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Nfl quarterback dating sideline reporter

No one but Aaron Hernandez will ever fully grasp how a millionaire tight end came to gun down a friend three summers ago. But Aaron's older brother, Jonathan, was there from day one, and he witnessed all the little moments, all the poor choices, all the unwise associations that led to murder. That perspective cost Jonathan his way of living—but that's O. It hits Wylie like something out of the Bible: The storms typically last less than half an hour, but a home can be wrecked in less time than that. Jonathan Hernandez is about to climb a roof in nearby Plano when his phone starts ringing. He has been a roofer for less than a year; he has owned his company, High Rise Roofing, for just a few months. Word spread in Wylie after a smaller storm hit one month ago: And now the people of Wylie are pleading: Another rainstorm is forecast for the next day. Jonathan and his crew work into the night, walking on roofs in the dark, boarding up openings where windows used to be. Even on the hottest days, he wears two shirts. They cover the tattoo over his heart: Jonathan Hernandez used to be D. He usually does not tell them. They need to know when their roof will be fixed, not that their roofer sometimes takes calls from his famous brother at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Lancaster, Mass. Hernandez sits at his desk, just another blade of grass on the coaching landscape: At 27 he has already checked off so many boxes for a successful coach: Hernandez arrived at Iowa in as a graduate assistant, then watched helplessly from afar as his brother became the lead suspect in a murder investigation. Someday he will do the chewing out. For now he must act like a graduate assistant. Not surprising; the two speak almost every day. Aaron is a star tight end for the Patriots. He has paid off some of D. But their relationship is unchanged by money, geography or celebrity. To him every conversation might as well be taking place in their old backyard in Bristol, Conn. Aaron sounds quieter than normal. Hernandez caught nine passes for 83 yards in what would be his final NFL game, a playoff loss to the Ravens on Jan. Bo was a nice enough guy who mumbled a lot and helped Aaron coordinate his schedule. But it was no secret that he had a lengthy criminal record, including convictions for drugs. Aaron had one friend, an ex-con named Sharrod, who made him particularly nervous. When Aaron bought his house from former Patriot Ty Warren, he even installed an elaborate video-surveillance system. That last time D. But Aaron could have left with anybody and had fun; he is social tofu, absorbing the flavor of whatever he touches. Ever since Aaron was a kid, he had this desire to like and be liked, no matter the circumstances. Ziogas tells a story: The kid stabbed him above the knee. Aaron was bigger and tougher. He could have kicked the crap out of that kid. He gave him five minutes to get out of sight. Aaron let him go. Selected two rounds and 71 picks apart in the draft, Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski had developed into a dangerous tight end tandem unlike any other in the league over their first three seasons together. Beantown; Youtube Anyway, maybe a simple question deserves a simple answer. Seems like a good guy. Aaron says Odin is dead. Police are investigating Aaron Hernandez in connection to a possible homicide. A nation is shocked. Forget the machismo of football. He thinks of his budding coaching career. He pictures himself on TV, walking onto the site of a murder investigation, and how that would look to potential employers. The two brothers connected whenever D. But what is home anymore? His mom, Terri, still lives in the little white house in Bristol with her second husband, Jeff Cummings, but the joy that D. Strangers lurk outside or knock on the door. A reporter brings Subway sandwiches as a way to get in the house. With his world falling apart, D. His phone rings again. They had sat in that room so many times as a foursome—Terri, D. The fact that it is actually unfolding on TV only adds to the sensation that this is only happening on TV. He cries, but not because his brother has been arrested. The cousins do not ignore them. Punches are thrown, ketchup bottles fly, and D. He is no longer a promising college football coach. He is the look-alike brother of an accused murderer. A group of young men spot him through a window, point and make bullet sounds. There is no fight this time, but D. The media covers the story like a spreading fire, the narrative chasing the news. Aaron was a prodigy in Bristol, but his father was a former small-time thug and his mother had been arrested as part of a bookmaking bust; when Dennis died young and Terri remarried, Aaron rebelled and became a thug—and then a murderer. J wonders how so many people can claim to know his brother better than he does. He has not lived in Connecticut in five years, and every trip home is the opposite of an archaeology dig: At any turn, he might discover something is missing. He asks to meet at 5: He wants to stop instead at a nearby Valero gas station to see if they still sell those delicious sausage-and-egg sandwiches. He buys two for himself. It is just after dawn. Terri moved out two years ago. If you believe Aaron Hernandez grew up to be evil, then the murder of Odin Lloyd began here. There were no easy layups. When one brother drove to the hole, the other one fouled him into the grassy bank behind the basket. If you believe Aaron Hernandez grew up to be evil, then the murder of Odin Lloyd began here, and his older brother was a witness. Courtesy of Jonathan Hernandez 3 Jonathan looks around. A childhood home can seem smaller when you return, but this one felt small from the beginning. When Aaron lay in bed, the door to his and D. Sometimes the boys had to navigate around Terri, who ironed clothes in their bedroom. But size is not just measured in square feet. I was in third grade. Yes, it was wild; but it was also the past. His boys knew him as the life of a party where everybody was invited. Dennis was a custodian in the Bristol school district, but sometimes it seemed more like he was the mayor. Terri was an administrative assistant at South Side Elementary School. She loved to buy flowers and plant them as soon as she got home. Jonathan looks at the leaves strewn across the basketball court. An old hoop lies on the ground. My mom—if our yard ever looked like this, she would have gone crazy. I would have gone crazy. Jonathan remembers sneaking into the basement during middle school and quietly lifting weights against the wishes of his father, who believed he was too young. The boys would run suicides up and down the hilly streets, and they would leave a jump rope at the top for when they were done running. Then they sat and enjoyed the view of their city, lit up and beautiful, and talked about their dreams of becoming pro athletes. Aaron's three-year totals at Bristol Central: Nfl quarterback dating sideline reporter

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  1. Fred was a nice-sized target and it was perfect for him. One time we got a tie, but it was tough.

  2. And he f it up by some of the decisions he made in college. But eventually it builds up into something.

  3. It hits Wylie like something out of the Bible: They scored points third in the NFL while allowing the fewest in the league

  4. But Aaron emerged neither scared nor straight. Aaron organizes workouts for his fellow prisoners:

  5. Jonathan parks and walks in. When Aaron bought his house from former Patriot Ty Warren, he even installed an elaborate video-surveillance system.

  6. He was also a superb receiver out of the backfield, catching 54 passes for yards and two more scores. Fortunately for the Bengals, they were good enough to keep PC off the scoreboard as well.

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