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The Elder Scrolls Online - How To Get The Persuasive Perk and Intimidation Perk!

Intimidating presence elder scrolls online

Before entering the door, look around for a couple of bottles of Skooma among the boxes. Skooma has seen better days; it now only restores 25 stamina, and that's it. Inside, you'll find several dead bandits who tried to enter before. Ahead, you'll see the cause of their deaths: Kill the mage, and you'll kill any thrall that mage controls. Descend to find more mages, but they don't seem to be faring any better than the bandits, thanks to a group of attacking Draugr. You may want to let the two groups fight it out to weaken each other before you join the fray. There are side rooms to the north that are filled with urns, most of which have a few gold pieces or a small treasure. There are also potions in the rooms and chests with treasure. In the eastern room, there is also a Restoration skill book to read. Continue through the passage forward to the east and you will come to a branch, with one path leading into a crypt and another leading down into a small room. Collect the items in the room below, then pull a chain to reveal a passage to more treasure. Head back up to the fork and continue into the crypt and fight the Draugr ahead. Take the stairs up, where you'll find a bridge leading across to a door to the next area: Head down the steps to a branching path. Both paths lead to a room with a Draugr. Up ahead, you'll be on a bridge above a room with a Draugr. You can sneak attack him with a bow if you want before heading down via the stairs. There's also another bridge above you in this room where you can snipe another Draugr before encountering him. Take the stairs nearby to reach this bridge, which leads to the next room. Follow the tunnel to the left, then look on your left again for a portcullis. Pull the lever to open the gate on the opposite side; you'll have to find another way to open the other gate. Head into the main room, and Draugr will rise from their coffins and attack. Kill them, then pull a lever near one of the coffins to open the portcullis and allow you access to the side room, where you'll be rewarded with an enchanting table and some treasure. In the following room, head up the stairs to collect a potent potion, then downstairs to enter a chamber guarded by skeletons. Destroy the skeletons and ascend the stairs to collect a few items on the path behind the fire traps, then descend into the grotto. Check the chest overlooking the room, then approach the word wall to learn a word from the shout, Become Ethereal, which makes you unable to give or receive damage for its duration. Before heading back up, look behind the waterfall for another chest guarded by a Draugr. Back at the upper level, cross the bridge to reach a puzzle room with a skeleton archer on the upper level for you to kill. Standing in front of each stone will open one of the gates, but they will close after just a few seconds. To pass, run past all three stones and then fly through the gates with Whirlwind Sprint. In the next area, run quickly across the floor as fire springs up from the floor behind you. You'll come to some spiders ahead. To kill them, you may wish to run back across the fire floor so that they will follow you and be hit by the traps as you set them off. After fighting the spiders, cut through the web-filled doorway ahead to reach an actual door. On the other side of the door, pull the chain to open the gate. Approach the pedestal and acquire the note there. It seems someone got to the horn before you. Before leaving, go into the room behind the pedestal and collect the treasure from the containers, then take the shortcut back to the beginning of the dungeon. Go to the Sleeping Giant Inn in the town of Riverwood to meet the so-called friend who has deprived you of the horn. Speak to the target, Delphine, and ask to rent the attic room. She will lead you to a room and reveal herself as the "friend. She will ask you to follow her, which will start the next quest if you oblige. Return to High Hrothgar and speak to Arngeir. Head to the main chamber where the Greybeards are gathering. Master Wulfgar will teach you the final word, "Dah," of Unrelenting Force. If this is the first full three-word shout you have learned, you will receive the "Words of Power" achievement. After absorbing his knowledge too, stick around while the Greybeards put you through yet another initiation. Once you've withstood the Voice of the Greybeards, this quest is done. The next quest, A Blade in the Dark, is already available from Delphine. When you do, she opens a secret passage in the wardrobe and leads you down into the basement. Speak to her here, and she should state that a Dragon burial mound is your next goal. Meet up with her at Kynesgrove. Note that this secret room contains numerous rare alchemy ingredients, potions, scrolls, plus an alchemy station and even an enchanting table. Now you can do any enchanting here in Riverwood. It's possible to follow Delphine from Riverwood to your destination, if you'd rather not have to find your own way. Otherwise, you can always use Clairvoyance to chart a footpath to your destination. If you follow the same path as Delphine, you will pass near the Ritual Stone on your journey. This Standing Stone will grant you the ability to raise the dead around you once per day. When you reach the marker near Kynesgrove, you'll hear Alduin chanting in the distance. Approach to watch him resurrect a dead dragon with a Dragon Shout of his own. After a brief taunting sequent, you'll have to fight the dragon he revived: He's a frost dragon, so he's weak to fire. Delphine will realize that you are a Dragonborn now, for real. Talk to her, and she'll explain herself to be a surviving member of the Blades. Your next mission, it seems, will be in the Thalmor Embassy. For whatever reason, you'll have to meet up with Delphine back in Riverwood to discuss the rest of the plan. This marks the end of this quest and the beginning of the next. You're going to inflitrate the embassy as a party guest. Your goal is Solitude, where you'll need to speak to Malborn in the Winking Skeever. If this is your first time in Solitude, you may be witnessing an execution. Unless you want to start an all-out war in the streets, I don't recommend trying to stop it. Just head to the Winking Skeever and speak to Malborn. If there's anything you'll want to have with you during the mission, give it to Falmor when he asks for it. Head to Catla's Farm and speak to Delphine when you're ready. Put them on and speak to Delphine, then tell her you're ready to go. You'll automatically board a nearby carriage. You'll leave all of your stuff with her for the duration of the mission. You'll now be at the embassy. Speak to the guard and show him your invitation before heading inside. Now follow the man named Razelan into the front door. You'll be addressed by some High Elf named Elenwen. Your conversation will be interrupted by the very person you need to speak to: Once Malborn addresses you, you'll need to create a distraction. Before that, go ahead and collect the various free items in the area including some rare potions and ingredients, as well as some food. When you're ready, you can get Razelan a drink, and he'll offer a favor in return. Ask him to create a distraction while you slip out the door to the kitchen with Malborn. Alternatively, you can mislead Erikur into believing that Brelas returns his affection, which will also create a distraction. In the kitchen, Malborn will rush you, but feel free to spend as much time collecting ingredients here as you wish. Recover your chosen items from the chest while you can, because once you continue into the hallway, Malborn will lock the door behind you. If you're a High Elf, this will work splendidly. Other elves can pull it off passably, but you can't afford to get as close. Human races will have an even harder time, and if you're one of the beast races, forget about it. In the opposite room, some guards are talking. Once they disperse, take the opportunity to sneak up the stairs unnoticed. A Thalmor mage awaits when you reach the top. Kill him from stealth before he alerts the other guards to your presence, or walk past him if your Thalmor resemblance or your stealth is sufficient. Take a left to reach an unguarded area with a door leading to the outside. As you advance along this walkway, take out or evade the guard patrolling the path before continuing. Intimidating presence elder scrolls online

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  1. You may wish to slay her with stealth, before she can use her ice magic or summon her familiar.

  2. This marks the end of this quest and the beginning of the next. Tell him to get ready to spring the trap on Odahviing, then follow the map marker to the grand balcony of Dragonsreach and use the Call Dragon shout to summon Odahviing. The actor wearing the mask of Socrates makes fun of the traditional gods of Athens lines —48, , —24 , mimicked later by the young protagonist, and gives naturalistic explanations of phenomena Athenians viewed as divinely directed lines —33; cf.

  3. This area contains several rare ingredients, like Glow Dust and Void Salts, so keep your eyes open.

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