Intimidating or powerful countenance. Talents (Origins).

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Intimidating or powerful countenance

Cutegirlmayra1 Losing control of his emotions, Dark Sonic finds the struggle of being the 'perfect' hero in these times of war challenging, unable to live up to everyone's expectations with his emotions going out of control. With only one thing able to calm him down, can Amy convince him that no one can stay mad… at a kiss? Written before Game Release, Sonamy Rated: Cutegirlmayra It's been a long time since I've plotted and written out a full-on fanfiction… I did a silly thing on Tumblr and stated that if I got notes on it I would create a kissing Sonamy story. I'm not comfortable with lots of kissing, but this story should draw out enough kisses to satisfy my promise. Enjoy… while I get nervous lol! A blue figure paints, his hand grazing the dusty road now paved in shambles from its once straight and smooth state. His body flickers in and out of darker shades, unable to control the raging emotions inside of him. His mask is suddenly illuminated by a strike of thunder landing a few buildings away. The once beloved hero shakes his head, unsure why he can't get his act together. He barely hovered there long before moving at a grim pace towards Sonic. His clawed hand rose up as he spoke, his one visible eye narrowing. He bolted himself forward like an arrow whirling through the air, his mask piercing the wind's force to create a type of whistling sound as he slammed his leg fully against Sonic's retreating frame; having caught up to him in a matter of seconds. He was hurled into an adjacent building where some of the structure began to crumble around him from the blow. His body twitched, lying on his back in pain… How was this possible? His hands tensed, as if not sure whether to flex out or crush the ground beneath them. Reaching for some strength, Sonic attempted to get up and off his back. He rose his body forward towards the crumbling ceiling overhead and in front of him, gritting his teeth in aching pain at the fleet… his body jerked back and forth in miniature quakes at the stress on his weary muscles. Infinite laughed… his foot stepped into the ruins as quietly as death himself, entering with exceptional grace and balance. Then, red cubes flew into existence behind him, pulsing their frightful musical sequence that only meant defeat. All around the two were darkness and the red lights from the cubes. Then the lightning struck again, giving the scene a stark contrast, and only lighting up one side of Infinite's rising face. All those hopes riding on him, all those people still left to protect… He was up on one knee now, his other arm gripping his opposite shoulder. He was beaten badly, worn out, but worst of all… his pride as a hero was spent. The stir of undesired emotions boiling up inside of him like a bottle being tossed around but unable to shatter. It bulged under the weight of himself, the constant pressure he placed on it, to seal the lid clamped shut with his sheer will-power. But now… the fizzing emotions were starting to have a mind of their own. Fed up with being controlled, he could instantly tell he was losing the fight to keep them down. He dropped his head low. Infinite lowered his eyelids, even more, this time, his head following the action. Infinite wanted to free Sonic's emotions too, but so far, everything he had done only made them rebellious, not released. Infinite lifted his head even higher with arrogance, growing impatient and frustrated, annoyed at Sonic's tolerance. Sonic's head lifted up with a flash of light, his fur turned an increasingly darker shade of blue. He had almost forgotten why he was fighting off Infinite in the first place… It wasn't about him anymore, and his rage consumed him, causing him to let go and begin using this new power to tear into Infinite. The cubes attempted to rush in and stop him, pelting him with their sharp exterior edges, but he swat them away with such fierce strength that they shattered upon impact. Infinite could endure countless blows, and his expression remained unchanged, unamused, as this new form of Sonic ripped into him with the strength of a wild animal. He remained motionless at trying to stop Sonic from pummeling into him as they flew backwards through the air. His fist shook, as he slowly drew it closer to himself, and harnessed whatever it was that was giving him this second wind. The power shook him to his core, the Phantom Ruby… He felt his arms wanting to clench it, but they could only flinch up and down at his pathetic attempts to fight off the dark power clenching him. Infinite flinched a few more times before breaking free of Sonic's invisible hold upon his body, but while he was distracted… "What? Sonic had jumped into the air at alarming speeds, perhaps matching Infinite's impressive mimicry of his own abilities, before putting his hands together and bending himself back after uncurling from his glowing turquoise ball. Amazingly, Infinite had survived and began falling to the earth. Now the place looked like an old, dried up watering hole. The surrounding buildings collapsed at last from the immense power struggle between the two beings. Infinite's body now looked like Sonic's from before, quaking on the ground as the muscles tried to gather enough force to push themselves out of the crater. He reached his arm up to lift himself from the sneak attack. His recovery even surprised Sonic, as Sonic's rage continued to create darker wisps around his body. His elbows were crooked and angled down while his hands flexed towards the darkening sky at the sheer amount of power within them. His head never left the direction of Infinite before saying his final words. We still have plenty of time to…" Infinite stepped forward and flicked out a finger with a twist of his wrist as if being cordial in a creepy kind of way. The threat was only greeted with Infinite pivoting sharply to the air, about-facing from Sonic, "Hmph. Sonic reached the now moonlit border that separated the battle-worn city from the woodland areas, a piece of grassy hill that lengthened the distance resembled its metaphorical bridge between the destroyed and the living. Lying down beside a slanted and flattened rock, lay a beautiful but injured Amy Rose. He approached with little expression, his head slowly turning left and right over her frame, as if his shining white sockets still had the ability to see the things around him. He knelt down and placed a hand to his knee. She wasn't looking so good… bruises were forming, some purple with brown outlines, and others blue and bear with burns from robotic lasers. She was breathing lightly, not a good sign, but her eyes weren't strained, so she must be peacefully asleep. Still… she looked exhausted and spent, maybe worse than he was. He reached a sudden involuntary hand out to her. Unable to process why, his eyes widened and he looked back at his trembling hand, before gripping it in rage. What was I planning to-!? He felt shame then. She blinked her eyes open as he lowered his quarreling hands… one hand gripping his wrist and the other trembling in his powerful rage. He leaned back, away from her, as if afraid of himself… He wasn't sure if he wanted her to see him in this state or not. It must have been quite a look… dark essence radiating around him like black, foreboding flames that mystified her vision into fear; his white sockets glowed to outshine the moonlight, but his voice instantly swayed her back to loving worry. This was worse than her finding him when he was a werehog… "What are you doing here? I came to find you. The sudden shift in tone made her blink her eyes further, not sure if she was dreaming this odd vision or if the dream was truly taking place. He was surprised at how aggressive the action was. It wasn't himself at all. He felt her consciousness slip under his grasp, and suddenly his darker form faded as a look of deep sorrow penetrated through his face. He still had no control over how he was feeling, he wasn't focusing on it right now, he just couldn't with everything that was on his mind. And possibly, his heart. She must have come running out of the bunker once the communicators showed his signal coming back on, and the video footage from her wide-screen computer proving that he truly had returned. He had raced around, gleefully showing off with a dramatic flair that he had returned, but no one seemed to praise or cheer. All he got was blank looks of mixed emotions. Some were puzzled, others disappointed, maybe upset, but most looked as though he had betrayed them. Well, to not exaggerate fully, there were those that saw him as a miracle. They hoped he was the sign they were looking for- that the war could be won, even if Sonic had first failed… 'It wasn't my fault I disappeared, Infinite-! He gripped Amy closer, realizing she was the first one who went running to him when he had returned. He hoped that Tails and the others would do the same but with no consequences this time… Moving up, he reverted back to his darker form and peered down at her; losing all sense of expression on his face. His muzzle was becoming enclosed with darkness, giving him an unknown countenance, but his eyes shaped to look frustrated and conflicted. He had shifted in an instant back into his uncontrollable emotions, and they were taking back their dominance over him again. He noticed the shift… but almost didn't care. He wasn't going to push it down this time. He just didn't have the strength nor tolerance to fight it back right now. He watched his handshake in rage again, looking to it and back at Amy. He lowered it delicately to her head. The darkness whipped like ghostly tongues, moving her quills slightly as Sonic was momentarily paused by the image. However, he had to get her home… He looked around, sensing no enemies that lay in wait up ahead, and tried to reach his arms around her waist. He could barely feel her body breathing… and a sudden rush of worry and panic rose into his chest. He quickly stood up, looking to her, shaking her in his arms as she went limp. His anger drew him faster and faster through the open air until… He zipped out of sight. A moment later, he broke the sound barrier by the headquarters. His body stood upright at the abrupt halt as air blasted behind him and whipped his quills forward. He tensed his body and frowned, glaring deeper as he floated down to Amy's window… He didn't mean to shatter it… He made sure to let himself get cut and avoid further injury to Amy. Unaware of the cause of her movement, he stopped his hand and moved it away. Amy never knew he had fallen by her bedside. She only understood that she was found with him and that he was injured. Intimidating or powerful countenance

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  1. His fist shook, as he slowly drew it closer to himself, and harnessed whatever it was that was giving him this second wind.

  2. Tails quickly crawled the best he could to the side of the gurney, flicking the switch on and up'ing the dose of medication going into Sonic.

  3. Was Silver in the room too? His darkness created a pressurized atmosphere, pushing gravity down and out from around him as he screamed, powering himself up without noticing what he was doing.

  4. He still had no control over how he was feeling, he wasn't focusing on it right now, he just couldn't with everything that was on his mind. Smash really brings out his competitive streak.

  5. He gripped Amy closer, realizing she was the first one who went running to him when he had returned. Make no mistake, you are the unluckiest person in the world if you are on the recieving end of that glare.

  6. If a creature with an enslaved soul is slain by that kalavakus, the soul immediately infuses the demon 's body, affecting it with a heal spell CL 12th. The threat was only greeted with Infinite pivoting sharply to the air, about-facing from Sonic, "Hmph.

  7. Some were puzzled, others disappointed, maybe upset, but most looked as though he had betrayed them. The additional threat info is left intact in the specific talent mechanics descriptions. He reached a sudden involuntary hand out to her.

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