Lump on the outside of vagina. Lump under eye..

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Bartholins cyst or vaginal bumps causes and treatment

Lump on the outside of vagina

Last Name We'll only send you great stuff, never spam. Marie is a qualified veterinarian, the information found on this site is not meant to replace the advice of your own veterinarian. Marie do not accept any responsibility for any loss, damage, injury, death, or disease which may arise from reliance on information contained on this site. Do not use information found on this site for diagnosing or treating your pet. Anything you read here is for information only. Thank you for your response Dr. We understand that you can't give us a precise estimate, but could you give us an idea a range of the cost we'd be looking at for surgery based on similar cases? It really really depends Unfortunately it may be a lump that is not possible to remove as well We did a bit of research yesterday and thought it would cost about that much. We've also seen that with a pad tumor it may be difficult to completely remove as it is usually necessary to remove some good tissue along with the bad , and that sometimes it's necessary to amputate the leg completely due to this problem. My husband and I have discussed it and we aren't sure how we want to proceed at this point. Although it seems to be in his way he doesn't seem to be in pain. It is more sensitive to the cold since there is no fur covering the tumor but otherwise it doesn't seem to hurt him. Finally, it has taken quite a bit of time for it to grow to its current size, and so we hope that this could be in our favour and indicate that it is not a malignant cyst. If it continues to grow it will definitely be a problem for him, but wouldn't it be worse to have to amputate his whole leg, or have him go through multiple surgeries at his age? I know that is the worst case scenario but we definitely want to consider it. Your advice is very helpful. Search for similar questions: I am wishing to go into the veterinary workforce, and I would love to know if you My dog has anal gland troubles, the vet mentioned fiber treats, I was wondering for My pug is losing his hair and the skin is turning black around his neck. My cat will not stop urinating on the carpet, she has seen a vet and has no medical It started of only Hello, On Monday of this week today is Wednesday my cat came up to me while I I wanted to make a new bed for my guinea pig's house her "nest". My puppy that is 9 weeks old has had all shot. Today he has terrible diarrhea and Lump on the outside of vagina

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  2. Measles and trichomoniasis a protozoan infection causing diarrhea and persistent discharge may also affect this area. I wasn't crazy about treating this cysts with this particular method, but I did what my doctor told me to prevent an infection since I was pregnant. I'm a mail, 49 in great heath, so history of cancer in me or my family.

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