Making a pin cushion. upholstery basics: boxed cushion sewing.

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How to Make a Pincushion Jar ❀ Haykanush DIY

Making a pin cushion

I used the very bright and colorful Domestic Bliss for a spring pin cushion. Cut your solid square or a print Fold the corner over the edge of the template and iron into place. Then repeat on the other three sides. Next fold the edges down and press. Repeat on the other three sides. When the sides are pressed it will look like this: Take the template out at this point: Fold your square in half and press: This is what it looks like if you fold one side back: Fold the opposite way and press again. When you open your square it will look like this: Time for more folding. Fold the outer corners in and press: It will look like this when all four have been pressed: Now do it all again. Fold each of the corners in and press: Trim one of your 5 in squares to 4. Stitch the center to secure the flaps closed. This will not show so it does not have to be pretty! Take another of your 5 in squares and place in one of the triangles and trim. Repeat with the rest of the charms. Fold the edge of the flap over the triangle of fabric and pin into place. Sew to secure the flap. Repeat until you have all the flaps sewn. Put the top aside and grab your last four charms, Right sides facing sew them together on one side. Repeat so you have two sets. Placing right sides together mark a 2in opening with two pins. Press the seam open. This is the opening. Take the cushion top and place it right sides facing and centered on the opening of the cushion back. Trim the excess fabric. Turn the cushion right side out. Stuff and stuff some more! Stitch the back closed. The best part…choose a button, attach it and you are DONE!!!!! One really cute and adorable 3. Making a pin cushion

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  1. When we turn the cushion right side out, no threads will show. Using the pattern as a guide to keep the lines consistent and straight, draw two horizontal lines across the fabric.

  2. Place the zipper teeth under the single welt cord foot where the cording would normally go. When the sides are pressed it will look like this: Have a wonderful week everyone!

  3. On cushions, the top of the pattern should start at the back of the cushion and go down to the bottom of the boxing.

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