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Against her better judgement, Kathy moved closer to him. She had never really watched a man pee before. Oh, she had been in the bathroom many times when Pat had had a pee but she had never really watched. Kathy felt mesmerized as she watched the thick stream of urine squirting from the hole at the tip of Paul's cock. She felt her juices, which had never receded after the fucking Harry had given her, roil in her body. Paul had his arm around her shoulders and she had her arm around his waist as she watched him noisily piss into the toilet. All too soon he was finished. He squeezed out the last few drops, but did not put his stiffening cock away. Kathy backed up to the toilet, raised her short dress and pulled her panties down to about mid-thigh. Half in a dream, she sat on the toilet seat. She had never peed in front of anyone before. She watched Paul pull her panties down to her ankles and raise her left leg to pull them free. He scooted her back on the seat and spread her legs. Piss squirted from between her cunt lips and splashed everywhere, into the bowl, on the seat and over the top onto the floor. She had drank too much and her bladder was full. She knew Paul was staring at her cunt and the piss pouring out of it. Looking down she saw the vestiges of Harry's orgasm caught up in her cunt hair. She knew Paul would have noticed it too and, in some perverse way, it made her hotter. She almost felt as if she were on the verge of an orgasm. All she could feel was the heat in her body caused by Paul watching her piss and all she could see was him stroking his stiff cock. The urine finally reduced to a trickle and them stopped, the last few drips running down the crack of her ass. Kathy made no attempt to close her legs or get up but instead put her head back and moaned. When she looked forward again, Paul had moved up between her legs and was standing inches from her, his prick in his hand. He touched her lips with the tip of his cock. As if it was the most natural thing she had ever done, she opened her mouth and let it in. When they were first married, Pat had always been on her to suck his cock and she had steadfastly refused. After several years he had given up and she had never thought much about it since. Now, instead of her husband's, she was sucking on the cock of a man who lived across the street. She did not understand why, but she was enjoying it. Paul must have noticed she was not very experienced as a cocksucker but, to her relief, never said anything. Instead he gave her encouragement and mild suggestions on what might feel better for him. He lightly held the top of her head as she sucked on his penis and he gently moved it in and out of her mouth. Kathy found herself doing something else she rarely did. Her hand had found its way to between her legs and she stroked her cunt with her fingers. For the second time that night she perceived her orgasm building. When she felt Paul's cum squirting in her mouth her orgasm hit. Her fingers were a blur on her clit as she moaned around the cock in her mouth, semen escaping her lips and dribbling down her chin. Reluctantly, Kathy released the softening cock. With her mouth still full of his sperm, she looked up at Paul. He smiled down at her. Suddenly the door flew open and Mary burst in. She was several inches taller than Kathy and had a slim build with smallish breasts. Kathy had known her for almost twenty years. She had a pleasant face and wore her brown hair short. She almost never wore dresses or skirts. Stunned, they watched the intruder trying to remove her pants, but the harder she tried to unbutton them the more her long tee shirt got in the way. Kathy and Paul watched as a dark stain grew on the hapless woman's pants, starting at her crotch and working its way down her legs. Resigned, she finally looked up at the two staring at her. Kathy quickly stepped out of the panties, picked them up and wiped her chin with them. Not expecting an answer, Mary asked instead, "What will I do with these wet pants? I'll find you something else to wear. When she had stepped out of them, Kathy picked them up and dropped them into the bath tub. Meanwhile, Paul had wet a cloth and was on his knees, wiping Mary's bare legs and crotch with it. She pointed to the panties in Kathy's hand. Then she slipped her shoes on and walked out of the room. Still shocked at what she had just seen, Kathy turned and looked at Paul. Then, changing the subject a bit, he said, "Say, now that we're alone again, why don't we. I have to go back downstairs before people start to notice I'm gone. I'll go and you follow in a few minutes. When Kathy reached the bottom of the stairs she realized she had forgotten to put on another pair of underpants. Next time I'm upstairs, she thought to herself. The living room was empty but there was a lot of noise coming from the games room. Music also emanated from the room suggesting that the stereo had been moved from the living room. Kathy walked into the room and stopped short just inside the door. Somehow the pool game had degenerated into strip pool. Pat was down to his singlet and underpants and Nailene only wore very brief pants and bra. Janine and Neville, a boyish looking young man of twenty five, were almost fully dressed, Neville missing his shirt and Janine her blouse. Frank and young Judy, though, were obviously the heavy losers. Mary's husband Frank, The oldest of the men at the party by one year and quite tall and rugged looking with a hairy chest, only wore a skimpy pair of under- pants and his partner Judy was topless. Neville seemed to be enjoying his wife's slight embarrassment. Mary, with her tee shirt and bare legs, and Harry were acting as spectators, making smart cracks about the players and their lack of skill. Wendy and Murray were also in the room watching. They were in their late twenties, both short, shy and reserved, and, some said, not God's brightest gifts to the world. They had only been married for two years and sometimes still acted like school children. Kathy had heard, from Mary of course, that Wendy had still been a virgin when she married Murray. Murray seemed uncomfortable with the situation, wanting to leave, but Wendy, who had probably had too much to drink, watched with keen interest. Kathy's first reaction was to get angry but, upon reflection on what she had just been doing, she toned her anger down. She watched as Pat helped Nailene line up a shot, wondering if the way he rubbed her huge, black tits helped in any way. To everyone's surprise, Wendy jumped off her bar stool and scrambled onto the pool table where she started dancing. Take your shoes off! Wendy danced with wild abandon. Another victim of the demon drink, Kathy thought to herself. She looked over at Murray who sat watching his wife with his mouth hanging open. People started clapping and shouting "Get your clothes off" to Wendy. To Kathy's astonishment, Wendy did. First her dress came off which she kicked into Frank's face, then her petticoat. She struggled a bit with her panty hose but soon got them off. Now wearing only bra and panties she was really gyrating and doing a good imitation of a bump and grind. Kathy wondered where she had learned that. From the expression on Murray's face, he was wondering the same thing. Wendy reached behind her back and unfastened her bra which she let slip to the table. Kathy was a bit puzzled. The twenty eight year old Wendy was a short and slightly built woman with an almost child-like body. Kathy had seen her last year in a swimsuit and her tits were quite small. Now they looked quite bloated, the nipples stretched to near bursting point. The puzzle was answered, though, when Wendy squeezed on her tits just behind her nipples. A stream of milk squirted from each nipple onto the watching crowd. Of course, Kathy thought, Wendy's just had a baby and was breast feeding it. The crowd cheered at this unexpected turn of events as Wendy milked herself dry. Indian rural sex stories

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  1. He scooted her back on the seat and spread her legs. MM, 1st-gay-expr, nc, rp, v, oral, anal Part 2 Deedee Gets It - by Realoldbill - The moral of this story is probably that crime sometimes does pay.

  2. She watched as Pat helped Nailene line up a shot, wondering if the way he rubbed her huge, black tits helped in any way.

  3. Sati Sati is an old, almost completely defunct custom among some communities, in which the widow was immolated alive on her husband's funeral pyre.

  4. Oct 11, Teenage Slut - by Felleshoe - A story from Norway about an extremely slutty young girl, and her adventures with all kinds of men. She also likes rough sex.

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