Into the wee hours of the morning. Wee Limits Adventure Academy.

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Into the wee hours of the morning

In February , the station was switched to an automated oldies format branded as Nostalgia Radio. By early , the station had shifted to an album-oriented soft rock format branded as The Mellow Home; the format was successful throughout the remaining half of the s. During the s, the station pivoted to a soft adult contemporary format, remaining successful throughout the remainder of the decade. Despite changes in ownership and format, staff turnover was rare. K FM also had a strong commitment to news and public affairs programming during the s through the early s. News director and morning news anchor Ken Hunt and his news teams won multiple journalism awards from the Associated Press TV Radio News Association and the Radio TV News Directors Association for news programming distinguished by its local coverage, creative use of natural sound and conversational style. In response, in May , the station flipped to a more uptempo AC format branded as Xtra The contestant able to hold the most water would win a Wii video game console ; at the time, the Nintendo console was a very popular and sought-after item, but was nearly impossible to find in stores in North America. A year-old contestant, Jennifer Strange, died of water intoxication hours after taking part in the contest. The contest began around 6: Contestants also said that as the contest progressed, they were given increasingly larger quantities of water to drink. Some later remarked on the physical discomfort they suffered during and following the event. The Sacramento Bee released audio clips from the morning show indicating that the disc jockeys were aware of the death of Matthew Carrington by water intoxication. However, according to a contestant, the waivers addressed only publicity issues and made no mention of health or safety concerns. The DJs also joked about Strange's distended belly, joking that she looked three months pregnant. The co-worker contacted Strange's mother, who went to her home an hour later to find her daughter dead. On January 16, , Geary dismissed ten station employees — including the three morning disc jockeys , Adam "Lukas" Cox, Steve Maney and Patricia "Trish" Sweet — from their positions in connection with the tragedy [14] and cancelled the Morning Rave. The Strange family was represented by prominent Sacramento attorney Roger A. On September 14, , jury selection in the wrongful death case began at the Sacramento County Superior Court 's main courthouse in the city of Sacramento. Over the next month, the jury heard testimony from over forty-one witnesses as exhibits were entered into evidence. However, an unpublished page on the station's website, located by a KTXL viewer, subsequently revealed that the slogan was actually referring to a commercial-free Tuesdays promotion that the station was starting that day. KDND subsequently confirmed the announcement. In return, the Media Action Center would not challenge other licenses. The FCC ruled that Stolz's arguments had no merit and, additionally, he is not a party of interest in the dispute between Media Action Center and Entercom that led to the license revocation hearing. Into the wee hours of the morning

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  1. I encourage you to examine the pace and activity level of your life. Another problem with all of this busyness is that our identities become enmeshed with our work lives. View 6 more images Newser — A proud moment for President Trump:

  2. If we close our eyes, it's not hard to imagine the stereotypical sunlit stroll through a golf course and luxurious beach vacations. But it gets even worse. Contestants also said that as the contest progressed, they were given increasingly larger quantities of water to drink.

  3. Americans, it seems, feel the need to use up every single minute of their time, without allowing much space in the day for rest. And, in the end, most of this stuff just ends up weighing us down, and keeping us from what truly fulfills.

  4. The co-worker contacted Strange's mother, who went to her home an hour later to find her daughter dead.

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