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Lululemon glass water bottle

Photo by Lani Teshima. The birth of a thicker fabric Tom Bihn worked extensively with his fabric manufacturer in Japan to come up with a heftier version of the lightweight, slash-proof Dyneema nylon fabric he used as a liner for his travel bags. Wanting to offer a heavier version of the fabric that he could use as an exterior fabric on his carry-on bags, the result is a denier weight version that is twice as thick as the denier weight Dyneema which Tom Bihn uses as a liner fabric and for lighter-weight items like the shopping bags. The front pocket can it an iPad or small magazine. The main selling point on the Dyneema version of these bags is lighter weight. Most of the d Dyneema models are roughly 20 percent lighter than their ballistic nylon counterparts. This may not seem like a big deal for some, but those on the Tom Bihn forums needing to minimize their carry-on weight in order to meet the more stringent requirements of European air carriers welcomed this announcement with great cheer. Shaped like the Tri-Star, the Western Flyer is smaller. The backpack version of the Western Flyer has hideaway backpack straps that zip up into a compartment in the back of the bag. The hideaway backpack straps are nothing to sneeze at. The Western Flyer has two main compartments, as well as smaller pockets in the front. The main compartments open completely, allowing you to pack clothes in one compartment and electronic gear in the second, for example. When I pack my Western Flyer, I typically pack clothes in the back compartment, and use the front compartment to pack extra shoes, toiletry bag, makeup bag, and other extras in organizer pouches. This leaves the front zippered pockets for stashing smaller items I might need for the flight, like iPod, earphones, boarding passes, and wallet. The main compartment unzips completely and lies flat, making packing much easier. I consider it my go-to carry-on, and although I turn to the bigger Tri-Star for dual-purpose trips two different climates, two different types of trips rolled into one, and so on—my next one will be a week-long cruise in February followed by a half-marathon, on the same trip and have traveled with smaller bags, I am most familiar with the Western Flyer. I know what I can fit into them. I know what I typically pack into the segments. The front compartment also opens up fully, however it has a center divider that lets you separate the space into two segments. To open the compartment completely or to not use the divider, simply unzip it. For Western Flyer fans, you can rest assured knowing that the Dyneema version is identical to the ballistic nylon version. All the zippers work the same way, the insides are still lined with the lighter d Dyneema, all the internal seams are covered. Small touches, like a key strap in one of the front pockets, and little plastic rings on which to clip your keys, are hallmarks of a well-made bag from Tom Bihn. While I knew the Dyneema version of the bag would be lighter, I was pleasantly surprised by some additional things I noticed during a recent test run on a Thanksgiving weekend trip: A good comparison is the front pockets on the Western Flyer. Try to fit a wide bottle in the pocket and zip it up. It feels much easier with the Dyneema version. But when I got to the hotel, I unpacked everything into the closet and dresser. But I discovered that when I emptied the bag, it lay as flat as a pancake. So I wound up putting the emptied Western Flyer in a dresser drawer and stashed it out the way. The Dyneema Western Flyer folds down very flat when empty. Nothing snags on this fabric. The Dyneema feels slicker than the ballistic nylon, and even though the Western Flyer is the same size regardless of which fabric you get, the Dyneema version seems much easier to slide in and out from the underseat area on the plane. I found it really easy to pull the Dyneema Western Flyer out from the area with the side handle during the flight as well. The padded side handle makes it very easy to pull the bag out from under the seat in front of you on a plane. Drawbacks of Dyneema Although a lighter bag is generally a good thing, the new Dyneema version may not be for everyone. In fact, the Tom Bihn website even offers this warning: But if you already own a Western Flyer in ballistic nylon, should you buy the Dyneema version? You might even be able to use it as an excuse to help convince someone to try carry-on-only travel. Get your bag now! Product at a glance Product name: Also available in traditional ballistic nylon colors. Backpack style available in Nordic and Steel; rolling upright handle style available in Steel Volume: Lululemon glass water bottle

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  1. One of those styles of presentation may resonate with you more than others, and yet you may want to have a selection to look at for the times where you need more than just a quick jolt of inspiration.

  2. Although this routine worked well for busy mumma me, it was doing Mumma Nature no favours at all.

  3. The main selling point on the Dyneema version of these bags is lighter weight. So many variations and super cute colours.

  4. Probably had a bit too much coffee haha. Well, it was still crazy mumlife , but my coffee routine was nice and chilled.

  5. Since then, the company has re-packaged and marketed items for consumer sales through their line of Nalgene Outdoor Products.

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