New york comic con registration. New York Comic Con - October 4 - 7, 2018.

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Wait with me in 'Virtual Line' to buy tickets to New York Comic Con 2017

New york comic con registration

San Diego Comic-Con You caught it and then you burned to do every offsite and see every Hall H trailer and go to every party. You prepared for it all year. No matter how stressful the badge sales and hotel reservations were, San Diego Comic-Con always seemed to deliver once you arrived. And it was a fever that could sustain itself for years. But is that still true? Because it seems to me our collective fever is cooling off. More than any other year, I heard a lot of misgivings and grumblings - namely about the lack of studio presence but also about a shared sense that we attendees weren't being catered to like we had been in the past. Here, have this autograph, this t-shirt, this photo of you with a zombie or dragon. That's the kind of experience a lot of attendees crave at SDCC and there's no denying much of it has gone away. There was a quiet to Comic-Con this year. On Friday someone said to me, "Every night feels like Tuesday night. But that subdued feeling was the real show. If it sounds like I'm complaining, I'm not. I had a good Con. My inner Eeyore was strong starting out but I wound up enjoying my panels and making some new friends. And I'm not alone - quite a few attendees loved the shorter lines, the easier access to panels, the extra hours they had every day that they used to spend chasing other things. Even the Gaslamp felt oddly empty. I was in the Whiskey House one night where it was almost eerily slow, to the point you never would have believed it was Comic-Con outside. But other attendees felt deprived of the bombast and glory they used to soak up for hours on end in Hall H or Ballroom 20; some okay, many were peeved over not getting any exclusives and quite a few reported boredom with the offsites. Others I'm in this camp just didn't find much they wanted to buy in the Exhibit Hall. Friends who normally do a decent amount of networking and minor deal making at SDCC told me they talked to barely anyone, accomplished little. But even if there was a hollowness this year, I don't think it's necessarily fatal or permanent. This might have just been an off year. We've known for a while that the marketing ROI wasn't great for Comic-Con and some studios and publishers were cutting back on the swag and events. And with some of the bigger players stepping down, others will have an opportunity to step up. SDCC will continue to evolve. If you've been going for a while, you know a sense of ownership over this Con is futile - change is inevitable and some of the upcoming changes may be welcome ones. Okay, let's talk about the Con specifics. Panels You may disagree, but I thought the quality was still there. You may not have gone to a Game of Thrones panel but you certainly had your pick of various shows and upcoming films to bask in. My friends were happy with the kid-oriented offerings. And let's face it - the lines were beyond friendly. We still had them, especially for Indigo and Hall H at times, but overall this was a very accessible year. I overestimated my need to line up several times. However, there were cases when CCI apparently underestimated the need for a bigger room. I heard several complaints about the Black Panther Costume Design panel, which was scheduled in a room for - and then over 1, attendees lined up. If there's any complaint to be made, it's that maybe we see too many of the same panels each year. I think SDCC could use some new blood and new topics. News and Gossip Oh look, James Gunn was fired from the Guardians franchise for tasteless pedo jokes on Twitter from a long time ago. This didn't actually seem much of a controversy, perhaps because attendees already have controversy fatigue and were just looking to enjoy Comic-Con. In fact, the people I know were more perturbed by Johnny Depp's surprise appearance and the attendee who creepily asked Amber Heard to undo his bondage outfit during Aquaman Q and A. We're getting a feature-length movie of Steven Universe. And remember how Star Wars: Clone Wars got cancelled? We also may be getting a reboot of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. On the trailer front: Aquaman's trailer was wildly anticipated - but didn't surprise much. Nightflyers and Disenchantment seemed to get mixed reviews. However, Deadly Class, Shazam and Godzilla all seemed to get people jazzed. So did footage from Venom and It Part 2. Didn't we already know that? Some people seemed really appreciative of the drunk Rick and Morty show behind the convention center - and other people didn't. Despite lines being mostly easier this year, SDCC was not without its rumors and complaints. I'll do a separate post on that. Offsites and Events Yawn. I mean, some were good. The Taco Bell experience should serve as a lesson to really understand what you're waiting for before you wait for hours - because in this case, it wasn't much. The Castle Rock house supposedly wasn't as scary as people wanted despite passing it 6 times, I never went in and people seemed to do the Adult Swim park and Cosmos dome without much feeling either way. FX usually generates middling grades with their AHS and other activations on the Hilton Bayfront lawn and that was the case this year. The others seemed to be business as usual based on what I heard. Their different TeamCocoHouse offerings gave attendees something to do if they didn't get tickets to the tapings. That said, when I look at who got tickets sometimes for every show they requested and who didn't year after year now , it's hard not to notice a pattern. I looked around at the Friday audience and it did seem to be a younger crowd than you traditionally see at the Con overall. I don't think Hollywood will completely withdraw. I think our days of being drenched in swag and surprise concerts and elaborate activations may be over, but we'll still receive a more mitigated version of that. And if SDCC regains a reputation as a more navigable, nerdy experience, some of the comic book nerds and gamers and collectors who've walked away may come back. Well, probably not the collectors, not anytime soon. From my perspective, this shift is a good thing for those of us who'd like an easier badge and hotel sale, less anxiety and more chill. But I know some of you don't like it. However, in , I'm hearing more mainstream attendees talk about New York as their new target. I thought it was just my friends at first but at the Con this weekend, multiple strangers all said the same thing - they're looking eastward at ReedPOP's behemoth convention. Partly that's the greater ease in nabbing a badge and room, but it's also a matter of being attracted by the sheer size and spectacle of New York Comic Con - which is the allure San Diego used to have a monopoly on. In many ways, there was a ghostly quality to this year. If you remember the old days, San Diego Comic-Con felt like a haunted house. You could still feel how it used to be, but that old magic was more of a phantom than anything tangible. You had to appreciate what was available and move on. If you're not, I understand - but I hope you do find something else that thrills you just as much. And I hope that everyone remembers that Comic-Con may not always dish up exactly what you hoped for, but it will always offer other appealing experiences. Sometimes it's just a matter of leaving your comfort zone behind to find them. See you at Returning Registration, nerds. New york comic con registration

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  1. This didn't actually seem much of a controversy, perhaps because attendees already have controversy fatigue and were just looking to enjoy Comic-Con. The Movie , and for an episode of the HBO television series Entourage , the latter of which, while set at the event, was not filmed there. And with some of the bigger players stepping down, others will have an opportunity to step up.

  2. My friends were happy with the kid-oriented offerings. And if SDCC regains a reputation as a more navigable, nerdy experience, some of the comic book nerds and gamers and collectors who've walked away may come back. Academics and comic industry professionals annually hold the Comics Arts Conference at Comic-Con, presenting scholarly studies on comics as a medium.

  3. Along with panels, seminars , and workshops with comic book professionals, there are previews of upcoming feature films, and portfolio review sessions with top comic book and video game companies. These include media companies such as movie studios and TV networks, as well as comic-book dealers and collectibles merchants. Enter your Service Request number Enter any dashes as they appear 2.

  4. In season 4 of Beauty and the Geek , an episode was featured where the contestants traveled to Comic-Con 07 and were given a challenge to create their own superheroes.

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