Lob haircut for fine hair. 60 Inspiring Long Bob Hairstyles and Haircuts.

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Razor haircut on Fine Hair Tutorial

Lob haircut for fine hair

Pin it Prev1 of 60 Next A long bob, or lob, as it is commonly referred to, has continuously been dubbed the hairstyle of the year. It is a much deserved recognition because the style manages to be flattering for a variety of different face shapes, hair textures and complexions. To put it simply, lob is classic and universal. Find the perfect variation for you in our gallery below. Long Bob Hairstyles Lobs are beautiful in any texture — straight and sleek or wavy and messy. Choppy and Wavy Lob Source This stunning look is amazingly easy to style. Curling just the midshaft means super short styling time. Asymmetrical Long Bob This long bob gets its edginess from the front pieces that are quite a bit longer than the rest of the layered strands, about two and a half inches. The peekaboo blond highlights that frame the face and lighter ends make this not only trendy, but incredibly flattering. Keep hair soft and touchable with smooth styling creams. Graduated Long Bob Cut When styled straight, a graduated lob cut gives an illusion of a grown out bob that happens to look so effortlessly chic. Long A-line with Ombre Styles with uneven length are so fun to rock. You get the ease of short hair, while still having it long enough to tuck behind your ears. The ombre effect is expertly done. Not only are the transitions on point, but the tone is just right. When cut as an A-line style, locks not only appear longer, but they also seem fuller and thicker! Ask for cute extra long pieces at the front to achieve this whimsical wispy effect. Long Bob Cut with Chunky Layers Many ladies prefer layered cuts to uni-length ones because they bring more movement and texture. Choppier lob hair appears fashionably piece-y, complementing alternative and edgy wardrobes. To take it a step further, go for an icy color like silver or white. Bob of Colors Love to be blonde but enjoy the easy maintenance of brown hair? Get the best of both worlds with this two-toned lob that brings texture and fun to otherwise mundane hair. Medium to Long Style Keep your medium to long length hair tousled and modernly messy with the help of a haircut that provides plenty of shape and body. This is especially important if you have fine hair — this cut will beef it up without going overboard. Smooth Cinnamon Bob A lob haircut is a great way to let a solid color shine. Because simplicity is a huge element of this cut, all-over color coupled with straight locks becomes very chic. If you have medium skin tone and freckles, please, oh please, try this color. But when dark, midnight hues meet textured long bobs, that harshness is automatically replaced with pure edginess. We suggest loosely wrapping strands around a large barrel with no clamp to achieve the messy effect. Long Balayage Bob with Blunt Bangs Incredibly low maintenance, this stylish long bob with a balayage is a deal for individuals looking to ensure their color lasts. Burgundy Lob Cut Why not color your long bob cut a bright trendy hue? Burgundy is mystical and makes green and brown eyes pop! Whatever hair hue you choose, make sure its undertone, warm or cool, flatters your skin. Voluminous Brunette Bob with Layers One of the most common and misunderstood aspects of bobs with a long length: With the proper styling tools, products and layered cut, lobs such as the one pictured here can look as sexy and voluminous as a full blowout. Inverted Lob with Platinum Highlights An inverted lob is similar to an a-line, as both have the longest hair at the front. However, the difference is that inverted cuts have stacked layers at the back. Lob haircuts with platinum highlights are perfect for cooler months, or just for ladies who lean towards ashier tones. Long Bob Cut with Balayage Playful, sweet and oh-so-natural, this ombre balayage lob uses soft, subtle tonality and a carefree cut to achieve that just-got-out-of-bed tousled effect. To style, we suggest spritzing locks with a light texturizing mist and finishing with a styling tool, paying extra attention to the pieces in the front. Blonde Lob with Gentle Lowlights The best part about any long bob haircut is that effortlessly messy — and undeniably sexy — vibe it oozes. One rule of thumb: This soft honey hue with gentle lowlights helps to give strands even more depth and dimension. Long Bob with Ombre for Thick Hair Thick hair can be particularly tricky when it comes to longer bobs. Cut too short, and you risk to finish with an unflatteringly poofy hairstyle. Keep the bob too long, and you lose out on shape. This style moves past both of those extremes, using varied lengths and light-catching bleached pieces to give hair life. A long bob with bangs frames your face nicely. Both dense and wispy bangs suit this style. This adorable extra long lob proves just that, mixing sweet, face-framing balayage highlights with a wavy texture within a long asymmetrical style. Long Layered Bob for Thick Hair Older ladies and working professionals should consider a long bob with layers amping up the crown section. The inverted nature of this long bob hair style is youthful and contemporary; it looks particularly modern when rocked in solid colors. Straight Lob with Gentle Babylights Sleek, posh and structured, this long bob cut with gentle babylights is the perfect transition style for any individual looking to go shorter while still enjoying a manageable length. It curls at the ends just like the classic bob, but the length lets you wear it both loose and in different chic updos. Textured Lob with Blonde Streaks Besides trendiness and modern appearance, the popularity of long bobs is also attributed to how versatile they are in terms of styling options. Worn pin straight in solid tones or textured and highlighted, this cut appeals to all hair types. Bouncy Long Bob with Contour Highlight Carefree and oh-so-cool, this lob haircut with light-catching contour highlights and a darker underlayer capitalizes on all the latest coloring trends. The cut and color combination can look modern, messy and undone, as this model exemplifies. Chopped Lob with Blonde Ends Play with a range of tones and try a long bob ombre! Blonde and caramel shades are particularly feminine and delicious. Show off the array of hues by styling locks tousled and wavy! Brown Wavy Lob with Balayage Subtle balayages can literally transform your long length bob giving it a new lease on life. The hairstyle appears two-tier revealing the dark, dense underlayer and textured, highlighted top layers full of movement and shine. Layered Lob with Copper Balayage Redheads have more fun! And why choose one shade of red when you can have a beautiful assortment going from oxblood to copper and light ginger. Lobs are bold, so pairing them with striking colors is an appealing solution. Magenta Roots and Rose Gold Layers We never forget about ladies who love rocking brightly colored hair! Bring some dimension to your pink lob with shorter rose gold layers. Platinum Diva Lob Long bobs look great in trendy white blonde hues. Blunt ends keep it modern. Straight Bob with Side Bangs This straight bob is one of our favorite styles. Long side bangs highlight the cheekbones and give it a sexy, flirty look. The caramel color with dark under layers gives the style dimensionality—elevating it way above your average bob. After blowing out to create the shape, straighten and perfect. Blonde Collarbone Length Cut Long bob haircuts let you wear your hair down, up and half up while looking gorgeous, regardless of the style choice. The front pieces graze your shoulders, drawing attention to clavicles— one of the most sensual female body parts. Curl tips when styling for added volume! Beach waves suit this lob beautifully and the partial, natural-looking balayage is absolutely stunning! Shaggy Light Brown Cut Lob hairstyles can look super soft even when trimmed shaggy and styled dishevelled. The clue is a sensual color, like this yummy caramel brown concentrated towards the front and blended flawlessly with an ashier brown at the back. Bob with Body and Volume This cute little number has so much volume! This is the kind of haircut that will have you running your fingers through your hair all day. Twisty locks and long bangs that fall into the face are universally flattering. To style, blow hair up and forward so that it falls to the cheek-skimming gorgeousness. Messy and Smoky Ombre Waves A smoky gray and black blend is a popular color combo this year. While in past decades finding one gray hair would be traumatizing, now it is fully embraced by women both young and old. Marsala A-line Cut Red hair can be super sophisticated and not the bright Ronald McDonald hue that may first come to mind. This reddish-brown color packs a punch and illuminates your look without relying on the shock value of a Crayola-inspired color. Complement your chic color with flirty, tousled layers. While the look is usually accomplished with a bit of effort and styling product, you can also just wake up and see what there is to work with. Easy Wear Bob This adorable cut is short, sweet, and simple. Slight layers are cut in to smooth out thick hair and give body. The absence of a bang—and instead side-swept hair that is only a little shorter than the longest layer—makes this a definite cool girl look. Hair will be thickened up underneath, providing a boost of volume that will bring you both glamour and confidence. Long Directional Waves Curl your hair to the back of the head rather than up to the top, and you will reroute waves into a new, fun direction that will accentuate any cut. Best of all, this will work on both thick and thin hair, and the longer your length, the more stunning it will be. Artfully Unkempt Lob We love us to have some attitude, and long bob hairstyles have attitude in spades. For an extra chic factor, shoot for bed head. Let hair air dry until its damp then blow dry it upside down. Lob haircut for fine hair

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  1. Can I wear a lob? Blonde highlights make lank, fine hairs thicker and drier, which solves two basic problems. Medium Cut with Side Bangs Thick straight hair appears full without needing too many layers or colors, just a light side bang.

  2. This has already been part of fashion ever since. Bobs work really well for those with finer hair in this relation.

  3. November Micheline Calmy-Rey In the bob was adopted by the singer Madonna and, as a move away from boho-chic , by actress Sienna Miller. Just cut a few, subtle layers for added movement. Add in some honey highlights and experiment with bangs for a quick and easy hairdo.

  4. Adding in something as simple as razor-cut ends and a few layers around the base of your haircut can give it a serious dose of edge.

  5. Jenny McCarthy is known for a sporting an A-line bob. The clue is a sensual color, like this yummy caramel brown concentrated towards the front and blended flawlessly with an ashier brown at the back. Choppy Angled Bob One cute way to freshen up haircuts for thin hair is opting for choppy ends.

  6. There are plenty of great alternatives to both but you should start off with mousse on wet hair and finish with some sort of great, lightweight, water based pomade. You can flip the ends out and create loose waves.

  7. With roots left in their original, dark-blonde color root touch-ups become less of a worry, too. If you want to win hearts, this is a straight go to haircut.

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