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Natural remedies for molluscum contagiosum virus – Fastest treatment

Molluscum contagiosum remedies

A viral infection of the skin causes molluscum contagiosum , a mild skin disease. Risk factors include direct and indirect contact with an infected person's skin. Symptoms and signs include painless pinkish raised nodules or bumps on the skin. A doctor's physical exam presumptively diagnoses most molluscum contagiosum infections; tissue biopsy offers a definitive diagnosis. Molluscum contagiosum often requires no treatment as nodules resolve in about six to 12 months; however, cryotherapy freezing , curettage cutting out the lesions , laser therapy, or chemical treatments also may treat the nodules. There are many home treatments available, but people should check with their doctor before using these treatments. The prognosis of most molluscum contagiosum infections is excellent, but people with immune compromise have a more guarded prognosis. There is no commercially available vaccine for molluscum contagiosum infections, but people can reduce their chances of getting the disease by avoiding direct and indirect skin contact with infected people. What is molluscum contagiosum? CDC Molluscum contagiosum is a mild skin disease caused by a virus molluscum contagiosum virus, a member of the Poxviridae family that causes painless small bumps flesh-colored, dome-shaped papules ; some may be umbilicated, meaning the lesion has a central depression with a spot in the middle that resembles a navel on the skin. The disease occurs worldwide but is more prevalent in warm, humid climates. The disease is usually not serious and, in most people, resolves in about six to 12 months without treatment. It is a common infection in children; direct person-to-person contact, sexual contact, and contaminated items like clothing, towels, or other objects may transmit the infection. Some consider it to be a sexually transmitted disease STD , but many others simply consider it to be a skin disease that is contagious by any skin-to-skin and indirect incidental contact with the infecting virus. The virus can infect all other parts of the body by autoinoculation self-transfer of the virus to another area of the skin. Molluscum Contagiosum Symptoms and Signs Bumps on the Skin People often describe localized swollen areas on, or under, the skin as lumps or bumps. While bumps on, or under, the skin may result from conditions that give rise to a skin rash, many other conditions can result in solitary raised lumps on the skin. Infections, tumors, and the body's response to trauma or injury can all lead to lumps or bumps that appear to be located on or underneath the skin. With part of its name being contagiosum, you can be sure it is contagious. The virus spreads by direct skin-to-skin contact and by indirect contact for example, towels or personal items used in contact sports that an infected person touches, allowing the virus to pass from the towel or item to another person's skin. What is the incubation period for molluscum contagiosum? The average time from exposure to the development of symptoms incubation period is about two to seven weeks and may be as long as six months in some individuals. How long does the infection with molluscum contagiosum last? When does a person become noncontagious? The skin lesions last about six to 12 months although some individuals have had lesions last up to four years. Once the lesions spontaneously resolve, the person is not contagious. The contagious period is quite variable and depends on when the lesions resolve. What causes molluscum contagiosum? The cause is a virus, molluscum contagiosum virus, a member of the poxvirus family. The virus only survives in the skin, and when the lesions are gone, the person no longer is contagious. What are risk factors for molluscum contagiosum? The highest risk factor is when an uninfected person touches a skin lesion on an infected person's skin or contacts an item such as a towel that an infected person recently used. People with weakened immune systems are at risk for getting the infection and having it rapidly spread with larger lesions. Other people at high risk are wrestlers, swimmers, gymnasts, and people who use steam baths and saunas. It's also possible to transmit the infection sexually. It is theoretically possible to contract the virus from a toilet seat, though no one has documented this. Molluscum contagiosum remedies

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  1. Small wounds do not heal readily. Dear Dr Chris, I am pleased to say that my family are now free of molluscums thanks to the wheat grass spray.

  2. They were very unsightly and sore so we tried wart removal ointments which made the whole area worse! We started with Dr Wheatgrass cream and after one month, they are all fading and we have not seen the concentrated spread that our first son had to endure. The relief we felt was immense and I will forever be in gratitude for this product.

  3. Direct skin-to-skin contact Contact with contaminated objects, such as toys, towels and faucet handles Sexual contact with an affected partner Scratching or rubbing the bumps spreads the virus to nearby skin. I became desperate when my son was crying saying the kids at preschool were laughing and teasing him, saying he had chicken pox.

  4. As my son was on 12mths old at the time I chose the other alternative option given which was to leave them and they would go at about 2yrs of age. In some cases, your doctor may prescribe the following medications:

  5. Avoid shaving or using electrolysis where the bumps are located. Perspiration sweetish and strong. If you have many large bumps, additional treatment may be necessary every three to six weeks until the bumps disappear.

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