Mary jane season 2 episode 3. Being Mary Jane.

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Being Mary Jane Season 2 Episode 5 Review & After Show

Mary jane season 2 episode 3

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Reader Carla Well, Hello there: I recently begun to watch this series and found myself fascinated by storyline. With that said, I find it simply an amazing discovery that her life is so similar to many other women who fall within a different culture, different financial status and different race. I became intrigued with the show within a few hours of watching on this pass Sunday. Why is this show being cancelled? Who makes these crazy decisions?? If BET is cancelling Being Mary Jane due to low ratings or a possible drop in viewership, I can assure you that the reason for this is two-fold; first of all, the lack of advertisement for this show is astounding! We need more shows like this one. They are already ending Scandal please re-consider. This show speaks to so many issues and on behalf of so many singles everywhere. I wonder if it were on a primetime televison station or cable if more people would be exposed to it and evince their support. I always have to go through hoops to see it. The show parallels current events. Mary Jane is a television anchor and she highlights real life current events as backdrop to career, family and personal life challenges of single women. We have a voice and Mary Jane trumpeted it. Come on BET you can do better than this. Why are they being so vague and cruel to us fans. We deserve better than this. At first I was sad, then I remembered my So keep cancelling my favorite shows and I can cancel my cable! Not yet decided, but I do hope you will renew for the 5th season. To us viewers tells someone and please focus on the impact the show has made for real life issues. I think everyone can appreciate this show. It is great for teaching moments of of our younger folks as well. Mary jane season 2 episode 3

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  1. The Carnage Queen subsequently fights with the three young heroes. The local blacksmith Curtis Norton and his wife Ann haven't been married long. She also asks to put his life back as it was and have a chance at happiness.

  2. Eventually, upon realizing the feelings that they share for one another, they decide to take their relationship to the next level.

  3. She later enters a short romantic relationship with Liz Allan 's brother Mark Allan. But Jason says he is no longer playing because he feels he must toughen up so he can do the job he was trained for in the military. It is great for teaching moments of of our younger folks as well.

  4. Mary Jane gets transformed into the Carnage Queen , [51] the leader of the Carnage-enveloped Midtown High hive that has also assimilated elements of the Anti-Venom symbiote.

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