Is short hair sexier than long hair. 90 Sexy and Sophisticated Short Hairstyles for Women.

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DOES HAIR MATTER!? (What Girls Really Want)

Is short hair sexier than long hair

Net Cutting-Edge Hair News, Actress Michelle Williams not to be confused with the former "Destiny's Child" singer may not be known so much for her movie roles as for a romance. She grew close to the late Heath Ledger during filming of Brokeback Mountain, and they had a baby together. Williams cut her medium-long hair after Ledger's death, and is displaying a close short cut in promotional interviews for the film Blue Valentine -- a cut which made one online "best" list for with comparisons to Twiggy. But another wrote the comment "Neither? We personally think the short look displayed on ABC's Nightline needs, well, something -- as the strips of hair look thin and very capable of collapsing in her eyes. That certainly adds a dramatic element, though Judd grew it out to a bouncier neck-length look by , and won a narrow vote of confidence here. If Hair Fans liked the style a little longer, would they love it a lot longer? That is, they don't like it. A large percent majority want Ashley to keep her hair shorter The current style simply seems to easy to defeat, unless she sprays the sides down tightly. After all, her beat is medicine - and even though we don't agree with it, there's a stereotype about scientifically-focused women not caring much about hairstyles. The picture on Cohen's Twitter page shows a simple, straight and efficient look. But Hair Fans noticed when Cohen "glammed up" for a November interview, adding waves and seemingly adding inches to her hair. The discussion about Cohen began on our message board - and when we brought it to the home page for a one-week vote, the waves won with a percent majority We might have changed the last word to "sassy" -- but still, it's a more interesting hairstyle to examine. And while Cohen's straight cut seems to be Super-Hair with little risk of falling in her eyes, the curly cut opens the door for possible collapse under the wrong or would some of you say right? But photos at entertainment websites show something very different - a woman who lets styles run wild and free at times. So it didn't surprise us when she appeared at the American Music Awards with hair so long, it clearly smelled of extensions. But Katic has grown out her hair a bit on the current season of her series as well. So which look is best for her - short, longer or longest? Our week-long poll ended with the longest look winning, with 40 percent of Hair Fans preferring it. The other 60 percent was split between the other styles. Whatever look she has, we can tell you it isn't strong enough to prevent the hair from falling in her eyes. They come, they linger for a while, then they move on. As many Hair Fans us included mourned the removal of Alexandra Steele, others found a new style to celebrate. Comments left at our message board praised longer locks on meteorologist Kelly Cass. And one member posted photos of the change on the board, to suggest Cass is blonder now although that could be a matter of studio lighting. We put the Cass cuts on the home page for a public vote - and seven days later, Hair Fans endorsed the longer look by an percent margin Another seemed to grumble, "I like shorter hair. Apparently those writers missed some of Swift's public events early in the year. We did not, asked Hair Fans about the change here - and they've now shown they're consistent. Their votes supported straight locks in January, and a similar look earned their vote for the top style of the awards show. Our one-week poll began as the AMA's ended, and concluded with Swift receiving 62 percent of the votes. And in a bit of surprise, frequent hair contender Sheryl Crow received no votes at all. The women in Little Big Town impressed us that much, and with very different looks. Kimberly Roads showed blonde curls, while Karen Fairchild displayed longer brunette hair with bangs which gained praise from at least one person on Twitter. We put Fairchild on the ballot, but did we make the right choice? Our five-day poll ended with Hair Fans singing no. They're for Roads by a two-to-one margin -- but no one left a comment explaining why. Perhaps her hair looks neater?! And as best we saw, she changed hairstyles at least twice perhaps wearing extensions in her opening number. But some things never change when it comes to Carrie Underwood. She's a frequent contender for the best hair prize at awards shows - and Hair Fans declared her the best of this year's CMA's. Our poll was posted as the telecast ended, and Underwood raced ahead in a hurry. Six days later, she had 48 percent of the vote. We learned through real-time Twitter updates Fairchild added bangs recently, and they apparently helped. Comedian Russell Brand wound up capturing a singer who's not afraid to go wild with her hair - including a wig for the MTV Movie Awards which gave "blue-haired lady" a completely new meaning. Is the end of bangs a "Perry good" move? Our eight-day poll went down to the wire, ending with 53 percent supporting the change No one commented on Perry's looks at all - except for one e-mail we received, which hinted one of those pictures might have Crown Award potential. Assuming, of course, this modern-day Madonna doesn't change her hair again. Perhaps the most unlikely place for that was South Dakota, where the population is so small that the U. House "district" covers the entire state. But state House member Kristi Noem gave her a hard challenge for re-election -- and we wondered if she had a better hairstyle to match. We set up our own ballot, with nine days of voting which ended on Election Day -- and Noem made it no contest, winning 86 percent of the votes No one left a comment explaining why, but we haven't seen Noem's short style collapse in her face as her opponent's has. So a Republican candidate won this race, after Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer of California prevailed in a similar vote earlier in the year. It tells us Hair Fans are independent thinkers -- looking at what's atop the head, more than the thought process inside it. In she switched from longer locks to a Twiggy-type cut , and Hair Fans narrowly approved of it. In Knightley's done it again; having grown her hair back out for Pirates of the Caribbean movies, she suddenly switched to a lengthy bob - one which at first glance actually looks like a long style pinned back. Did Knightley go "two-for-two" with you? Our week of voting ended with an outcome like many British soccer matches - a draw. While 50 percent like the change, 50 percent do not We'll say only that the new look adds more drama, for those who want to see if Knightley can keep her cut out of her eyes. Perhaps she followed the example of the author of the Bones novels, since she stars in the TV series with that title. Whatever the reason, Emily Deschanel has added bangs for the current season of her Fox drama. A Hair Fan alerted us to it on our message board , calling it a "great new look. After one week, the answer was obvious - as 86 percent of visitors support Deschanel with bangs One explained they help soften her "sharp features. As for whether strong Bones mean strong Super-Hair The queen made a big hair chop in the middle of her reign - and it's received absolutely no media attention. Not even entertainment tabloids which follow such things seemed to notice Caressa Cameron's cut around Labor Day early September. But to be fair, Cameron and the pageant also haven't mentioned it - there's only the photographic evidence on the website. We asked Cameron about it through our Twitter feed , but have received no response. We can't remember a pageant queen ever making a hair change this massive in the middle of her term. Hair Fans who voted in our one-week poll seemed disappointed by it -- as 59 percent prefer Cameron's hair longer One suggested the woman who dreams of becoming a TV news anchor is looking more like "Miss Soccer Mom. Yet when we asked Hair Fans about the young woman's latest style adjustment, a voter complained our "before" picture didn't show enough pouf. It wasn't "ridiculous looking" enough. Perhaps the updated photo on the left will please that person - even if the old look overall did not with most people. A lengthy vacation extended our question about Snooki to more than two weeks - and it ended with 64 percent of voters preferring her new look with bangs and a bit less height The bangs admittedly are too long for our taste, dangling in her eyes during promotional appearances. Yet the official "SnOOki feed" on Twitter indicates she can still go "big hair" whenever she wishes. How many of them could have guessed the actress would go even farther - and cut off her long hair completely? Hathaway stunned the London paparazzi by displaying a near-toehead look at an outdoor movie shoot. She apparently made the cut for the role, thus following the lead of Britain's Emma Watson weeks before. To borrow from another Hathaway film, did she Get Smart by making this big change? A survey extended to 11 days ended with 70 percent of our voters saying no No, it's actually called One Day -- and Hair Fans can only hope the long hair comes back in several months. Recently she added bangs to her style. And on the night of the Prime-Time Emmy Awards, we suspect she was glad she did. Michele's hair looked sharp, and she walked away with our vote for the star style of the show. Our five-finalist poll was posted as the final awards were presented - and one week later, Michele had captured half the votes thanks to protective bangs. It pushed several styles around, prompted plenty of women to wear up-do's -- and in response to another comment, the breeze flipped Claire Danes's great-looking hair into her face in an interview. Back to the results: Memorial singer Jewel followed at 13 percent. But Maria Menounos's title of "youngest hall member" almost was supplanted in - as year-old Carrie Underwood came one vote short of induction. That development displeased one Hair Fan, who wrote: Is short hair sexier than long hair

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  1. Our week of voting ended with an outcome like many British soccer matches - a draw. And wow, the hair products match the service.

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