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On line dating with girls

I think it is best to start off by addressing the biggest elephant in the room. Thailand has some really really pretty girls. The problem is this leads to a growth of a huge Thai dating industry where many foreigners got cheated or scammed, leading to horrible marriages and financial devastation. Now these problems could be prevented at the very early stage, only if you know the best ways to finding and dating Thai girls, it may save you a heartbreak or two. Where to find Thai Girls Biggest mistakes most people make in Thailand is that they fall prey to the tourist traps in Bangkok. If you want to be dating Thai girls for a long term relationship, or finding life partners. A Gogo bar should be a place to avoid. The Places to look Siam Paragon So the question remains. Where do you look for Thai women? Thai people are most often friendly and easily approachable, which means finding and dating Thai girls are a lot easier than you make it out to be. Ask yourself, if you are a smart, capable, working, intelligent Thai women, where would you be hanging out? The thoughts of striking up conversations in public parks , shopping malls eg. Siam Paragon and bookstore may bring anxiety to some, but it will bring you the best results. The quality of potential romantic partners you meet during the day will quite often exceed those you meet at night. So if talking to Thai girls in broad daylight scare the life out of you, it is socially acceptable to go ahead and download dating apps such as Beetalk and Tinder. Now apps like these will bring you a mixed bag of results including subsequent scams and potential ladyboys not that there is anything wrong with ladyboys , so I recommend you swipe right at your own discretion. Aside from dating apps, Thai people also use Facebook messages and Line very religiously. Instant messages are big in Thai culture and thai people are very responsive to texting. What not to do? Hence, before we discuss any highly elaborated dating tactics, we should first focus on what to avoid doing. Talking about topics such as political party, Royal family, or religions can lead to your potential partner rejecting you completely or hours of lecture. In either case, do avoid talking about sensitive topics. Thai people are slightly more modest and timid even guys , so you have to thread that line more carefully. Make no mistakes, it is important to be dominant, but pay great attention to social cues and avoid pushing too far. For example, ability to maintain a powerful eye contact with a girl is a rare trait that shows high confidence. Remember, making mistakes certain mistakes such as these will put the girls in the defensive mode. While dating Thai girls, doing one wrong thing could lead to them being on guard and rejecting you, messing up the interactions completely. Talk about Social circles Thai people are collectivist in nature. Remember, people could be defined by who they spend the most time with. So knowing the core social circle will give you a window to their lives. Going the extra mile to meet up to get to know with her friends would give you a bigger social proof in her eyes too. Picking the right venues Picking the right places and activities for your dates will be very important. Just remember to avoid the cliche that has been done to death like a restaurant and movies. Make sure you both do something fun. This makes dating Thai girls more interesting for you. Food Roast cafe Hint hint, you are currently in one of the Foodiest city in the world. There are hundreds of restaurants for you to venture into. You could also make it more fun and go food hopping. I can guarantee you that every Thai girl you will come across would love nothing more than a good food experience. Luckily, we have laid out all the options you can comfortably choose from right here. Something fun and refreshing Artbox The key is to avoid the cliche and choose activities that are stimulating and fun for both of you. Running out of ideas? How about do what you like. If you like photography or soccer, why not take her to your next pickup soccer game. If you need some help looking for places, refer to our other articles e. Things to do in Thonglor or big events like Artbox. A glimpse to your life. Most guys are often worried that the girls will be bored by the activities they find interesting. It is better that you find out whether or not you are compatible with a girl on the very first day, than finding that out after you are married. While you are dating Thai girls, show more than just your personality. Let them know what type of music you enjoy, books you like to read, or even your favorite football team. If you have any other ideas or comments you would like to make further in this topic. Feel free to include that in the comment sections below. Have a great day! On line dating with girls

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