Missing my friends messages. Fear of missing out.

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Missing my friends messages

If you have any information about any of these people, please contact their loved ones at the e-mail address listed below the name. Please be respectful to these people and ONLY send them an e-mail if you have information about their lost loved one. DO NOT send them an e-mail otherwise. If you would like to add the name and information about a missing person, please click below: Please ONLY use the link below to report a missing person. Was staying at Princess Resort in bungalow Everyone is very worried about her. She was vacationing and she hasn't called her family or anyone else. Canadian, 33 years old, 5'10" and weighing pounds, black hair, hazel eyes. He was traveling with a Korean woman called Hee-Jeong, and her two children, age 8 and 3. He was on holiday with his girlfriend, sisters and parents. They stayed in Khao Lak at the time the waves hit the beach, he was probably at the beach. We know that all of them are OK, except for Alexander. My uncle, Michael A. Amistoso, was last known to be in Bangkok. He last contacted my cousin who currently resides in Hawaii the morning of Christmas Day. My Uncle told us that he would be taking a train to come to the States for Christmas break, but he has yet to contact us about his new current situation. He is Australian, 21 years old and traveled with his friend on Dec. Perhaps you have heard something from him. Would like to hear from you. Thank you for your help. Galina Andreva, Thai Airways araytrdg emirates. Born in either Fergus or Guelph, Ontario, Canada. When the waves hit, I was at my hotel room and I haven't heard from him ever since. Have not been able to contact since tsunami, any info greatly appreciated. Anstee, JC -- alive and well in Thailand. Returning to UK in next few days. Arnold family My 9 yr. Sarah Arnold and George Arnold 12 were supposed to be in Thailand during the tragedy. The Arnolds currently reside in Japan, formerly of New Jersey. Hattie called my daughter on the 22nd from Japan to say that they were leaving the next day for Thailand. Please respond if anyone has any info. She has been teaching in Bangkok and was in the Krabi provence, Thailand, over the Christmas period. Any information would be greatly appreciated. The last time I heard from him was Boxing Day morning. He was in Bangkok. If anyone can tell me of his condition and whereabouts please contact me. She and I went to University together. She was living in Thailand, phone numbers don't work and I have had no emails since the Tsunami. I want any information of her that I can find. We know it is on the beach and are concerned about him. His name is Jack Ayers. Jack is from Atlanta and is approximately 75 years old. We have no family contacts and the entire neighborhood is worried. Visiting Phuket through December They may have gone to Phuket. He called me at the beginning of Dec. He is 6 feet tall and of slim build, blonde hair and blue eyes. Could you please let us know if they are ok as his dad Ed is very worried about them and would also like news. He has reddish brown hair and beard, is slim. He is American, wife, Atsuko Baxter, is Japanese. His son is William Baxter. They were vacationing in Thailand and we have not been able to reach them. Jeff and Charity are fine and have returned to the states. They were visiting relatives Thailand for the holidays and planned on being there for a month. We know for sure they were in Thailand when the tsunami hit but we are not sure where. We do not know any of their relatives' last names in Thailand. Gene is in his 60s and Sue is maybe 50 and from Thailand but we do not know her maiden name. He is from Kaiserslautern, Germany, had a home in Thailand and is currently missing. His wife, Bea Behr a Thai national , didn't travel with him on this trip and desperately needs news on him and all of her family members. We don't have her maiden name, just the married one. We haven't heard from him since the tsunami. His name is James Bellman. He is an airplane engineer. Please help us find our uncle for my grandmother so she can be at peace for with herself and stop worrying about her first born son. He is 60 years old. Thank you, Lanise Truitt. His name is Alan Benger. Please give me any info you may find on him. If anyone has information please let us know. Last heard from him as he wished my daughter a happy birthday on Dec. May have been in Phuket or Patong area. In his early 60s, 5'9", with a Thai woman named Mol pronounced Mahn. Any info would be appreciated. My dad is OK as he was in northern Thailand during the disaster, thank God. Praying for those of you still searching. Benusilho, Isabela and Maurice Seeking information about the safety of family friends Maurice and Isabela Benusilho of Paris, France, who were visiting their son David Benusilho and his Thai wife and 2 daughters over the Christmas holiday. Thank you for your help! Maurice and Isabela were on a fishing boat off Phuket at the time of the tsunami and were completely unharmed -- a last minute change of plans from snorkeling to fishing likely saved their lives. They are now back in Paris. David Benusilho and family were in the mountains when the tsunami hit and are also all fine. Thank you all for your good wishes. Karin remembers trying to run with them both and that is all she remembers. They are Job and Maria Berkhout. Please if you have any information let us know. Went for Christmas holiday in Thailand. I believe he and his girlfriend Carolyn were there during the tsunami. They had left me several e-mail addresses and have yet to respond to my emails. They were both from the San Diego area of recent past. I haven't heard from her and am not sure how severely they were affected. She was living in Pattaya with her boyfriend, Yusef Wateef. Any information would be appreciated thanks. He was staying at a Samui Resort on Lamai Beach. Koh Samui Surat Thani Thailand Bill, we are anxiously awaiting your phone call. She was transferred to Khao Lak a few weeks ago. I do not know which hotel she was working for in Thailand. My German friend, Jasmin Biebricher, has been located and is safe. He is 61 years old. Missing my friends messages

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  1. Lisa is about 5'4", extremely petite, with brown eyes and very curly medium brown hair. He called me at the beginning of Dec.

  2. I wish to let you know that you have become the air I breathe. You are so special the angel sent to me.

  3. Please let me know if anyone knows if she's okay. It is like being fresh out of college and trying to decide a path that will best lead me forward to whatever my future holds.

  4. He sent me a Christmas card which I received way before Christmas telling me that he went to Tibet and that he would be spending the holidays in Bangkok.

  5. She wants to see or meet with her family. Any news would be welcome. Jeff and Charity are fine and have returned to the states.

  6. She was at the beach when the tsunami came. I will have been so sad perhaps if I did not meet a lovely lady like you in life.

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