Nancy travis married to the mob. Nancy Travis.

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Married to the Mob (1988): Where Are They Now?

Nancy travis married to the mob

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  1. At Baldwin's funeral, Stockwell is overwhelmed by Pfeiffer's beauty, and immediately begins plying her with expensive gifts. I find it hilarious that one picture where she's obviously leaning to one side distributing all her weight to her left causes one or more of you guys to say she's got a jacked up foot. Travis completed her graduation from New York University.

  2. There's nothing wrong with either one of her feet. The personal life of this beautiful and talented actress has been well covered by numerous news, tabloids around the world. Some of her highest grossing movies are, 1.

  3. She portrayed Ann in the TV film, Malice in Wonderland and her performance was loved and appreciated by every audiences and critic.

  4. Baldwin refuses to entertain any thoughts of quitting the mob-and besides, he's got a good thing going with Nancy Travis, the promiscuous girl friend of gang boss Dean Stockwell.

  5. Travis completed her graduation from New York University. It's not like your opinion or mine for that matter makes any difference to Nancy Travis, or anybody else for that matter. Some of her highest grossing movies are, 1.

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