Lehenga saree draping. Most Popular Saree Draping Styles – Do it Yourself Guide.

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How to wear a Lehenga Style Saree in the DIY Way

Lehenga saree draping

There is no mistaking the similarity between the mekhala sador worn in Assam, and the Ghaghara and chunri worn with choli in the west of India. The only difference being that the designs, motifs, artisanal interpretations of designs as well as the manner in which the drape or the voni is actually wrapped. There are however some typical features of the South Indian style half saree draping that makes it look typical of that area and here are some superb tips for you to not just choose the right half saree but also some great wearing directions as well. What makes the half saree so alluring? The half saree basically requires you to have three garments in all-the blouse, the skirt or the lehenga, and the drape or voni. It is the blending in of the three sometimes contrasting and sometimes completely varied in design and colors which creates such a fascinating look. There is in fact just no complication is wearing the half saree, nevertheless here we go: Step1 Wear the blouse and the skirt, and as in the case with sarees, do ensure that they go well with the look of the drape. As in the case of the saree, you will be well advised to wear your footwear before wearing the skirt. So as to get its height adjusted accordingly. Always ensure that the skirt almost skims the ground and does not touch it to ensure easy movement. Begin by taking an end of the drape and taking one corner, tuck it in on the waist on the right-hand side so that its other corner forms this lovely V sort of form across your left hip. If you tuck it at the center of your waist in front, then this V-shape is formed perfectly behind. Step 3 Take the rest of the length and bring it round from the left to the back and from there to under the right arm to form a pallu for the right shoulder. If the drape has a border, you could see how well the two borders come together right at the center of the waistline in front. The pallu pleats could be made and the same pinned on to the shoulder allowing the drape to fall at least to the knees. You can see in the half saree below how a more modern touch has been given to something inherently traditional worn by the young ladies of South India. You may have also noted that the drape and the manner in which it is worn will make all the difference to your comfort in this clothing. As in the beautiful golden mustard and maroon combination silk Pattu Pavadai, the drape has been taking a lot more tightly across the back than in the one that is in the following picture where the white and red combination half saree, the drape after tucking is hanging really low forming the distinct V at the back, almost touching the base of the skirt. A lot will of course depend on the width of the drape or the voni Usually, its width is the same as the width of an ordinary saree and so there is usually no dearth of scope for making pleats or in tucking it well. In the picture below the everyday wear, casual half saree is worn simply with the bunching of the pleats at the shoulder to form the pallu while the more elaborate dressing will mean that the voni itself will be something of great value and thus its draping is taken care of. With the popularity gained by half sarees with skirts having newer cuts and designs as do blouses and the stamp of western dresses inching into the look, here is a silver colored ultra modern design in half saree worn with a brilliant blue rather thin drape that leaves most of the midriff bare. This draping style is not traditional and can be tried as a variant of the old style. Whichever way you wish to wear the half saree, with variations in the blouse and the skirt, do remember that the basic tucking in style in the South Indian kind or else one could end up pretty much looking like you were draped in a North Indian lehenga choli, which is mighty close in looks. Also to add to the effect go for flowers in hair, and typically South Indian looking gold jewelry and the look would be more complete. Lehenga saree draping

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  1. This drape can make you look slimmer with the diagonal pallu drape and fitted look. It homogenised fashion across this land.

  2. Tie one end to one wrist, take over the head and leave loose draped across the back. But that's because she's inherited the best collection of saris from her mother-in-law. This is why Banarasi Niketan has brought fashionable and gorgeous Kanchipuram saree collections for you.

  3. Pin it up to the choli with the pleats hanging in the front. Vaddanam or Kamarband is type of sari belt used to keep complex drapes in place. If you have a dupatta that is unembellished other than the border, tuck in one end to the left of lehenga, just below the arm.

  4. Try your own variation, but never with a heavy dupatta. The pallu should also be decorated lavishly.

  5. Sensitivity was shown to the most subtlest of shades; the ancient treatise, Vishnudharmottara states five tones of white, namely Ivory , Jasmine , August moon, August clouds after the rain and the conch shell. Newar bride and two women in sari,

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