No string sex. .

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No string sex

To test any of the examples in this section, cut and paste the examples and insert the following line to see what's going on: Details of the String Type The string in PHP is implemented as an array of bytes and an integer indicating the length of the buffer. It has no information about how those bytes translate to characters, leaving that task to the programmer. Functions that return no textual data — for instance, arbitrary data read from a network socket — will still return strings. Given that PHP does not dictate a specific encoding for strings, one might wonder how string literals are encoded. The answer is that string will be encoded in whatever fashion it is encoded in the script file. However, this does not apply if Zend Multibyte is enabled; in that case, the script may be written in an arbitrary encoding which is explicity declared or is detected and then converted to a certain internal encoding, which is then the encoding that will be used for the string literals. Note that there are some constraints on the encoding of the script or on the internal encoding, should Zend Multibyte be enabled — this almost always means that this encoding should be a compatible superset of ASCII, such as UTF-8 or ISO Note, however, that state-dependent encodings where the same byte values can be used in initial and non-initial shift states may be problematic. Of course, in order to be useful, functions that operate on text may have to make some assumptions about how the string is encoded. Some functions assume that the string is encoded in some any single-byte encoding, but they do not need to interpret those bytes as specific characters. This is case of, for instance, substr , strpos , strlen or strcmp. Another way to think of these functions is that operate on memory buffers, i. Other functions are passed the encoding of the string, possibly they also assume a default if no such information is given. This is the case of htmlentities and the majority of the functions in the mbstring extension. Others use the current locale see setlocale , but operate byte-by-byte. This is the case of strcasecmp , strtoupper and ucfirst. This means they can be used only with single-byte encodings, as long as the encoding is matched by the locale. If it is encoded in UTF-8, the correct result will not be returned and the resulting string may or may not be returned corrupted, depending on the current locale. Finally, they may just assume the string is using a specific encoding, usually UTF This is the case of most functions in the intl extension and in the PCRE extension in the last case, only when the u modifier is used. Ultimately, this means writing correct programs using Unicode depends on carefully avoiding functions that will not work and that most likely will corrupt the data and using instead the functions that do behave correctly, generally from the intl and mbstring extensions. However, using functions that can handle Unicode encodings is just the beginning. No matter the functions the language provides, it is essential to know the Unicode specification. For instance, a program that assumes there is only uppercase and lowercase is making a wrong assumption. No string sex

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  1. If it is encoded in UTF-8, the correct result will not be returned and the resulting string may or may not be returned corrupted, depending on the current locale.

  2. Try My Quiz We provide a number of spontaneous ways of members getting to know each other and one of them is Try My Quiz where you can put together your own questions that can be a mix of the serious and the funny. Surgical treatment - Frenuloplasty Most men who have had surgical treatment for this problem do not realize just how sensitive as well as erotic the area around the frenulum can be. Finally, they may just assume the string is using a specific encoding, usually UTF

  3. There is a tendency for the adolescent to forget to wash the area because of the overall impression that the foreskin remains forward.

  4. However, ripping may occur later, not always on the first sexual encounter. In the case of men who have been circumcised, there is sometimes no foreskin for the tension of the short frenulum to displace.

  5. Get them to help out by putting a few line together that you can then post alongside your profile. In this case if the frenulum rips, it can rejoin back. The frenulum may be thick and sturdy.

  6. Some functions assume that the string is encoded in some any single-byte encoding, but they do not need to interpret those bytes as specific characters.

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