My husbands snoring is killing me. I hate my husband but don’t know how to leave.

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Why Snoring is Dangerous to You AND Your Partner

My husbands snoring is killing me

Tracy January 10, , 1: Severe cases do better with Cpap machines. Reply Link divacat October 9, , 2: I thought I had found an answer. Any other suggestions, without have a sleep study or the cpap? Reply Link tipsonline October 10, , 5: There you will learn about other options. Would be interested in knowing what you have to share. I sleep well with a CPAP machine. Reply Link Lisa watterson May 31, , 5: My Father in law passed away from Congestive Heart Failure. Your family will thank you.. Barry Latislaw January 11, , 8: Regina January 15, , 2: Sharp January 15, , Randy January 16, , 4: Reply Link tipsonline January 19, , 5: Join the Free Email Course in the form you will find in this page. You should find something in there that works for you. Reply Link Elizabeth Hayes June 16, , The problem is, he takes it out when he rolls into his back during sleep. The directions suggest to use an ace bandage and wrap it around his mouth however, when he did that, he snored. I think it was pushing his lower jaw back. Reply Link tipsonline June 26, , 8: I have had lots of people complaining about other mouthpieces falling out at night. Let us know how it worked out. Reply Link Kymmberly July 15, , How can anyone recommend this kinda hard plastic mouth piece? It DOES fall out, too! But This whatever hinge tech, is…. Reply Link Pat Finn November 24, , 6: Also, worked great 1st few weeks, but it is not as firm as it was when i 1st got it and now snoring returned. Lovetta Brown January 17, , 7: Joe Ann Green January 23, , 7: Try one of these mouthpieces as they help a lot of people to stop their snoring. Also, Join the Free Email Course in the form you will find in this page where you will learn about natural ways to stop the snoring. Amy brentari February 5, , Reply Link terry pulling February 5, , 8: I want a natural way to stop snoring. Sherry Ward February 8, , 1: Hopefully, this device to put in his mouth will help. Rhonda Delaney February 9, , 1: Try using a chin strap, perhaps it will help to keep your mouth closed. Medical supply store said I need to get a chin strap or go full face mask, not just nasal mask. Good luck with what you try. Reply Link Cheryl December 3, , 3: The water tray allows you to breathe in moist air that significantly reduces the sry, sore throat and nasal passages. A much better sleep. Shook February 9, , Sue February 9, , 8: John Misiak February 10, , 4: Sheila Mullins February 10, , Judy Thomas February 14, , My husbands snoring is killing me

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