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Mahadev and parvati story

Read the story of the origin of the Das Mahavidyas. Kali First of all Sati took the form of Kali. Her form was fearful, her hair untied and loose, her body the color of a dark cloud. She had deep set eyes and eyebrows shaped like curved swords. She stood on a corpse, wore a garland of skulls, and earrings made from the bones of corpses. She had four hands — on one hand she had the head of a skull, and the other a curved sword with blood dripping on it. She had mudras on her other two hands — one giving freedom from fear and the other giving blessings. She roared and the ten directions were filled with that ferocious sound. The exploits of this Goddess Kali are outlined in the Chandi Path. She is the Goddess that killed Chanda and Munda and also drank the blood of Raktabija. Kali is the first of the Das Mahavidyas. She is beyond time. She takes away the darkness and fills us with the light of Wisdom, which is why She is the embodiment of Jnana Shakti. She resides in the cremation grounds, where all creation dissolves. Bagala Bagala is the second Mahavidya. Listen to her story. Brahma became worried about His creation and wondered what the outcome of this turmoil would be. He then meditated to bring peace to the universe. Pleased with His austerities, She appeared before Him as Mother Bagala in a yellow form and gave him a boon. Bagala grants all kinds of perfection to devotees who pray to Her. Here is another story of Her origin. Once an asura named Ruru, the son of Durgam, performed severe penance to win the favor of Brahma. Since Ruru was already very powerful, the Gods became very apprehensive of what might happen if he obtained a boon from Brahma. So they did aradhana propitiation to yellow water Shree Maa says here, that yellow intuitively means peace. Pleased with their tapasya, the Divine Mother appeared as Bagala. Bagala is the Goddess who stops all motion at the appropriate time, silences the mouths and words of all evil beings, and controls their tongues. May that Goddess bless us with stillness when it is appropriate! Cinnamasta The third Mahavidya is Cinnamasta. Listen to the story of Her origin from the Pancharatna Grantha. Parvati was feeling very happy and a lot of love was welling up inside Her. Her complexion darkened and the feeling of love completely took over. Her friends on the other hand were hungry and asked Parvati to give them some food. Parvati requested them to wait and said that She would feed them after a while, and began walking. After a short while, Her friends once again appealed to Her, telling Her that She was the Mother of the Universe and they Her children, and asked to be fed quickly. Parvati replied that they should wait until they got home. Her friends could not wait any longer and demanded that their hunger be satisfied immediately. The compassionate Parvati laughed and with her finger nail cut Her own head. Immediately the blood spurted in three directions. Her two friends drank the blood from two of the directions and the Goddess herself drank the blood from the third direction. Since she cut Her own head, she is known as Cinnamasta. Cinnamasta shines like a lightning bolt from the Sun. She demonstrates the rare courage needed to make the highest conceivable sacrifice. May we imbue that very same courage from that daring Goddess! Bhuvanesvari Bhuvanesvari is the fourth Mahavidya. She is also known as Rajarajeswari and protects the Universe. Brahma had the desire to create the Universe, and he did intense tapasya to invite the energy of Creation, Kriya Shakti. Parameswari, pleased with his tapasya responded to his invitation and came as Bhu devi or Bhuvanesvari. She is red in color, seated on a lotus flower. Her body is resplendent and shining with jewels. She holds a noose paasham and a curved sword ankusham in two of her hands and the other two assume the mudras of blessing and freedom from fear. Bhuvanesvari is the Supreme Empress of Manifested Existence, the exposer of consciousness. Matangi The fifth Mahavidya is Matangi. Here is the story of her origin. Shiva wanted to go with Her, but would not go without being invited. Parvati laughed and said the He should go with her. Shiva replied that He would not go with Her, but would come to escort Her back. In Her absence, Shiva began to long for Her and decided to visit Her in the disguise of an ornament vendor. When She selected the ornaments and asked for the price, Shiva told Her that if She fulfilled his desire, He would give Her the ornaments. Parvati was astounded that somebody would dare suggest such a thing to Her. Then She realized that the vendor was none other than Her Lord Shiva. She told Shiva that She would fulfill His desire, but not just then and sent Him away. Later that evening, She went with a friend to where Mahadev was praying. She took the form of a beautiful outcaste girl, a chandali, and approached him thinking that He would not recognize her. If you marry me, I will make you like Parvati, without a doubt. Matangi is the measurement of all the limbs of creation and Supreme Goddess of all desires. Shree Maa says that anyone prays to Matangi will attain perfection. Sorasi The sixth Mahavidya is Sorasi. This is the story of Her manifestation. Parvati was insulted and left that place. Shiva went into His own heart and began to remember the Goddess. But without seeing the Goddess in person, He became dismayed and wondered where She had gone. At that time Narad Muni came to where Shiva was meditating. Shiva narrated this occurrence to Narad and told him that Kali had left Him. Narad was very happy to hear of the differences between Shiva and Kali. In his meditation Narad saw that Parvati was sitting in meditation on Sumeru Mountain in an inaccessible place. In order to increase the separation between Shiva and Parvati, Narad went to where Parvati was meditating and said that Shiva was entering into a relationship with another woman. It will be proper for you to stop Him. In this great anger, the Goddess assumed the form of the most beautiful young lady of sixteen years, Sorasi, and presented Herself before Shiva. How can you now give Your heart to another woman? The woman you see in my heart is your reflection. In this form you will manifest excellence! Dhumavati The seventh Mahavidya is Dhumavati. Here is the story of Her origin. One day Mahadev was sitting in Kailash and Parvati was on his lap. She told Shiva that She was very hungry and requested Him to get Her some food. Shiva asked Her to wait awhile and so saying went back into meditation. When Shiva asked Her to wait a second time, Parvati was so hungry that She became aggressive. The third time this happened, Parvati could bear no more and she ate Shiva to appease Her hunger. Immediately smoke started to come from within Her body. Dhuma means smoke, and She is depicted without any ornaments and in widow apparel. Dhumavati demonstrates renunciation and removes all frustration and agitation, and is free from disrepute. Tripurasundari The eighth Mahavidya is Tripurasundari, also known as Kamala. A form of Mahalakshmi, She symbolizes wealth. Her body is golden in color and She is seated on a gold lotus. One day Indra, the ruler of the heavens, saw Rambha and was lost watching her beauty. At that time, the fierce Rishi Durvasa appeared and gave a garland to Indra. But Indra, still mesmerized by Rambha, did not realize what he was doing and gave the garland to his elephant Airavat. You will lose Lakshmi. She will leave your kingdom. Mahadev and parvati story

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  1. The term Shiva is used to call Indra in the Rig Veda. Special worship services are offered to Natarajar and the associated Sphatika Lingam, as in Chidambaram. Vishnu and Siva [

  2. Roots of Hinduism The figure of Shiva as we know him today may be an amalgamation of various older deities into a single figure.

  3. He realised that she was his Shakti. Now Lord Shiva angrily blazed at Kamadeva and opened his third eye.

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