Omega seamaster planet ocean gmt review. Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 8500 Review.

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Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Luxury Watch Review

Omega seamaster planet ocean gmt review

The Rolex Submariner By: Both are well respected Swiss manufacturers of impeccable timepieces which are steeped in long histories and tradition. Each company also has their respective legion of loyal followers. I will attempt to compare each watch in both relative and objective terms. Each category bracelet, clasp, case, price, etc. For some people, price, for example, is much more an important of a category than, say the clasp. Feel free to weight each of these categories with your own values to arrive at your own conclusions. Secondly, let me disclose that the Seamaster used in this article is my own, while the Submariner belongs to my good friend John Rigano. I do own one Rolex — a Oyster Precision. On to the shootout! A perfect blending of form and function — meters water resistant and absolutely gorgeous. A helium release valve is built into the case, making this watch particularly useful in extended time deep dives. The case has numerous angles and curves which vary the way light strikes and is reflected from the case. I can find no flaw with this case. A simple, yet classic design which has been often copied. This watch is also rated for meters of water resistance but lacks a helium release mechanism — this feature is found on the Rolex Sea Dweller. Some users complain of uncomfortable sharp edges on the case. Like the bracelet see my conclusion below on the use of vs. The Oyster style case was the birth of the diving watch, but let us not forget that Omega was a pioneer in creating a water resistant or water proof as was designated at the time watches. The SMP wins out here in both comfort and cosmetic appeal: The markings on the bezel align perfectly with both the dial markers and hands, and are very legible. I find no flaws here. Yes, my comments are identical for the bezels of both watches. Both would seem to represent the pinnacle of bezel form and function. This has to be one of the most legible watches ever. The oversized markers and the large sword hands make for excellent visibility. The luminescent coating on the hands and markers makes this watch the undisputed king of night time glow. The wave pattern on the dial is quite captivating and distinctive. The date, while unmagnified is also easily read. The dial of the submariner is a work of art, and perhaps one of the most copied styles in watch history. The Mercedes style hands are a classic. There seems to be no observable advantage here — liking one or the other might simply be a matter of personal preference, but I like both equally well. Combines sapphire composition with an anti-reflective coating applied to the inside of the crystal for the ultimate in both scratch resistances and visibility. Sapphire crystal used, but no anti-reflective coating is used. Some have indicated that Rolex does indeed plan to incorporate AR coating in the future, the company is notorious for being slow to change. The tapered bracelet feels extremely solid and sturdy. The polished accents on the watch are beautiful, but gives one concern about scratches. The sub bracelet has changed very little over the years. Inexplicably, it has clunky, cheap feel to it. The use of screws in the links makes for easy self-sizing. Brushed finished is both attractive and scratch resistant. Rolex has quite recently finally begun using solid end links in the sub bracelet. Tough call here — each has obvious strengths and weaknesses. The SMP feels like a higher quality bracelet. The Sub would seem to be a bit less prone to show scratches. Rolex uses a higher grade steel than Omega L in the bracelet. However, I can discern no functional advantage for them to do so in a watch bracelet, and grade steel is approximate 3 times more expensive than L. My research indicates grade steel is more commonly used in industrial components which under constant exposure to highly corrosive substances acids and the like — conditions which a watch bracelet simply will not be exposed to. Therefore, there is no appreciable benefit to the grade steel in the Rolex bracelet as compared to L used in the Omega bracelet. Indeed, no other watch manufacturer uses For ease of sizing and scratch resistance though, this category belongs to Rolex: Two-button deployment clasp with integrated diver suit extension. The clasp is easily opened and closed, yet feels extremely sturdy. The diver extension is also easily deployed. The clasp has an extremely high quality feel, and is the best bracelet clasp I have ever used. The large amount of smooth surface area on the bottom of the clasp is reputedly scratch- prone. The clasp also lacks a fine adjustment pin the bracelet includes a half-sized link for sizing purposes which some feel detracts from the comfort of the overall bracelet. The clasp is easily the weakest point on the entire watch. The flip lock clap has been used on Rolex watches for years, and functionally is quite secure. However, the flimsy, thin, stamped sheet metal used in the clasp is simply unacceptable given the price of the watch. Many users including my friend John who owns this Submariner report the divers extension is difficult to use. Yes, the clasp does the simple job it was designed to do. No, Rolex has absolutely no motivation to do anything differently based on the sales success. No contest here — the Omega clasp is superior in both form and function. Based on the ETA A2, Omega heavily modifies the 21 jewel base ebauche to produce the beautifully decorated, chronometer grade movement which is the cal. Both are rock solid, dependable COSC certified movements. The Rolex does have some advantages. For instance, the does have a longer power reserve 50 hrs. Additionally, the has technically been in existence longer than the That means Rolex has had longer to refine the production of the vs. But consider that the is based on the ETA A2 — a moment that was introduced in , with a development history going back years earlier to Eterna. This means the has a lot more going for it in terms of service history and spare parts then one might initially conclude. The nod ultimately goes to the Submariner. Gorgeous red leather box, hardcover manual, and leather wallet for the warranty card, chronometer certification, and manual key pictogram card. Omega seamaster planet ocean gmt review

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  1. As of this writing, it is also unclear whether MGM will select a new watch for whomever takes the role of James Bond in the next film. In ten years, Omega has emerged from the ranks of several well respected, but somewhat obscurely recognized Swiss watch companies, to becoming quite arguably the number two Swiss watch company in the world.

  2. After 12 anxious weeks the dealer finally called and said that his watch would be replaced with a new one. In terms of accuracy, I am disappointed, as the watch gains 4 to 5 seconds per day, and not at a constant rate.

  3. The dial itself is a very unique slate blue color which can vary considerably in shade depending on how the light strikes it. However, I submit that many watch companies all come to the same conclusion:

  4. Gorgeous red leather box, hardcover manual, and leather wallet for the warranty card, chronometer certification, and manual key pictogram card.

  5. Both would seem to represent the pinnacle of bezel form and function. Omega also used skeletonized hands on the Bond Seamaster which further add to the distinctiveness of this watch.

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