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Hope you enjoyed the coverage. It was far-fetched to imagine that we'd be getting a full game, with the weather being like it was in the last few days. But that's exactly what we got. As much as Australia struggled with the heat in the afternoon, their struggles with the bat will worry them a lot more. As for India, aren't they looking more and more impressive with each passing game, especially in the bowling department! Australia will have a tough time reversing this scoreline. We didn't feel like we had enough on the board at the break. But we knew if we had a good start we have a good chance of defending it. We knew if we don't take wickets it would be difficult. To be honest, the wicket wasn't easy to bat on throughout the day. Bhuvi's spell became even more important because we knew the wrist-spinners would do damage in the middle. The deliveries he got the batsmen out with were unplayable. You can count on Bhuvi for getting the breakthroughs. Two young spinners bowling with a lot of heart, speaks volumes about their characters. Really augurs well for us how the team is shaping up. I always try to create that kind of motivation for myself. Sometimes things don't come off for you but I try and stay in the same zone. It wasn't easy to bat, plus the bowling attack was quality as well. Came off today, so it looked nice. Didn't come off in Chennai, so it didn't look nice. We were pretty happy with , thought we pulled things back pretty well. Did a really good job there. Batters though made poor decisions, and you can't do that against a quality team like India. Stoinis was good at the end there, just needed someone to bat with. One of the top four needs to go on and make a hundred, just making poor decisions under pressure. To reduce India to on that was pretty good. Need to get those partnerships; if we do that then we should chase these totals down comfortably. They've got all bases covered, don't they? Not really could never dream it. Initially I was struggling to bowl in a particular area. It's a game of cricket, everything happens. Last match, where I was hit for three sixes in an over, was a learning experience. Asked Mahi bhai what I should bowl, he said 'tujhe jaisa lagta hai wo daal bowl what you want '. This is special for me, changed the game for us. Smith fought with a valiant half-century, but couldn't kick on. The batting of Stoinis was probably the biggest positive, as he got more and more fluent against spin and pace as his innings went on. But it was too big a task for him to pull off, especially with no support at the other end. India go up in the series. Their bowlers have done a fantastic job yet again to convincingly defend a total which was around par, you would imagine. This bowling group is functioning so brilliantly in tandem, with wicket-taking options from top to bottom. Bhuvneshwar Kumar set the tone with a masterclass of swing and seam bowling at the start, swinging circles around the Aussie batsmen and dismissing both openers cheaply. Smith and Head revived the innings for a while, but that was before the wrist-spinners took over again. Arguably, Chahal was the more impressive one with impeccable control over his flight, and he absolutely shackled the middle-order. But then Kuldeep just came back in and claimed a hat-trick for himself. Just shows the luxuries Virat Kohli possesses right now. It takes just one ball for Bhuvi to seal it, although Richardson will go for the review. Shouldn't be too much of a problem. Back of length, skidded on past the bat with Richardson playing across the line, and pinned him in front of middle. Ball-tracking shows it to be smashing top of leg. Richardson exposed now Took the risk by exposing his stumps, and it paid off this time. Beautifully timed over long leg Doesn't take the single Jasprit Bumrah [6. Stoinis refuses the single. Wants to be on strike first ball of the next over. One more ball left though in this one Excellent way to get to a half-century! His batting has certainly been one of the positives Australia can take from here Shuffles across to a googly, and the ball slips in behind his legs and nearly takes leg-stump. What a spell from Chahal More of a paddle, than a wallop All the way Lovely inward drift towards leg, before ripping away off a length. Stoinis gets a thick edge, but the ball dies in front of slip He has a smile on his face, before slapping the turf in frustration Kane Richardson, right handed bat, comes to the crease Pandya breaks the frustrating little partnership, hurries NCN with a sharp short of length delivery and takes the simplest of return catches. The ball came a lot more quickly onto NCN than he expected while trying to pull, it hits him high on the bat and pops up straight back down. Just one wicket to go. Stoinis finding good rhythm to his batting The back of his bat was pointing towards the ground, so he left himself vulnerable to the bat bouncing a bit. But he still had some part of it grounded behind the crease. Just a polite appeal, nothing more Consequently, the off-cutter loops over NCN's waft Pandya sticks a hand out to stop Gets a thick inside edge which deflects off his pad past leg-stump. So close there Runs away fine of short third man. Chahal tidies up India would do well to guard against complacency Clumsy effort from Bumrah - running across from long leg - allows the boundary Good diving stop Bumrah's skid off the pitch did Stoinis in there and he ended up miscuing the shot Chahal gives the chase and manages to pull it back in Left it outside off Manages to cut to extra cover Ends up gloving through mid-wicket for a single Coulter-Nile wants to defend but it hits his pad. Kohli appeals to no avail Stoinis thumps off the back foot to sweeper cover Short and turns to become wide, Stoinis slaps to sweeper cover There's some issue with the sight-screen. Fine now Yuzvendra Chahal [7. Was not getting his lines right and all of a sudden he has got a hat-trick. So early in his career, he has achieved the feat. Third Indian to get a hat-trick in ODIs.. Kuldeep has scripted history. Googly and Pat Cummins had no idea. Tries to defend and pokes an edge to Dhoni who is vigilant as always. Kuldeep takes off with the Indian bunch running behind him. Hat-trick ball for Kuldeep Pat Cummins, right handed bat, comes to the crease Ms dhoni dating

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  1. Keep the outswinger close to the off stump and expect the ball to take the edge with the batsman trying to defend, it took the edge, a healthy edge, went low and straight to Rohit at first slip, but he grasses it. In the short film, she experiences sexual pleasure unknowingly in front of her husband and in-laws as an electronic gadget used for the purpose goes off accidentally while she is in a living room with her joint family. Sakshi Singh Rawat married life with MS Dhoni will be graced with so many luxuries and grand success for her husband.

  2. Short of a length delivery outside off stump, angled across and swinging away as well, Warner wanted to punch off the back foot, lucky that he didn't edge it to Dhoni 1. Batters though made poor decisions, and you can't do that against a quality team like India.

  3. Coulter-Nile wants to defend but it hits his pad. Wade drops in front of cover-point Matthew Wade, left handed bat, comes to the crease Pandya for a while was bowling fairly well and is rewarded in the end.

  4. He's in the mood and key to Australia's chances. Stoinis defends on to his boot off the back foot Sponsored link Unfortunately, Priyanka was not around to see her boyfriend reach heights of success.

  5. Smith eases down to long-off He's in the mood and key to Australia's chances. Such calculated risk from Maxwell.

  6. Hat-trick ball for Kuldeep Pat Cummins, right handed bat, comes to the crease But was not in full control

  7. Chahal took off to steal a bye after failing to get bat on ball on this short slower ball, but Bumrah wasn't running at all. India would do well to guard against complacency Googly and Pat Cummins had no idea.

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