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A full moon will appear on March 1st 7: IGeneX themselves, the most used and trusted lab by Lyme doctors and physicians for confirming a Lyme disease diagnosis, says, "Diagnosis should not be made on laboratory tests alone". It is only part of the test battery and is not confirmatory for Lyme disease. It does not mean the patient has Lyme disease; that is a clinical diagnosis. This exact current-day inaccuracy of Lyme testing in why the best Lyme physicians know not to rely upon laboratory testing for confirming a Lyme disease diagnosis solely, but to couple it with symptoms the patient experiences, and circumstantial evidence. It should be noted that there are labs out there that employ more advanced and modern techniques than others to increase the odds of obtaining a Lyme diagnosis. This article will talk about that later. It exists, that a person can continuously test negative for Lyme disease, but still have an active Lyme disease infection. There are many reasons why a Lyme test can come back negative; even continuously and when different labs and types of testing are employed. This article will discuss 4 reasons, and they're not the only reasons, why a Lyme test can come back negative, even if that person has Lyme disease. And it has to be Lyme disease because the symptoms say so. Now, the emergency room doctor could then have easily dismissed Lyme as the cause of your debilitation symptoms and fever, but this is no ordinary emergency room doctor. You wait another hour, and the test comes back positive - you have your cause. Aside from the inaccuracies that already plague even the best Lyme disease tests to date, they may only test for a certain kind of Borrelia specie. In the United States, most standard Lyme disease tests are only looking for Borrelia burgdorferi. In Europe, most standard Lyme tests are only looking for Borrelia garinii. To date, there are around 18 discovered species of Borrelia with attention focused on a select few. The lab performing your Lyme disease test Not all labs for pathogen testing are the same, which means not all tests, in this instance, the western blot test, are the same. The western blot test is the most commonly used method for testing for Lyme disease. It tests for antibodies your immune system produced in response to the presence of Lyme bacteria. A western blot test performed at one lab can have a completely different protocol and technique for identifying Lyme antibodies than another lab performing a Western Blot test as well. IGeneX is considered the go-to laboratory by Lyme doctors and physicians for testing a patient for Lyme disease with the western blot test. Having better separation of antigens allows a better discernment for identifying purposes. The 31 kDa band antigen is a major outer surface protein OspA of Borrelia burgdorferi. The 34 kDa band antigen is another outer surface protein OspB of Borrelia. Antibodies generated from these Borrelia antigens indicate not just a Lyme infection, but a late stage Lyme infection. Having more modern and advanced techniques for testing for Lyme disease can increase the odds a person will receive a positive diagnosis if they do in fact have Lyme disease. The type of test used There are quite a few methods for testing a person who is suspected of having Lyme disease. While these testing methods for Lyme disease can confirm a positive diagnosis, they can also yield negative results time and time again, even if a person truly have Lyme disease. The following information explains why the following types of tests can come back negative even if a person has Lyme disease: Your blood sample may not have any Lyme DNA in it because when Borrelia is in its cyst-form, it rarely releases any. The PCR test can come back positive or negative depending on the activity level of the infection. This is the most commonly used method for testing for Lyme disease to date, and it works great if antibodies are being produced. Unfortunately, more times than not, a person can have Lyme disease, but no antibodies are being produced, which will produce a false negative i. Cyst form of Borrelia - The Lyme bacteria can transform its physical state from a spirochete to a cyst. When it is in cyst form, it is not creating i. Testing too soon - The immune system needs a chance, if it even gets one, to produce antibodies in response to the presence of the Lyme bacteria. The part of the immune system that produces antibodies the adaptive immune system is activated roughly 4 to 7 days after the innate immune response is unable to initially destroy the foreign invader. The innate immune response has three lines of defense before the adaptive immune system antibody producing immune system phase takes over. Part of the second line of defense for the innate immune response is the complement immune system. The complement immune system will kill the foreign invader if it is activated by one of three pathways: The classical pathway, the mb-lectin pathway, or the alternative complement pathway. The latter, the alternative complement pathway, is the pathway that deals specifically with Borrelia burgdorferi. The alternative complement pathway will trigger the complement immune response if complement protein C3b can bind to the surface of the spirochete. So, as a result, the innate immune response is delayed or hindered, which allows the Lyme spirochete to take hold, and a possible delay in the adaptive immune response which is responsible for making antibodies. Type of antibody test - The ELISA test is less sensitive, meaning it doesn't produce enough of certain types of antibodies needed to identify the presence of the Lyme bacteria. While the western blot is much more sensitive at detecting other types of antibodies from the presence of the Lyme bacteria, which increases the odds of a positive diagnosis, even the western blot test can be performed differently i. The problem with this test is that it relies on a living Lyme bacterium to be cultured i. This is why Advanced Laboratory Services, the lab that performs the Borrelia Culture Test , needs your blood sample within 24 hours of being withdrawn. The current inaccuracies of Lyme disease testing is why any good Lyme doctor or physician will also take into account the symptoms a person suspected of having Lyme disease has, with laboratory testing, in order to make a clinical diagnosis. For the sake of argument, you get tested for Lyme disease through one of the most reputable labs in the world for testing for Lyme. Well, because you have symptoms that warrant such a test. How is that possible? The overlooked answer to this enigma could possibly be a co-infection, or two, or more! Many of the co-infections that a person can receive through the same bite a tick can transmit Lyme disease, produce symptoms that can nearly mirror those symptoms of Lyme disease. You may have an overlooked co-infection, or two, and not Lyme disease. Conclusion If you, or someone you know, has a Lyme test performed and it comes back negative despite the empirical evidence of notable Lyme symptoms, and every other common protocol test for other diseases and ailments has been performed and yielded negative results, continue to consider the possibility that you may still have an active Lyme disease infection. But also be wary of doctors who claim to know how to treat Lyme disease, or accept chronic Lyme disease as reality, but are just in the practice for a quick, large buck. Both doctors and astrophysicists, despite their different fields, rely upon science as the tool, method, and process by which we as human beings obtain truth. Any inconsistencies in the acceptance of scientific evidence is the willful choice to remain ignorant - a price many with chronic Lyme disease currently pay. If you have symptoms of Lyme disease and your lab results come back positive, have good reason to assume you have Lyme disease. This article is in no way suggesting a complete avoidance of Lyme testing. In Search of Solutions — Ticks. Vogan, Sue, and Dr. The Diagnostic Dilemma of Lyme Disease. Main, Emily, and Dr. A Potent Emerging Disease. Message for tired person

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  1. Any inconsistencies in the acceptance of scientific evidence is the willful choice to remain ignorant - a price many with chronic Lyme disease currently pay. Oct 10, Jan 8, Womack, William J. Participants must choose an answer in this design.

  2. The type of test used There are quite a few methods for testing a person who is suspected of having Lyme disease. It is only part of the test battery and is not confirmatory for Lyme disease.

  3. A full moon will appear on March 1st 7: The combined treatment yielded results similar to those of Rational-Emotive Therapy, with tentative indications of continued improvement in irrational cognitions and self-concept from posttest to follow-up.

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