stamp and certificate no on it and says on the bottle it is grown in Bolivia and packed in Australia. What evidence does Woolworths have that the Tri Colour Quinoa is organic? Can you please respond by 5pm Friday the 22nd of June Regards Shane Dowling I am still waiting on a reply from Woolworths and will update this article if I get one soon. I have only scratched the surface and need to do a full investigation into Woolworths but I know Capilano Honey are very concerned regarding any criticism of Woolworths stocking their fake organic Allowrie Honey. So it goes without saying that they will be very concerned that it is now exposed that Capilano Honey are also producing Woolworths fake Macro organic honey. I will do a follow-up article on Woolworths soon. Please use the Twitter, Facebook and email etc. Kangaroo Court of Australia is an independent website and is reliant on donations to keep publishing. Thank you for your support. Organic dates buy online australia

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  1. Biological pest control and Integrated Pest Management Organisms aside from weeds that cause problems on organic farms include arthropods e.

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  5. How do you know the imported honey is organic? All the boneless ones have salt added. Prices include container deposit fees where applicable.

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