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Love at 30

It took years of research and many more years of trial and error to find the simplest way for someone to switch to a diet of primarily Clean Eating. Following what I learned I had seen many friends and family have major results by slightly tweaking how, and what they were eating on a daily basis. We created this program as the perfect companion for someone looking to improve their health by eating REAL food. This program is exactly what I would have wanted when I started eating clean because of two key factors. What do I mean by Accountability? Just simply reading a few recipes online will not change the way you eat. You require a system to keep yourself committed to your clean eating lifestyle. And when it comes to a plan, you can not simply guess your way to success. One you will stick to, rather than being bored from after a few weeks I have found that in order for Clean Eating to have an effect on your health, you require: The correct eating plans. So that you stay full, with the right foods 2. Friends that are also eating clean. A leader to show you how, hold you accountable, and answer your questions! Especially on days with Major Cravings. And that is exactly why this program works! This group is amazing and supportive. Specific meals, recipes, when to eat, all in detail. I dropped 6 pounds since Wednesday. It has been amazing for both of us. We have lost 17 lbs each and feeling so much better! Tammy Phillips Hatch March 7, During this experience the healthy eating has thrown my blood pressure into a nose dive which is a great thing! Terrie Williams December 28, My cravings have stopped…. I am so content to eat this way for the rest of my life! Thank you, thank you! Daisy Heinrich December 15, Lost 15 lbs and am able to run 20 minutes straight. Someone even commented and was very impressed. Thank you Rachel Maser you have changed my life forever. Give it a chance and it will work. By following the plan included: Your body will be filled with healthy nutrients. In the following 3 weeks the plan will re-introduce many ingredients back into your lifestyle. These are meals you can be making and eating for the rest of your life. A 4 Week Recipe Guide: You will have recipes that are created with a focus on decreasing inflammation, decreasing cravings and keeping you satisfied. Clean Snack Recipes for in between meals. These emails WILL keep you on track and sticking to the plan. Meal Prep will also be a huge topic of these emails. Our previous challenge members have found these emails to be extremely helpful to getting through the entire month. Private Online Group My team and I plus a whole big group of amazing people just like you — people who will be your biggest supporters and cheerleaders are waiting for you! I often hear that not having the proper support at home is a major hold back for desired lifestyle changes. Studies have shown that people who have social support will lose more weight, than those who are trying to lose weight alone. Being apart of this engaged group of people with the same goals, is a fun and powerful way to experience change. At the end of the 30 Days, many of group members are most grateful for this community. Create your own weekly plan, or use one of our pre-made plans. This will keep you organized while on our clean plan. Unadvertised Bonuses Inside every challenge group I add one or two of my eCookbooks as extra bonuses. I want you eating clean all the time. However, I wanted to offer this program for a price nearly anyone could afford. Eileen Howey May 4, I totally loved the program. I was only successful because of prepping, group support and pure dedication. My biggest improvement was in my waistline. I never felt like I was missing out on any particular foods. Throughout this program I challenged myself when I was at particular events or around the notorious desserts. I can honestly say I do not have a sugar problem! I was waaaay waaaay waaaay back into sugar addiction…. Thanks to a nudge from my friend Cory Shanes… Boom—got myself into rehab. My kitchen is on fire with healthy foods. The lettuce wraps are just ONE of my many favs. Shannon Notine Lind January 26, Doing great! Exactly what I needed to shed the final baby weight. Now I am at a normal BMI and feeling great! Carmelita Dominguez July 26, I was super excited this morning! I also gave some information to a couple of friends a few weeks ago who have gone out and bought the books and one joined the challenge. In speaking with them today, in their first week they lost 4 lbs. I was excited to be able to lead them to this clean food plan. Thank you Rachel Maser for everything you have done. Shanda Hartsock March 3, So after my late start, one week complete. Pepperidge Farm Goldfish are my crack!!! Please keep in mind that this program will NOT work for excuse makers. The first days are HARD. Plan on using some willpower! If you believe you require a change, and deserve a healthier, happier body, this program is for you. This program is first come first serve, and there are limited spots available. See you in the challenge group! Yesterday, my 10 year old asked to help me prep food for the week. She requested tangy shredded chicken for lunch today and my 7 year old asked for turkey meatballs. Carrie Randall May 4, 1st day of week 4! Down one pound last week for a total of 8lbs so far! What I really love is that my skin has cleared up, I used to break out at least once a week but I have had no breakouts since starting this program! You have found the secret to eliminating unhealthful sugar: I have a long way to go, but am proud of myself. Our new puppy may drive me to drink soon though. He is down 19lbs and blood sugar is consistantly down into the 90s! This is an amazing group. Ask any question someone will support and answer you. We are all in this together! I guess my tastes are changing. Otherwise everything has been really good. No cookies, candy, or booze. No pizza or pasta. But I feel like for the first time I have the mindset to stick with it. Only time will tell, but I sure feel amazing! Jen Gottschalk I changed my lifestyle with Clean Eating October and I had an epiphany I wanted to share that made this all worthwhile and gave me peace of mind: Because this has been such an easy for the most part lifestyle change, I know I will meet my goal and be able to maintain. And thank you again Rachel Maser! You will be added to the group within 24 hours. Love at 30

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  2. Daisy Heinrich December 15, Lost 15 lbs and am able to run 20 minutes straight. We created this program as the perfect companion for someone looking to improve their health by eating REAL food.

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