Mandala tattoo for guys. 70 Rose Tattoos That Will Make You Reallllly Want a Rose Tattoo.

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Mandala tattoo for guys

However, the type of tattoo that you choose will say a lot about you as a person. For instance, picking something like a skull or something similar may make people think that you have been in prison or that you at least consider yourself some sort of hard man. It does not necessarily make for a very pleasant thing to look at in the mirror. However, picking something a little more feminine, particularly if you are a man, might make you feel slight emasculated. What do you pick to maintain your masculinity without making it seem as though you are trying too hard? Cross When it comes to tattoos, the cross is one of the most popular ones, and for a good reason. A cross tattoo can look good in any size. Celebrities with a Cross Tattoo: Check out our gallery here… Skull Skull tattoos are great for symbolizing both positive and negative attributes. In a lot of cases skull tattoos are associated with death, something evil or somebody who leads a dangerous life. However, you can also use it to express good things, like overcoming a deadly disease, changing your lifestyle or you can even use it as a symbol of remembrance. Celebrities with a Skull Tattoo: Johnny Depp, Josh Beech, Eminem. Check out our gallery here… Phoenix If you want a tattoo which symbolizes life, longevity or rebirth, a phoenix tattoo is the perfect choice. The phoenix is a famous creature which originates from the Greek mythology. Celebrity with a phoenix tattoo: Check out our gallery here… Dragon The dragon is one of the most famous mythological creatures, which appeared in a lot of different cultures. Because of this, a dragon tattoo can mean a lot of things, including power, wisdom, potential, good luck, happiness, immortality and the list goes on. Since dragons have so many different forms, you have tons of option if you want to have a dragon tattoo. For example, you can choose between the european dragon and the long chinese dragon. Celebrities with a dragon tattoo: Lenny Kravitz, Brian Austin. Check out our gallery here… Angel If you want a beatiful tattoo with more than one meaning, you should consider getting an angel tattoo. Angels are often associated with protection: There were many cases when a person who survived a rough accident got an angel tattoo. Celebrity with angel tattoo: Angel Wings Angels are very popular as tattoo inspiration, especially among religious people. However, you can see more and more tattoos of these divine, human-like creatures even on people who are not Christians. From purity to love, angels are associated with many different symbols, and you can also get a pair of angel wings tattoo to express your love for these creatures. Celebrity with angel wings tattoo: Animal With an animal tattoo you can express yourself in a lot of ways, depending on the animal you choose for a tattoo. For example, cats are associated with mystery and independence, while dogs are associated with faithfulness and protection. Celebrites with animal tattoo: Starfish The starfish is a mysterious sea creature which became a quite popular tattoo inspiration. In ancient Rome the starfish was a symbol of Venus, the love of goddes, while in Christian symbolism is represents Virgin Mary, who ensures safe travel when the waters are troubled. The starfish was also quite famous in Egyptian mythology where it was connected to the goddes Isis. Jellyfish A jellyfish tattoo is usually a choice for people who are fascinated by the sea. Instead they use the currents of the ocean to move forward. Their lives are all about survival, so if you want a tattoo with an underlying meaning, a jellyfish tattoo is a perfect choice. Elephant An elephant tattoo is the perfect choice if you want something which symbolizes strength, stability, honor or even patience. In Hinduism the god of luck and fortune, Ganesha has an elephant head, so this animal is also often associated with these terms. In various Asian cultures the elephant is believed to be a cosmic being which carries the whole world upon its back. Penguin When it comes to symbolism, the penguin is much more than a cute animal. Just think about it: Not only that, but the penguins live there without a problem. The penguin lives a life that requires inner strength and fortitude, and if you can identify yourself with this, a penguin tattoo is a great choice. Celebrity with penguin tattoo: Giraffe Would you think that a giraffe has symbolic meaning too? Believe it or not, this is the case: However, these are not the only symbolic meanings of the giraffe: Celebrity with owl tattoo: Lion Want a tattoo which symbolizes strength? In ancient Greece lions were viewed as guardians, while in Egypt Sekhmet, the warrior goddess was depicted as a lioness. Celebrities with lion tattoo: Shemar Moore, Robbie Williams. Flower Wild flower Although a flower tattoo is more popular among girls, it has enough different meanings that it can be a great choice for men too. Depending on its type and color, a flower can be associated with a lot of things. For example, a red wild flower tattoo can mean independence and originality, while a white flower can be a symbol of remembrance and peacefulness. Celebrity with flower tattoo: Rose Black Roses Depending on its color, a rose tattoo can symbolize many different things. For example, the traditional red rose is associated with love, beauty, passion, courage and even respect, while black roses are often connected to sad terms like death and farewell. Celebrity with rose tattoo: If you want a tattoo that reminds you of this every day, there is no better choice than a nice, cool-looking clock tattoo. You have a lot of options: When it comes to a spartan tattoo, you have more than one options: Gladiator Gladiators are the perfect symbol of strength, bravery and perseverance. In ancient Rome, these combatants had to endure many difficult fights in order to survive, and only the most powerful ones emerged victorious. Celebrity with gladiator tattoo: Tribal The tribal tattoo is one of the most popular choices among tattoo fans, and for a good reason. It looks good on almost any body parts, and you have a lot of choices. You can make a complex and huge tribal tattoo, or just stay with something simple. If you want, you can get a tribal tattoo which has symbolic meaning, or just one which looks great. Celebrities with tribal tattoo: Check out our gallery here… Infinity While really simple, az infinity tattoo can hold much meaning — not only that, but it can be beautiful as well. Depending on your goals, az infinity tattoo can symbolize many things, like limitless love, a never ending loop, and even rebirth or reincarnation. Car If you love cars and tattoos, then there is no better way to show your love for both than a car tattoo. Whether you like oldtimers, sport cars or something else, you can get a nice looking car tatttoo on almost any part of your body. Lighthouse The tall structure know as the light can be a symbol for many different things. Its main purpose is to notify sailor that they are approaching the shores, and it helps them navigating in the night. Therefore a lighthouse tattoo can be a symbol of guidance, protection or even helpfulness. It also a great choice for those who love the sea and sailing. Anime Anime tattoos are getting more and more popular among hardcore anime enthusiasts. Of course, when it comes to anime tattoo, a famous character is not your only choice. There are several anime with really memorable sentences and scenes that are great material for an anime tattoo. Also, the abilities of certain characters gives room for creativity, you just have to use your imagination. Check out our gallery here… Anchor Tattoos The anchor tattoo gained a lot of popularity over the last few years. Originally people associated anchor tattoo with the sea or people who works close to seas like sailors. However, nowadays it means much more. Celebrity with anchor tattoo: Name Tattoos A name tattoo is a serious thing, because it requires a huge amount of commitment towards somebody. A name tattoo is a great way to remember your loved ones who passed away, or to strengthen your relationship with somebody. Either way, you should think twice before you get a tatto like that. Celebrities with name tattoo: David Beckham, Johnny Depp. Star A star tattoo may not be the first idea for men, but thanks to its many different meanings, it can be a great choice. Since stars have the ability to guide us without any map or compass, they are often associated with guidance. A lot of people see them as a symbol of hope and divinity, and as a tattoo, it can also be a symbol of honor. Even though the shape of a star is given, you can get really creative with a star tattoo, you can play with the colors for example. Celebrity with star tattoo: Mandala tattoo for guys

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  1. Got an amazing tattoo by Simon today. For example, the traditional red rose is associated with love, beauty, passion, courage and even respect, while black roses are often connected to sad terms like death and farewell. A heart compass tattoo means following your heart, or having the courage to let your heart guide your decisions in life.

  2. Rainbow rose This one is my favourite rainbow rose tattoo of all time. I would definitely recommend this studio to anyone who is going to Liverpool and looking for professional tattoos and amazing artists. We've added this combo permanently to our catalog, but for the next two days it's our featured item, giving you free US shipping on it plus anything else you order along with it!

  3. Shade them, cover them with thorns, and make them burn in flames or leave them as striking black and white.

  4. Angel tattoo designs can also be any size, making it possible to put an angel tattoo on any part of the body. The fill and borders are all deep with lines and various shades, heightened with names written right across.

  5. It is the first time she has offered one of these images as a large format canvas art print, 22x33" plus a 1" colored mounting border, which is a particularly attractive presentation for her photos. And always a great job not matter what I ask for!

  6. Color Splatters Not all Buddha tattoo art needs to stick to the traditional images or styles. Really great process from start to finish. Waves There are often waves incorporated with Buddha tattoo.

  7. I like it because it looks realistic, this could actually be a Buddha statue were it not so wonderfully rendered on flesh. In this Buddha tattoo, we can clearly see the third eye of Buddha, right in the middle of his forehead. The flowers are so delicately done.

  8. It does not have a lot of details, for obvious reasons, but still manages to convey enough to have a real impact. Jewel is about hope, joy and elevation from sadness and distress.

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