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It's All About You Jesus (with Lyrics)

Its not all about you lyrics

Please check back for more They Might Be Giants lyrics. Istanbul Not Constantinople Lyrics Artist: They Might Be Giants Album: That's nobody's business but the Turks So take me back to Constantinople No, you can't go back to Constantinople Been a long time gone, Constantinople Why did Constantinople get the works? I sing it in class just to piss off the people around me, and you should, too! O why would people be pissed off about this? It's always been Constantinople. I suggest you to watch its video clip you will like it!! There are no more camels living in istanbul. Actually there have never been camels living in istanbul.. What is your peoples problem? If what I requested is stupid, tahn what the Greek's request is also stupid. Istanbul belongs to Turks and always will be. If you wanna get it you have to destroy 70 million people. Do you understand it, you idiots? My teacher played it for the class once, and I fell in love with it. Constantinople belonged to the Romans!! I believe it was named after emperor Constantine in like the 's. Greek people should stop getting upset about it. It's funny and it shows how affective is this song. If it did not reflect the reality, you would not be annoyed by this "silly" song, as you call! I love this song as well. I have to say, its amazing! D But this is song is great!! Get your own songs and piss off. I was in Istanbul last year.. And turkish people really great and friendly This is only a part of all the names used to Istanbul. However the right name is Istanbul, since the city belongs to the Turks. U r sad people. D by buuuuR CUT ! Istanbul belongs to turks and its wonderful as Saranda belong to albanians. And the song also.! They might be giants! The City has been an important center for the Greeks for ages, up to very recent times, maybe up to the ss, when the last Greeks had to leave it under unhappy circumstances. So it is natural for the Greek language to keep the traditional Greek name Konstantinoupoli, because language is memory and history. Please, relax, Turks, no serious person wants to take The City back. You r funny to believe that, just because we use the historical name of The City. Kosntantinoupolis is a Greek name, not a Roman one. Polis is greek, Civits is Latin. The Estern Roman Empire or Byzantium was totally hellenized and most of the time the majority of its population was Greek, as the Western Roman Empire was latinized. I can't stand that myself, so I say Wien. Then I say Vienna 'cause they never heard of Wien. Wieners maybe, but not Wien. Anyway, it's a language thing. When I say "Linux" I alternate pronunciations on different days Now, can anybody tell me about that string intro that starts the song? I don't really mind. Why do Turks get so angry with us Greeks that say "Konstantinoupoli s " in our language? I don't understand that at all. I'd better not say much about the American song writers. No sense of history, of language, of nothing I wonder if they were aware of what were they talking about when they wrote the song, or just wrote it with the lightness of the ignorant or the semilitarate. What a pitty that they wasted such a beautiful music to emphasize a practically unexisting problem. Thus, I know the official name is Istanbul and I call it like that in other languages. None wants to change the name or take the City back!! So relax, and please, allow me to keep my memory. Like we dont know Megolo Idea of yours. I tell you what you greedy bastards. You took all of those stupid islands around Turkey and demanding to raise sea boundaries to 12 miles. Well then, either islands is ours, or Turkey is yours? That means war you ignorant fools! We try to stay calm, at peace but you just cant stop poking! We just had enough of you. You clearly trying to demand war here! Well, I'll pray for your fithy souls if that happens. May the God have mercy on you, 'cause I wont! I love this song, not only lyrics, its just stuck on my head. Before there were Greeks there, there were Trojans there. The 'correct' name for Istanbul may be Istanbul based on what it is known as by the people who live there now or it may be Troy based on the earliest name known for certain for the place but what it was known as for periods in between foundation and now is irrelevant. Don't tell me that Turks were in the area before the Turks were, because I' ll laugh! Anyway, none demands any turkish land. There are agreements and we should all respect them if we want to be considered civilized people and not ancient nwarlords. Cheers from Athens even if I was born in Istanbul. Otherwise you will say this and we will say that, and war is not an option, in our days. That really annoys me. Anyway, I must get that on my iPod - it's a great quickstep song, if perhaps a bit slow. I have no religous or ethnic bindings, and even if I did I wouldnt let a name get to me. Hell think im gonna call that city whatever I want, how about Gripington? I like that name. Seriously folks, get over yourselves, and your names. Call the city what ya want, if it bothers someone they need to get over themselves to. On a lighter note,songs really catchy, I like it. After the split of the Christian Roman empire, the city was called on the name of the Caesar Konstantin and it was the Bizntine Empire, until it was concuered by the Othmans at , and the Sultans made it their capital with the name Istanbul. The Greeks can dream about Alexanders Empire and their legasy of name, but Philadelfia is now Aaman, and Alexandia is Iskadrun, and so many other places. A name is what you get from your parents, and it is what you deserve in your live and what the world gives you. And a song is only a song. Who told you that the Greeks dream of the empire of Alexander? This is a lie and I don't know why you have to say that. The Greeks want peace and so do the Turks - at least the common people. The issue of the name of Istanbul-Konstantinoupolis is a matter of memory and language. The Jews are slaughtering the Palestinians in the name of historic memory because God himself gave the land to the Jews years ago!!! You must not be serious at all However, it's just so overused that it's not fun to listen to any more. So greeks are you still monkeys? Constatinople is evolved to istanbul. If you resist evolution stay monkey then lol: What did they say??? Without you,I would have never found this song! Its not all about you lyrics

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  1. The funny thing is, Bowie has the talent to take a mouthful of words and make them sound as smooth as something much simpler, and it really gives him a freedom of expression. And lyrically would make sense.. Kosntantinoupolis is a Greek name, not a Roman one.

  2. European Union is a non working organization and Turkey does not need to be a part of. Constatinople is evolved to istanbul.

  3. When will both parts learn to think rationally? Used to be Constantinople, but isn't anymore. And all of them caused because of them occupancy policy.

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