Joe biden running for president 2016. Joe Biden presidential campaign, 1988.

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Joe Biden announces he is not running for president

Joe biden running for president 2016

This is great news for President Trump, but the Democrat base is less than happy that yet another elderly cis gender white male with a penchant for groping women and girls is in the lead in this MeToo moment. His being a bit gaffe-prone is apparently not a concern, but his leading role in and continued defense of the Clinton crime bill contributes to the disgruntled murmurings from the Democrat base. Earlier this week, Politico reported: Joe Biden, who leads the Democratic presidential field in early polls, has all the markings of a front-runner. This leftward lunge is likely to create problems for Biden, should he decide to run. This new iteration is unsentimental and unforgiving, and Biden has more than a few conspicuous Senate votes that demand a reckoning in the Trump-era Democratic Party. One of them is the bankruptcy reform bill that he championed for years, until it finally passed in The political taint from that law—favored by credit card companies because it made it harder for consumers to get debt relief through bankruptcy—shows no sign of subsiding on the left. Trump would also provide cover for another often-discussed Biden drawback: Ultimately, though, Biden is unlikely to make the cut for the new socialist Democrats. Salon, a leading progressive outlet, is infuriated by the very idea of a Joe Biden candidacy when there are so many progressive women far more well-versed in SJW rhetoric chomping at the bit to vie for the Democrat nomination. Predictions that former Vice President Joe Biden will emerge as the party front-runner only enhance the frustrations of many Democratic activists. The ease and clarity with which Pam Eanes explained the progressive platform should shame any self-proclaimed Democrat who stumbles and sputters when facing policy questions. Charge a tax on artificial intelligence and robots. Have big business pay their fair share of taxes. Allow free health care for all. Pay more for education, tech schools and college. Help people pay off college debt. Support the Dreamers, give them a path to citizenship. Raise Social Security pay so seniors can enjoy retirement. Pass laws that protect the environment. The Democratic Party civil war has only just begun, and it will be interesting to see how it plays out. Will the leftist wing and most vocal, active members win the day or will establishment types hold on for another election cycle or two? At this time i. Yet barring some seismic event, Trump will most likely be their only viable choice. Trump right now is adored by the Republican base. His favorability ratings among Republican voters are up significantly from before the election. Those numbers are quite strong and not predictive of a primary challenge. Those above it do significantly better in primaries than those below it. Trump, of course, is well above the line right now. He actually has a higher approval rating among Republicans than Barack Obama did among Democrats just before the New Hampshire primary. They then point out why Kasich is not a serious threat. The biggest name is Ohio Gov. He only won his home state in primary season and struggled to win many votes outside of college-educated moderate voters in the northern part of the country. Biden matchup is bad for Trump. Joe biden running for president 2016

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  1. Aftermath[ edit ] Because of his early withdrawal, Biden did not participate in the caucuses and primaries, in which Governor Michael Dukakis defeated Jesse Jackson , Senators Al Gore and Paul Simon , and other longer-standing contenders. Senate in at the age of 29, becoming the fifth youngest senator in history. Kennedy for which his aides took the blame , and a short phrase from the inaugural address of John F.

  2. In , Biden considered a possible presidential bid, but declined it on October 21, , the same year his son Beau died of brain cancer. He actually has a higher approval rating among Republicans than Barack Obama did among Democrats just before the New Hampshire primary. DelwareOnline previewed the book, including a meeting between Biden and Clinton where she asked him if he was going to throw his hat into the presidential ring.

  3. Biden initially received an "F" in an introductory class on legal methodology for writing a paper relying almost exclusively on a single Fordham Law Review article, which he had cited only once. Constitution provides rights to liberty and privacy that extend beyond those explicitly enumerated in the text, and that Bork's strong originalism was ideologically incompatible with that view. This time he made it to the Iowa caucuses , but withdrew after a poor showing.

  4. The Democratic Party civil war has only just begun, and it will be interesting to see how it plays out. I felt God had played a horrible trick on me.

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