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Online novels for adults

Starts Thursday, August 23, from Maybe a nibble or two. Come and color your worries away for an hour and a half. This program is open to the public. Call the library at Slaughter will discuss her writing career and her 18th novel Pieces of Her, her most heart-pounding standalone thriller to date. In addition to her work as a writer, Karin is the founder of the Save the Libraries project—a nonprofit organization established to support libraries and library programming. The program will be held in the lower level of the Main Library in the Village Room. Arthritis Lecture with Dr. Meet Dr Patrick Hergenroeder for a conversation about solutions — from non-surgical treatment to minimally invasive joint replacement surgery. The program will be held in the lower level of the Main Library in the Garfield Room. Registration is not required. Bring your own blanket or chair. For additional information, contact the Lake Branch — or register online. Ron Kolz will show you how to use Quicken for Windows to learn to take control of your money. Learn to base your investment plans on goal, age and risk tolerance, and keep track of your success financially. Wednesday, September 5, 6: Come to experience the joy of painting with other like-minded artists and art enthusiasts. No previous experience required. Basic supplies will be provided, but feel free to bring your own! Debra Miller, a performer and historian, will portray Alcott in a performance set at the height of her success. This theatrical presentation, written using excerpts from her letters and journals, allows Louisa May Alcott to speak to us in her own words; of her childhood, her experiences as a Civil War nurse, her struggles to support her family and the equal rights of all. Space is limited for this event. Please register to attend. Join us to learn details on how Medicare works. This program will be presented by a representative from Pelorus Financial. How Much Do you Need? Main Tuesday, September 11, 1: Yes there are different needs at different ages. A representative from Kemper House will be here to help explain it. This program is great for the Senior as well as the Caregiver. Tips on recommended amounts of supplements will be shared with you. Leaders and Legacies of the Civil War: Last Surrender Main Wednesday, September 12, Most people think of Robert E. But did you know that the war actually lasted another two weeks? Come to this program to learn more about the real end of the Civil War! Off Site Adult This program is open to the public. The program will be held TBD. American Transcendentalism Main Thursday, September 12, 6: Her father, Bronson, was one of the most important figures in transcendentalism, a uniquely American tradition that helped to define our national culture in the 19th century and beyond. This is your opportunity to see how it works with our guest speaker Laura Mutsko from Mutsko Insurance of Mentor. Sisters Tea Room will provide tea, snacks, and a speaker to discuss tea during this turning point in American History. Attendees are asked to bring their own tea cup to this event. Popcorn and refreshments provided. The film is rated PG and families are welcome to attend. Follow their family through the ups and downs of their lives , their fierce loyalty to one another their bond to hold them together. Still relevant today, this tale may be , but it will resonate with you. This program is family-friendly. No computer skills required. Mouse and typing skills required. This hands-on class will demonstrate basic Facebook features, tips, and tricks. Please come to class with your Facebook login information and password. Send email, reply to email, send attachments, labels emails, and archive emails. We will use Gmail as our sample email program. These programs are free and open to the public, but registration is required. The programs will be held in the Frances Cleveland room on the second floor of the Main Library. Online novels for adults

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  1. The book alternates between the perspectives of Dara and Nick until Dara disappears unexpectedly around the same time a local nine-year old vanishes.

  2. Oliver's first novella, "Hana", was released after Delirium, showing Hana's perspective on the events that unravle in Delirium. Oliver's next young adult book, Replica, follows the story of two girls, Gemma and Lyra, asking the reader to read the same story but from two different perspectives. Oliver has said that she wrote all of the book on her BlackBerry while going to meetings on the subway.

  3. Panic involves a series of adrenaline pumping challenges that become progressively more life-threatening in order to weed out the weak and find out who is the most fearless of all. Ron Kolz will show you how to use Quicken for Windows to learn to take control of your money.

  4. Convinced that the two disappearances are connected, Nick decides she must find out what happened to her sister before it is too late. Learn to base your investment plans on goal, age and risk tolerance, and keep track of your success financially. Oliver's first novella, "Hana", was released after Delirium, showing Hana's perspective on the events that unravle in Delirium.

  5. Her love of writing began with writing imaginative sequels to her favorite stories, before gradually writing her own.

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