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Ny times internet dating

Thanks in advance for any help. Does anyone have a list of stone schools in town of Franklin 's to 's? Jacobson who was barber from 'til his death in I can't find anything re. I noted mention of one of the 7 men in the px as living with Mel Whittaker and family in Sidney. Any information about the Whittaker House would be appreciated. My Hoagland ancestors are buried there and cemetery needs work. From info I gained from a book about the wood chemical industry, I learned that the original owner was an L A Treyz. What I'd like to find out is who was the builder and about what year the house was built. Was there a place called Allaben in Delaware county? I have a postcard with the date on the back and the statement when they blew up the bridge. Do you have any information on it? It was owned by my husbands Grandfather, Roland H Burton. The fire was from unknown origins, and I guess it was supposed Arson. I cant find any information on it, and the info I do have is from my mother in law. Any info or historical records would appreciated. I was started about by Phyllis Proskine Johnson as a camp for girls. I believe the camp closed in the s. I purchased the window from a party in Downsville some 30 years ago. Am interested in any source for a picture of the church and its history. I assume the church was razed as part of the reservoir project. I would appreciate any help from others who have pictures that I might copy. On it was a sign that said This area went under water with the dam. Can anyone tell me about this cabin and its owner? If you are able to give my any residential address close by to the camps location I would greatly appreciate it. I am interested in seeing what the location looks like but need an actual address to put into my GPS system. I am looking for any information about the building records, photos, knowledge about its prior use. Do you have any information about it? It would be or have been just below what is now Swart Road. This area is very grown over and steep. Would anyone have any information as to the name of this cemetery or if it was possibly a family cemetery? Any dates for it as well? I have a large number of images covering South Kortright and Bloomville but am always looking for more, especially postcard views to illustrate this history which will probably run about 20 pages and will include community views not just simply railroad views but Kortright Station is illusive. And especially important to this monograph is the railroad's creamery business. There was the Hegeman Creamery still standing but commercially abandoned and another creamery north of the depot, now a private house--I don't even know what firm managed this creamery--although I suspect it was Smith. Any photos or postcards of the Sheffield Farms creamery at Bloomville or the two creameries at South Kortright are also eagerly sought. Any general Kortright help would be appreciated. I am trying to paint both a word and an image picture about railroading so if you have photos, postcards, anecdotes, and even tall tales, please share them with me. I will pay with my thanks and copies of the completed newsletter. Dick Makse - email me on this subject at webmaster udrrhs. Also, what do the initials SCA stand for? Was it some sort of ledger book? I am told, Keis was a Master Brewer for the Schlitz brewery, avid outdoorsman and hunter. This property bordered the Wranovics farm also. I was told in the 's there was hunting type movie with clips of whitetail bucks from this farm. I am interested in history, pictures and this movie of this area from its heyday! Would also like any information about cellar holes and other stone structures that are also in this vicinity. This book was published about and discusses the history of the community of Kelsey that sits at the top of Sands Creek Road between Hancock and Cannonsville Reservior. The house was owned by the Sellecks since the 's they rented it as apts when they divided up the farm - we are undergoing a renovation and wanted to get any photos of the house or general history. ANY information is appreciated. Hopefully it was between and We've established Lordville as a transportation pt, as the Erie train stopped there starting circa Does anyone have any historical information regarding this bridge, such as who layed the stone? Does anyone have information about the fire and what was lost? I'd like to document the fact that the records were lost with a newspaper article or even a date of the event. I am looking for a list of the possible one room schoolhouses in or about the areas of Hobart, Stamford, Jefferson, South Kortright or any of the surrounding villages areas. I can't find any records of schools from the 's at all. There is also a large hotel,or inn, or lodge, near his house,, I do not know it's name either, But I have been in it, It has rooms upstairs with the numbers still on the doors,, and it had a path,,or walkway that goes around the back for the porters to remove the patron's luggage, and take it to their rooms, It is past the cemetery on Drybrook road,, My uncles house was a white building,, on the left side of the road,, and the hotel, or inn, was after it on the right side of the road, a little ways up. The last people who were actually living in the hotel inn,? All have since died. If you have any info on the hotel, Inn, Lodge?? I know he and his wife moved there in the early 's and that the farm finally closed in the 's based on a footnote in Davenport, Fact and Fancy. I'm curious if anyone knows who was running the farm in the last years, has any photos of that part of Pumpkin Hollow Road, or knows any stories about the farm up till the closing. Any information would be appreciated. It is where they hold the Dairy Days every June. I would love to know the history of it and what buildings might of been around this water tower and the use of this tower. I have a picture taken a few days ago, but if anyone has any pictures of this old tower in its day I would love to see them. Ferguson was connected to one church. He married my great great grandparents in But I have only found him connected with Methodist revivals of that time. So I am hoping to find a church that might have the actually marriage record. In Volume 3 of this work the author cites a reference as follows: Wheeler, Wheeler Genealogy [Hancock, n. I would really like to find the publication described above as it appears to contain significant information about my family. It would appear that this document or book was put together in Hancock, so I'm hoping someone might have more information about it. I would inquire of Raymond David Wheeler, but he is now deceased. Looking into some recent histories, including the history of the Beaverkill area by Irene Barnhardt and Joan Powers, we came upon a note that there is a castle on the hill built by a wealthy coal baron named Wurt-Dundas. Tried to research it online to discover how it morphed into the Masonic Home but had no success. We hear that the castle itself is beautiful with marble floors and gold faucets; alas, it appears to be closed to the public. Is there any resource for learning more about its history and current use? The house was built in My father told me it was owned by his Uncle John Douglass. I can only presume this was during and after the depression of John was a dentist with two children or grandchildren named Crawford and I think Patricia I believe she currently lives somewhere in Florida - marriage name unknown. I was at the house last summer and visited the cemetery next door where I found a Douglass monument with no first names. I also saw a photo of John and his wife hanging separately in the restroom on the first floor. Any information will be very helpful. I'd be curious if anyone can tell me about the folks named other than Harkness and also if there is likely to be a local paper extant which might have more information. Bennett; published by Delaware County Historical Society, apparently out of print. If a used copy in good condition turns up, I'd like to buy it. The wood chemical company was operation from until Any photographs would be great. His name was Peter Weissmann. I wanted to locate the photographer and the other pictures in the collection. My mother had visited the Roxbury Museum years ago and got the photo there. There was no inside toilet nor electricity but there was running water. There were four basic designs of the houses for rent for those who worked at the acid factory and the mill all of which were closed by the time we lived there. We shoped at the Corbett and Stuart Store and I roamed among the ruins to the extent I dared for my mother said there were big tar pits which would swallow little boys in a heartbeat. Ny times internet dating

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  1. Hopefully it was between and Does anyone have any information on the Cemetery and why someone might be buried there.

  2. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has knowledge of the existence of any photos. And especially important to this monograph is the railroad's creamery business. It was built between and

  3. The writer's "style" was so unique, that sentences often needed a second reading for comprehension. United Presbyterian Church, South Kortright.

  4. Does anyone know if there was actually a Mormon community in the area of Mormon Hollow Road in the town of Tompkins? Thanks for posting this to the website!

  5. Does anyone have any historical information regarding this bridge, such as who layed the stone? I am interested in finding out how to contact someone who might know how I could go about getting it glued back together. The timeframe of the photo is about

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